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11 июля 2014 - Re: The role of civil international initiatives in shaping public opinion against terrorist
8:44 AM
El 11/07/2014, a las 14:44, ERNESTO LUIS GARCIA Y GARCIA escribió:
Dear Friend Alexander:
Thank you very much the embodiment of the document based on the activities of our CIC over the Years. I will appreciate your effort and helps me in writing this article ....
I think it is a good document based on facts.
I sent You the document 32 of the United Nations on "Terrorism and Society" which is very interesting for us and our philosophy herein expressed and we adhere to it.
Thank You very much again.
Best regards From Zaragoza

      Ernesto Garcia

Дорогой друг Александр: 
Большое спасибо воплощение документа на основе деятельности нашей CIC на протяжении многих лет. Я ценим ваши усилия и помогает мне в написании этой статьи .... 
Я думаю, что это хороший документ основывается на фактах. 
Я послал вас документ 32 Организации Объединенных Наций на тему «Терроризм и общества", который является для нас очень интересен и в этом наша философия выражается и мы придерживаться его.


Большое спасибо еще раз. 
С наилучшими пожеланиями из Сарагосы 



Realizing, that the main(basic) source of development of our CIVILIZATION is the 
composite interaction existing of different level s cultures and cultural phenomena, 
for activation of processes of preservat ion of cultures of Europe is 
considered(counted) expedient to act with the following initiatives:

1. To appeal for(ask) Parliament of European Union to permit to conduct elections of 
the deputies in European Palament from the population most original and ethnic- 6 
socio-cultural locales follow-up to an established quota. // In the monography 
Substantive provisions and substantiation of the NEW APPROACH (Warsaw, 2001) 
was offered only in locales of Poland and Ukraine . 

2. To appeal for(ask) Advice of Europe to permit to participate in meetings to a full 
representative mains or main(basic) of ethnic-socio-cultural locale of the states of the 
members of European Union (for example, on one from bascov of Spain, from 
provansalers of France etc.), and also mains or main(basic) of ethnic-socio-cultural 
locale of Rechipospolitoy-Poland and Ukraine (for example, on one from Rusinov of 
Poland, from the tartar of Crimea, from the Greeks of PriAzov, from the Armenians of 
PriAzov, from bulgar of PriAzov and from the Cossacks of PriAzov). // In the 
monography: Substantive provisions and substantiation of the NEW APPROACH 
(Warsaw, 2001) was offered only from locales of Poland and Ukraine. 
3. To offer Commissions of European Union to create workgroup from representatives 
of all states of Europe with the purpose of mining of the Minutes (Protocol) on 
preservation of cultural variety (by analogy with the minutes on " Preservation of 
species"), since even the first steps on an implementation of a program the Red book 
of cultures of Europe and search of sources of its financing (first 70 dollars were 
enumerated by the professor of the Warsaw University 29.12.2000г., which one have 
received in Mariupol 5.01.2001г,) have shown necessity of such Protocol. // Is asked to 
acquaint with a material Textes of Web Page in English in DOCUMENTATION'S on 

4. To give financial gift for fulfilment by the experts of Institute of economical and 
socio-cultural researches (IESCR) of alternate calculations of balanced budgets for 
countries of European Union on the basis of introduction to a taxable potential of a 
national wealth of the states and installation of the differentiated tax rates depending 
on a yield rate of a labour and bond yield of the members of monogynopaediums. The 
package(packet) of several versions of alternate calculations will allow to develop 
normative base, appropriate to modern realities, for branches which are generatrix the 
budgets, and for implementation of actual steps on conditioning for steady 
development at a regional level at the expense of essential increase of the 
investments. And it also will give the basis (fundamentals) for a subject controversy of 
groups of the scientific advisers of Commission of European Union. // We ask to 
acquaint with a material Document 15 in DOCUMENTATION'S on Web-Page CIVIL 
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE and with the article To european 
integration by creation of the sufficient budgets (Memory of the Outstanding Economist 
of America and Russia, Winner of the Nobel Premium of Wasil Wasilewich Leontjf) /in 
book Eastern Europe before a face of integration and globalization . - Warsaw, 
University, 2001. - pp.155-166. 

5. For a partial solution of a problem of seizure in agricultural regions it is expedient to 
discuss in Commission European Union a capability of creation macro-technology of 
space safety of the Earth. Of Space waste has collected on an earth orbit so many 
that in 1999 International Astronomical Union and COSPAR have organized on the 
subject of Safety of an astronomical palate a workshop. So, that it is necessary 
already us to look at stars, and the particular on acts of our arms(hand) are more 
valid, it to prevent losses and not only loss. You see each inhabitant of the Earth of 
time per one week is endangered to "meet" on ground such dropping " pieces", 
according to statistics. As you can see, "the abstract" hazard already became a reality. 
// In the monography Substantive provisions and substantiation of the NEW  7 
APPROACH (Warsaw, 2001) see section 5.6. the Sixth step macro-technology for 
all (p. 97). 

7. To discuss in Commission Eropean Union of a perspective of implementation of the 
marketing-educational european program Your Position , in which one it is desirable, 
that all farmer population and all elderly population of Europe has shared. All-European 
INTRNET allows on definite time and date to receive legible performance about 
judgement of the people on this or that problem and even to receive by the whole 
packages(packets) of the proposal, awaking interest in those or diverse layers of the 
population. But main - INTERNET-PROGRAM Your Position will allow effectively to use 
an intellectual (intelligent) potential of Persons of elderly age, and for this purpose it is 
necessary even to provide listing of the main problems on printers of the participants 
of the project by a font 14-16, that not tired of the participants reading from a screen 
of the screen monitor (much from them will be for 60 years and it is necessary for 
taking into account). It is necessary to provide a floppy system of moral and material 
incentives which are taking into account mentality and age of the participants. Apart 
we shall underline, that the information units and interactive exchange of opinions are 
necessary for constructing so that to render positive orientating effect. // In the 
monography Substantive provisions and substantiation of the NEW APPROACH 
(Warsaw, 2001) the similar program was offered for the farmers of Poland (pp.85-90). 
The note: Let in the beginning will be one or two deputies, but the process of 
realization in practice in conditions of the solution of concrete problems of 
development of European Union of actual propulsions of democratic development in 
ХХ1 century will begin. And let in 2004 the project of the Minutes(Protocol) on 
preservation of cultural variety will be discussed only, but the actual value of all 
complex of activities and programs on preservation of all cultural phenomena will be 
realized by absolute majority of the chiefs of all levels and much will manage be to be 
salvaged and to be kept for the future generations.
       Эрнесто Гарсия

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