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1677 years the main idea of the REFORMATION - Only the BIBLE
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Dear Sirs.


Our organization has been striving for 17 years (since November 12, 2001) to positively influence the overcoming of interconfessional contradictions ( ) and insistently draws the attention of the leaders of national states to the practicability of practicing the principles of economy in resolving conflict issues.

We have always been supporters of the Christian consensus in Ukraine and supported the research of the Institute of Economic and Socio-Cultural Researchers  (assignee of the DESMC of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the DFC) on the topic "Investigation of the problems of the single legal field of the church and canon law in Ukraine". Therefore, all the actions aimed at uniting the Christians of Ukraine in the bosom of a single local Ukrainian Church, we support in every possible way.

One of such actions, in our opinion, is the initiative of the Institute of Economic and Social Cultural Researchers (IESCR) to celebrate in 2018 the Universal Church 1677 years of the basic idea of ​​REFORMATION - only the BIBLE. This date should be widely noted by conducting a whole range of events, conferences and meetings.

We hope that not only all the reform movements, but also the Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox Churches will support our initiative. The world needs actions that unite all Christians - showing the triumph of truth in this difficult but unique World for us, where almost two billion people were fortunate enough to become Christians and feel the depth and significance for the Soul and Heart of the Savior's teachings.




Chairman of the Civil International

Committee ( ), Director

Institute of ESCR, Dr econ, Senior Researcher    A.V. Vasiljev,,,,,


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