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27 /01 / 2015, 18:14 +01:00 от Ernesto García -I very much regret the unfortunate events in Mariupol
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Tues, 27 /01 / 2015, 23:39 +01:00 от Ernesto García <...>:

Dear Fríend Alexander:
I very much regret the unfortunate events in Mariupol because of the war and especially what is more lament the death of people in the family.
Regarding the Kazastan scientists, its dehumanizing attitude is incompressible in the Twenty-First Century.
I am sorry a lot for you and your Family.
I hope it ends soon War, and Peace back soon to Ukraine
Best regards 
All Sincerely 
El 27/1/2015, a las 21:01, Александр Васильев <...> escribió:
My  Dear Friend Dr Ernesto,

Events in Mariupol very much influenced on us all. Death 30 man in Orjonikidzovskom the area of Mariupol from projectile from Russia led in despair wash wife Marinu and wash aunt Valentinu ... That is why think about possible folly and crime with reference to The hope of me very disturbed ... And here else this folly from scientist from Kazakhstan ... Endless amorality!!! But yesterday was in Churches in Artemovsk - of Holy Nikolaya 1797 year all from tree. Sincerely in it prayed for all us and most of all for Hope Savchenko ... And today listened and saw sitting in Strasbourg ... And unmuch became easier ... Thanks ... Very hope that mind will arouse even in finally ill heads ...

All Yours Alexander
From Land of Cossack-Norman Kondrat BULAVIN

I have wrote : "We to thank all who struggled and struggles for the disengagement of Hope Savchenko!!! Our prayers TO GOD for its DISENGAGEMENT very hope will be heard ..." in
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