Alexander Vasiljev-Muller Dr.econ(PhD)


Dear Sirs.


Our organization has been striving for 17 years (since November 12, 2001) to positively influence the overcoming of interconfessional contradictions ( ) and insistently draws the attention of the leaders of national states to the practicability of practicing the principles of economy in resolving conflict issues.

We have always been supporters of the Christian consensus in ... Читать дальше »

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Institute Economical and Socio-Cultural Researchers

Інститут економіко-соціокультурних досліджень


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Resume in the UN work on long-term forecasting - the recommendation of IBMER (Poland) and IESCR (Ukraine) published in 2001.

(to repeat at a new level the work of the UN expert group, led by the Nobel Prize winner in economics V. Leontiev, a professor at the New York University and an Honorary Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship of Russia in the 1970s)

The events in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Europe again and again force the world community to assess what leads to and can lead in the future to the uncoordinated actions of the political elite ... Читать дальше »

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Rockefeller Foundation


Dear Sir,


Our Committee always with deep respect related to Family Rockefeller and to the job of fiscal workmans and bankers. To us will not forget the behests of the founder of Banker's Home of Rockefeller on marble plates prior to grand sky-scraper in New York which we read in 1986 year and practically did not forget all its life.


We already 17 years (is created 12 of November 2001 yr.) to aim to render positive influence on intell ... Читать дальше »

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Від кого: Олександр Васильєв <>

Кому: <>

Тема: project "Pomegranate Flower of EurAsia (ANARGUL)" NIC Funding Program

Дата: 14 січня 2018, 19:20:51


Hussain Al Hammadi (Investment Consultant)

National Investment Corporation (NIC)

Marina Mall, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates


Dear Sir,

I just managed to complete the preparation of the main considerations for the project. And immediately I will send them to you. I very much hope that you will understand our real interest in the soonest implementation of this project.


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A S.S. M.M. Los Reyes de España

A la Presidencia del Gobierno de España

Deseamos expresarles nuestras más profundas condolencias por las victimas,

muertos y heridos, a causa del brutal atentado terrorista acaecido en

Barcelona, por los fanáticos del Estado Islámico (EI), el pasado 17 de agosto.

Es por ello que expresamos nuestra solidaridad así como con las familias de

las victimas y todo el pueblo español.

Con nuestro mayor respeto y consideración

Muy Sinceramente

Ernesto Garcia (Presidente de Honor del CIC-WSC)

Alexander Vasiljev-Muller (Presidente del CIC-WSC)

Julio Atance Fortea (Vice-Presidente del CIC-WSC) ... Читать дальше »

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Культура против террора: Памяти настоящего Гражданина Мира и ЧЕЛОВЕКА - IGNACIO ETCHEVARRIA


Мы сегодня как-то уже привыкли к террору  и атакам на наш Мир со стороны людей , если эти биологические конструкции можно называть людьми, для которых не существуют ни истории, ни культуры, ни интеллектуально-духовных ценностей. Но это далеко от того мира, который нам всем близок и который мы отстаиваем в своих мыслях и мечтах.. Нам всем хочется надеяться, что весь террор это временное явление и наша цивилизация переживёт эту болезнь, как это и должно произойти.


Испанское правительство пишет: «С глубокой печалью и трев ... Читать дальше »

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Secretary's Remarks: On the Occasion of Norway's Constitution Day

05/17/2017 08:32 AM EDT

Press Statement

Rex W. Tillerson 
Secretary of State

Washington, DC

May 17, 2017

On behalf of President Trump and the American people, I congratulate Norway on the 203rd anniversary of Constitution Day.

Almost five million Americans trace their origins to Norway, and the Norwegian-American community has played a ... Читать дальше »

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