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Answer from Kramatorsk
12:41 PM

The executive committee of Kramatorsk’s town council


31.03.2016 yr. From N Otv In-995-1-1

Vasiljev A.V.

       City Seversk Bakhmutovskii area,



Respected Alexandr Valerevich!


Your handling as to the question of return The department of socioeconomic analysis and the progression of the investition projects NANU (then of - Department) in city Kramatorsk is  considered Kramatorskim by town council, that is why report following.


By now for city the all-important direction of work is the attraction of investments, the progression of investition projects with purpose rebuildings and the developments of objects social and transport infrastructure, of dwelling stock and the systems of ensuring of active to live city. In the context of this activity is the advisable using of intellectual resources which is not engaged to the full.

It is however, according to The law of Ukraine «Об the peculiarities of the legal regime of the activity of The national academy of sciences of Ukraine, of departmental academy of sciences and status their economic complex» The national academy of sciences of Ukraine exist by the superior state scientific activity of Ukraine based on state property which is financed from The state budget of Ukraine, as well as from different, on the banned legislation of Ukraine, of source of fundses. In view of this, as you emphasized, deciding of this question should be carried out at the level of The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine.

Your initiative relatively of return Department in г.Краматорске will be supported in the condition of public support.

As to questions socioeconomic and investition activity. You can apply directly to the substitute of urban head which heads indicated directions, Nikonenko Svetlane Evgenevne ((06264) 34522, e-mail:____) or to the head of section of economics and handling  politicians Rubailo Yaroslavne Sergeevne ((06264) 85670, e-mail:___ ).


It is yours faithful,

The substitute of urban head                         /signature/                                           S.E.NIKONENKO


Rubailo, 485670

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