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Creation Euro-Region «DONBASS» in East Ukraine
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Concluding on THE PROPOSAL

of The adviser of President Ukraine S.KUNITSYNA

«Creation Euro-Region «DONBASS» in East Ukraine”


This initiative in modern conditions the alonely acceptable organizational form of exit from artificially created armed global crisis which soon going down to Great humanitarian catastrophe for Ukraine and Russian Federation, in the first place.

It is certain, crisis will touch all countries of European Union and its will perceive and on American continent, as well as in Africa, in Asia and in Australia. Last does not cause of boggle neither at specialist in the field of the socioeconomic analysis and international relations, neither at people who principally are interested willing of its country and its region.

This PROPOSAL not only validly but also has the modern history of struggle already after 1991 yr. for that, in order to be heard and to be positively appreciated.

If of at the beginning 90 years managed to substantiate the creation expediency in Pri-Azov Land three local free economic zones (enterprising development of the Mariupol’s sector of the socioeconomic problems of the port-industrial cities of The Institute of the economical and legal researches of The National academy of sciences of Ukraine (city Donetsk), then in 1995 yr. the concept of the creation Azov’s Euro-region (of Azov’s  REGION) which should be to include in itself not only all coastal areas round of Azov Sea but also Crimean peninsula, found support at the academic community of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

References about what creation such Euro-region will contribute the formation of Ukraine, of as independent state, signed President Petr’s Academy of science and arts (St.-Petersbourg), academician, professor, Dr techn. scies., the Laureate of State Prime L.MAIBORODA and The President of Academy economic sciences and the business activity of Russia, academician, professor, Dr econ. V.KIRICHENKO. The many aspects of this PROPOSAL were fairly carefully studied:

  1. Free economic zones (SEZ) - Restructuring in Autonomous republic the Crimea/ Report A.V.NERUSHA

  1. Dissertation Krikhovetskiy І.Z. "Methodological basis of working modern finance-sciences  sector" (on the rights of preprint report)


And were highly appreciated specialists:

  1. Concluding of the Presidium of Academy ES&E as to THESIS on the estate of the doctor of commerce A.V.NERUSHA, the member-corr. AES Ukraine.

  1. Completing attestations of doctor’s Dissertation Krikhovetskiy І.Z. "Methodological basis of working modern finance-sciences  sector".\


       But the primer assessment to this idea gave to the section of the scientist of the advice of The Institute of the economical and Legal researches of NAS Ukraine in city Mariupol else in 1996 yr., when confered Bonuses to Kumpana the post graduates (PGTU) of Pri-Azov’s State technical university Fedchuk A.I. for the carrying out of the exploratory of «Creation  trans  regional associations in Pri-Azov Land as way against ecological crisis» and Tolstov A.V. for the project development of «Creation  BUSINESS RIGHT IN PRI-AZOV”s Land and CREATION AZOV”S REGION».

(Look: Remember Great SCIENCES Pri-Azov Land - The first laureates International, academic Prime  Kumpana


         That is why the Azov’s Department of The academy of economic sciences and business activity maintains THE PROPOSAL of The adviser of President of Ukraine S.KUNITSYNA and recommends, in the shortest possible time to embark upon it discussion on with all parties concerned. It is also, We recommend to attract A.I. Fedchuk and A.V.TOLSTOV to the development of this PROJECT (for last years these young and talented people, doubtless, became acknowledged specialists).




2. « Creation  trans  regional associations in Pri-Azov Land as way against ecological crisis» (A.I. Fedchuk)




Vice-Chairman  AD  AES&E


                                                                                  Dr econ. Vasiljev A.V.

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