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Elected by the people to the new US President Donald Trump -We sincerely congratulate you on your victory
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Respected Donald Trump!

We all live in the final period of the most significant development cycle of our civilization, which is based on has long been understood and constantly maintained contact patterns of social and psychological interaction. But these laws are already undergoing transformation and their hard yet can be used, although the constant failures not only obvious, but, unfortunately, become permanent .

Our organization was created on Wave aversion American people the consequences of global catastrophe September 11, 2001, overtook the United States. This year we have wholeheartedly supported US President George W. Bush and the sincere protest of the Great Christian culture against the mindless violence that permeates all the answers Americans sincere condolences to the President of the Presidency of the Azov Branch of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Business, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine and the New York Academy of Sciences, doctor of commerce, cand.econ.scies Valery Aleksandrovich Vasiljev - today and sets us on the active search for forms and methods of combating terrorism and outright obscurantism. And let's just internet space is available, but if there will be more positive and hope, and the leadership of the world powers will be easier to find the right and informed decisions.

That is why we wholeheartedly support the choice of the American people. We are pleased that the level of understanding that is reached today between President Barack Obama and elected the new President of the United States by Donald Trump. We wish him health and strength to carry out planned reforms in the first place, for the people of the United States, which have a positive effect on the entire world community.

We believe that God blesses America and the American people!

Dear Donald Trump, We sincerely congratulate you on your victory!

International Civil

Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity


It's the inflation that might occur during Trump's administration. Though it's still only a speculative matter, markets have been strongly indicating that higher inflation is on its way. Many of Trump's planned policies should indeed spur inflation, such as: infrastructure spending, shifting from monetary to fiscal stimulus, tax cuts, or even immigration and trading policies. After a decade of ineffective policies by the Fed, the inflation it's been looking for is now just a trickle, but it's about to become more of a runaway firehose. And this inflationary trend is boosting one asset class in particular ahead of most others. It's trading at a tidy discount right now, but not for long...

Это инфляция, которая может возникнуть во время администрации Трампа. Хотя это все еще лишь умозрительным вопросом, рынки были сильно что указывает на более высокий уровень инфляции находится на пути. Многие из запланированных мер Трампа действительно должна стимулировать инфляцию, такие как: расходы на инфраструктуру, переход от денежной к налогово-бюджетных стимулов, снижение налогов, или даже иммиграции и торговой политики. После десятилетия неэффективной политики со стороны ФРС, инфляция она искала теперь только струйка, но это о том, чтобы стать более убегающих пожарного шланга. И эта инфляционная тенденция повышения один класс активов, в частности, впереди большинства других. Это сейчас торгуется с дисконтом аккуратный, но не надолго ...

Why This $13 Billion Anomaly Could Make You Rich
Last week, Bill told his subscribers about a precious metal that's now cheaper to own than gold, but that shouldn't be the case. That's why this trend reversal, along with six other triggers, could land you 700% gains with just one stock... Full Story

Почему это $ 13 млрд Аномалия может сделать вас Рич
На прошлой неделе, Билл сказал своим абонентам о драгметалла, который теперь дешевле владеть, чем золото, но это не должно быть так. Именно поэтому этот разворот тренда, наряду с шестью другими триггерами, могли бы посадить Вас 700% прибыли с помощью всего одной акции ... Полная история

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