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FREEDOM NADIA SAVCHENKO - From Spain & Serbia&Astana-Pray GOD
9:33 PM
Re: 38 Days HUNGER NADIA Fwd: RE: Netherlands: Publication Orders (Alexander Vasiljev)
FROM Ernesto García 
Dear Friend Alexander:
Thak You very much for Your letter. It's a  new document (551).
Your idea has been very good. I have a letter published in Spanish in Facebook, which can be edited in English also requesting that people (friends) read it and give their moral support and help for President Putin to support the release of Nadia Savchenco.
All Sincerely Your
Re: To the CIC Members
Copy vasiljev
Dear Mr Garcia,
thank you very much for your kindly information. As you know, I had
experience with situation which is similar as Ukrainane`s. Bearing that in
mind, I understand them, and I support maximally your activities.

Best wishes and regards from Kragujevac.

Sincerely yours,

Miroslav Demic.
Prof. Dr Miroslav Demic, mech. eng.

Academician of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia,
Academician of Academy of Transport of Russian Federation,
Academician of Academy of Quality of Russian Federation,
Member of Scientific Society of Serbia, and
Academician of the Euro - Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences
Mobile:+381 (0)64 2415367

Good night Alexander Valerevich! Will-power at your Savchenko is Very Great, more of 30 twenty-four hours to starve. This already on грани living and deaths ... Certainly accusation argumentative, of evidences no. And what reaction Dmitriya Alexandrovicha? As at your disposal matters with science? AND your concept of history slavic, if can be in more detail written? Give to God, maybe get-together in Astane under the auspices finding Elbasy сдвинет all from "blind-spot". LUCKS of and PATIENCE!!!

Vladimir Gaar 

Доброй ночи Александр Валерьевич! Волюшка у вашей Савченко огромнейшая, больше 30 суток голодать. Это уже на грани жизни и смерти... Конечно обвинение спорное, доказательств нет. А что реакция Дмитрия Александровича? Как у Вас дела с наукой? А Ваша концепция истории славян, если можно подробнее написать? Дай Бог, может быть встреча в Астане при содействии нашего Елбасы сдвинет все с "мертвой" точки. УДАЧИ и ТЕРПЕНИЯ!!!

Владимир Гаар
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Дата: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:25:10 +0100
Тема: Re: I think ... Re[2]: Thank You VERY MUCH Doc 551 Re[2]: Netherlands: Publication Orders (Alexander Vasiljev)
Dear Friend Alexander:
Certainly  we have to pray for Nadia  Savchenco  and ask God to give us imagination to help her.
Best regards from Pyrennees Mountain with my Family 
All Sinncerely Your

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El 23/1/2015, a las 21:58, Александр Васильев <...> escribió:
My Dear Friend Dr ERnesto,

I pray for Nadia Savchenko ... and think...think...think...
All Yours Alexander
From Land of Cossack-Norman Kondrat BULAVIN

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 21:15:57 +0100 от Ernesto García <...>:
Dear Fríend Alexander:
Very good !!!
I talked to friends and brothers to spread among their Facebook friends, my message on our petition to release Nadia Savchenco.
Best regards 
All Suncerely
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   The assurers of The Christian Traditions of Civil International Committee - scies empl. Olga Ukhno-Catholic, Dr Valery Vasiljev, Bishop Wasilij Multykh, Dr Ernesto Garcia 
Certainly  we have to pray for Nadia  Savchenco  and ask God to give us imagination to help her.
We ask all aboveboard people of World to support Nadia/Hope by its prayers and the search of the ways of real HELP!
*               *               *
Конечно мы молимся за Надежду Савченко и просим Бога подсказать нам пути помощи ей.
Мы просим всех честных людей Мира поддержать Надежду своими молитвами и поиском путей реальной ПОМОЩИ !
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