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Mon, 25 Aug 2014-Prof. Dr Miroslav Demic, mech. eng.-Re: Happy Birthday Dr Ernesto
5:27 PM

Dear Alexander, 
thank you for the trust you have bestowed sending your prose. Believe me, I have to be happy "in one breath" read. Text I really liked, and my guess is that you have a sense of writing ...


Истории для Алекса - Новый формат

What I am now a little bit with you, talked the situation in Ukraine. Whether the war operations in the territory where you live? I'm very sorry for the suffering of innocent people are suffering because of the "dogs of war". Many will be the suffering of your people rich. And bearing in mind the situation in Serbia, the external principals are rubbing their hands. How can I help you?  Kind regards, and the thoughts with you, my dear Alexander.

Miroslav Demic.
Prof. Dr Miroslav Demic, mech. eng.

Full Member of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia,
Academician of Academy of Transport of Russian Federation,
Academician of Academy of Quality of Russian Federation, 
Member of Scientific Society of Serbia, and
Academician of the Euro - Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences 


Уважаемый Alexander, спасибо за доверие вы поместили отправку вашей прозы. Поверьте мне, я обязан радоваться "в одном прочитанном дыхании'. Текст я действительно полюбил, и моя догадка что вы имеете смысл почерка ...

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