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Dear Sir,

thank you for your e-mail.

If You have more questions please contact us again or call to our Consultant on +48 42 68 38 232.

Best Regards,
Marcin Skóra
Bank Pekao S.A.


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Do: Bank Pekao SA
Temat: Na 5-01-2015- 0609253326 -TO ALL PEOPLE WHO NOT INDIFFERENT TO MY FATE

Szanowny Pan,


I received 20/01/2015 Your Letter from 05/01/2015 about Numer wyciangu 0012/2014 Za okrez od 01/12/2014 do 29/12/2014.

Thank You very much!

Z powazaniem,


Yours  Oleksandr Vasylyev

From Siversk Donetsk Ukraina 84523


I pray GOD for Nadia Savchenko ...  


From the bottom of the heart to thank you for your support! Believe, I of her sense, despite what The investigation Committee of Russian federation deprived me of right of correspondence and I of already two month do not gain none letters, that is why cannot to you reply. That is why now to thank all who wrote me or recalled by warm word. To me this as to-insisting imparts forces.

 And now about hunger. I know that great deal people on all levels of the state control of Ukraine, yes and in all world much make for my exemption and very grateful them everything for it.

 I even did not dare to count on such support, because in Ukraine and in all World now and except me of problems not little ... And that is why I very value your participation. To me стыдно, what self I, practically nothing from prison to make cannot, that is why I decided to struggle to one easy of access me by method - hunger. But I do not want, in order you for me very be agitated. Owing to God, to my genetic code and my parents - the health of at my place cosmonaut and I shall withstand! AND your sympathy in my fate to me in this will help. Every man who at least time per day thinks about myself well - will impart to me of faith and forces, and every, who thinks badly - will impart hardness and get angry (!).

Uliya Vladimirovna Timoshenko wrote me letter, in which asks me to cease hunger and preserve forces because: 'To enemy we are  necessary weak!" - very wise words. Thanks Uliya Vladimirovna.

But want you to reassure and weak I never was and will not! The force of my spirit will not break, and in fight by hands  to me here with by the employees of prison do not accede (!). Main - Spiritually withstand, and physical forces are restored ... And if to God will need other, all right what ... Loss one soldier - this evidently bad loss, but this by no means not loosed  war! Ukraine WILL CONQUER!!!

All right does not live man who was given birth to FREEDOM  in slavery ! Does not live, especial, if it is innocent!

 By its protest - by famine, I want to attain common sense from Russian Power and conscience from The Investigation Committee of Russian Federation. Exist unquestionable evidences my have no quotient and innocence in crimes which on me hang. What by him else is  necessary!?


To starve I arrived at a decision independent, the nobody of me till this did not nudge and did not enforce. Lent word: "Till the day of returning of me to Ukraine or till the last day of life in Russia!" - and back him shall not take, otherwise what then will cost my words!

I shall withstand!  Thanks, what believe in me!

Signature  Nadia (Hope) Savchenko 12.01.2015 yr.

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