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On the Occasion of Norway's Constitution Day - CIC COGRATULATION !
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Secretary's Remarks: On the Occasion of Norway's Constitution Day

05/17/2017 08:32 AM EDT

Press Statement

Rex W. Tillerson 
Secretary of State

Washington, DC

May 17, 2017

On behalf of President Trump and the American people, I congratulate Norway on the 203rd anniversary of Constitution Day.

Almost five million Americans trace their origins to Norway, and the Norwegian-American community has played a proud role in U.S. history. Those close people-to-people ties are interwoven with our shared commitment to democracy, security, and sovereignty. We appreciate Norway’s contributions to NATO, support for the fight against ISIS, and leadership in promoting peace and reconciliation across the globe. In those endeavors – and the pursuit of countless other shared priorities – the cooperation between our nations has never been stronger.

The United States is proud to call Norway an Ally, a partner, and a friend. I wish all Norwegians a happy May 17.

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