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Rockefeller Foundation-blueprint "ANARGUL"
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Rockefeller Foundation


Dear Sir,


Our Committee always with deep respect related to Family Rockefeller and to the job of fiscal workmans and bankers. To us will not forget the behests of the founder of Banker's Home of Rockefeller on marble plates prior to grand sky-scraper in New York which we read in 1986 year and practically did not forget all its life.


We already 17 years (is created 12 of November 2001 yr.) to aim to render positive influence on intellectually-spiritual domain in Europe, in Asia, in America and in Australia, and in recent years and in Africa (Look

.Project "LAGAN (With love of the World)" ).


But today we by the most active image set about the disposal of blueprint "ANARGUL" ( ) in backing National Investment Corporation (NIC) Marina Mall, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates (Look Appendix).


We sincerely we wish to actualize this Big Blueprint, that is why turning to you for furthernace in the procuration of assets for the capability creation to active to develop Joint-Stoсk Company "Anargul". This necessary licensed deposit will help to us by everything to understand the outlooks of finding aim and the capabilities of it disposal. If world Banking system not can help to us to receive even this negligible (as against the scale of the ex ante consumptions 1 500 000 000, 00 dollars), then to us nothing will stay, as soon as else and once again to convince all having authority administrators in the necessities of the disposal of this blueprint and nothing actually do not make in practical plan.

We we wish on what world Leaders and the most of the administrators of the largest transnational understand exigence in actual constructive Big Blueprints which will be not only siglas of level of development our civilization but also their disposal will be actually necessary for upswing of plane of living of people right away in several states. IN Bible in chieftain 11 ss.12 from Matfeya is spoken "Tsarstvie celestial miss's”. This appraisal of the condition of the world of at the beginning XX century led in its candidate’s thesis certain us sociologist Pitirim Sorokin. Just like at the beginning XX centuries, today to us by everything requisite to carry out our civilization from the condition of aridity having given positive impulse for realized art. Blueprint ANARGUL namely such impulse and gives to humanity on decades.

We are very interested in Your concern in our blueprint.


We ask you to view our offering and to acquaint to us about its judgment.


With sincere respect,


Oleksandr Vasylyev (Vasiljev-Muller)

Chairman CIC, Chief CEO, of Nominates Issues 'Who is Who in the World’ (US) 2001-2006, "Who is Who in America" (US) 2002-2004, Dr econ (PhD), cand.techn. sciens

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