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Institute Economical and Socio-Cultural Researchers

84523 Ukraine, region Donetsk, city Siversk, St. Molodeznaja 1, r. 34 Tel.: 0681667458



We do not promise you the traditional kit of undeserved level and estates which to their possessors, except for actual damage, nothing carry.

We do not guarantee the flow of investitions on your captive shop neither on the part of domestic, neither on the part of offshore investors.

Actually we do not offer you calming down flow радужных and nothing not of substantiated delusions.

We, sole in than actually can to you help and to guarantee - so this our actual interest in the judgment of the most topical problems of your captive shop and your business.

You, just like we, wonderfully know present-day situation in business, when range of discretions, of actual disengagement to assume independent managerial decision сужены around the bend. And all your searches and active moves, at the best, do not bastardize situation.

It is however, to seat and simply to wait that everything is resolved self собой and situation will improve of easily and struggle - this the most quick way to go away on deserved or partially deserved leisure.

In such astringent and fairly challenging situation for thinking man all the same exist chance. And it consists in in active analysis of all already made or blueprinted managerial and organization judgments, primarily.

And into second lineup - is  necessary to to see your activity and the positive job of team to all constituency, with which you operate, or want to cooperate.

But as this to make ненавязчиво and in too the time beautifully and convincing?! Here is on this direction of your activity we and we wish to render you furthernace. And make we this not from particular altruism, and persecute its targets - to change to best situation, at least on the several advanced captive shops of country, in order to the amount of from 2 ante 5 percents from drawing to upgrade the brand of perspective ecology-economic forecasts in the regions of Ukraine.

On the assumption of foregoing, we suggest to you the next blueprint of collaboration:

1.        Along with your specialists in кратчайшие dates (from 5 ante 7 active days) make the analysis of formed socioeconomic situation and define possible factors drivenning up the competitiveness of your business (the adaptation of model Maikla Portera for concrete business).

2.        Along with you build from two ante four variants the possible development of socioeconomic situation and assess the complex of measures as to its betterment.

3.        Along with your key personnel blueprint the optimistical scenario of march of events and the necessary volume of outlay, particularly stipulating their channels.

4.        Along with your leading mechanical engineers make the forecast of implementation actually tested  on your production of innovations and build the circuit of their органичного entry in coexisting sequence of operations.

5.        We blueprint the backlist of the possible channels of outside financing and, on the assumption of this, build the endogenous architecture of advertising-exploratory commodity (others words Thesis on honorary title «The phd ins of commerce»), in which analytic-exploratory approach will prevail.

6.        We allocate trained advertising-exploratory materials on the electronic resources of The institute of economical and socio-cultural researchers http://iesсr-сatholiс.uс and the Azov’s Depsrtment of The academy of economic sciences and entrepreneurial activity http://azov-aсademy.uс with further consideration on augmented seminar with the concern of the members of the scientist of the council of The institute of economical and socio-cultural researchers in one of the colleges of Ukraine. As to results considerations recommend to direct their in basal regional Libraries in Ukraine, in Library UNITED NATIONS, as well as in Librarianship of congress US (in corresponding on collaboration with countries EUROPEAN UNION and Americas).

7.        To conduct the changeless monitoring of interest The internet of-users http://azov-aсademy.uссr-сatholiс.uс to the materials of academic dissertation acquainting results to the directorship of Libraries with the target of the deployment of the materials of investigation in arranging of corresponding displays and presentations boosting interest in effectual collaboration with author and with body which it submited.


Director     /signature/     Dr econ (PChD) Vasiljev A.V.


The examples of аттестационных judgments:

Completed appraisal Dr thesis R.A.LOGUA

- to appropriate to the bread-winner LOGUA Ramazu Akkakievichu the honoured rank of Academy ES&E "doctor of commerce" (Position for Ukraine is ratified by President AES&E, academician, Dr еcon., prof. V.N.Kirichenko in 1996) and to suggest to send dissertation (on rights for a preprint lecture) in a Book Chamber, in academic libraries after the mestome of discussion of dissertation (and it in most regional focis of Russian Federation), in the dissertation hall of the Central State Library of Russian Federation, in Library of UN and Library of Congress of the USA.


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