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The first large tour BISMARKA
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The first large tour BISMARKA

 Continuation - from Italy in Germany and Poland - tour in Munich, to Berlin, to Poznan and to Warsaw

 Problems at accompanying BISMARKA were so much continued in time (him spoke in Lignano, what they are ended only 12.07.2012., what realisation of aim - of intersection Atlantic everything was postponed. Alexandr was have to return to Warsaw, but it this already decided to carry out through Germany. This BISMARCK perceived reservedly and with «тевтонским» merit. Nowhere not going … it will be necessary to spend time in country, with which so much of hopes connect beautiful women of Italy. That is why, what even BISMARCK knows, who credits all European union and where can be met opulent and industrious men insisting Is  ready-арийцев. Maybe women of Italy are mistaken? BISMARCK decided and this to verify.

On way in Germany Alexandr with BISMARKOM visited wonderful Italian city UDINA. This insisting museum under open sky (look photo 29). BISMARKU seemed, what in this wonderful city was connected everything the most light in The humanity adolescence with the difficulties of overcoming « Tinajdgers » this not by always reasonable Humanity. It is like, that is why BISMARCK about the representatives of the wonderful sex of cops will retain the most enthusiastic recollections. They all him very симпатизировали and sincerely wanted to provide Italian citizenship, but to abandon purpose all its small, but already such bright life of - the visit of aborigine  American continent - BISMARCK did not want.

Very sadly was уезжать from city having a rest Lignano (see photo 31). Italy and Mediterranean sea in hands industrious Italians  turn into rest-wonderful . There round is  created of столько comfort and tranquillity which more to make complexly (!), but much reminds and about heavy years which lived and else living people (look Photo 32). But, if of all hotel to fill, then, theres seem working not останется … On the part of thered seem that BISMARCK sincerely sympathizes with people who, theres seem, do not know where to append its gigantic possibilities and forces. To cause one part of Humanity to travel, and other to have a rest _ this not exit. Necessary Larger and Masshtabnye Purposes falling outside the limits life not only today living on The earth of people but also their grandsons … Failing this conflicts are inevitable and will transform the life of several generations in real struggle for выживание which else not known than is finished.

And easily and complexly was to ride from The europe south on its North, in Germany. It is easy, because transport problems in European union are  decided bright. Motor transport absolutely весть, just like railway _ exclusively comfortable. Complexly _ that is why, what неизвестность and new route, as to which decided to ride having spoken with cashier on autostation in Latisane. But what wonderful village on the north of Italy (see photo 33) practically on the very border-line with Austria - Tarvisio (Tarvisio Citta).

But the peculiarity of this small village with traditional nicely conservative for alpine alpine areas by the architecture of _ this practically ideal condition for leisure and startling purity which competes with the purity of alpine air. But else more startles sincere радушие the people of this small village. Mister Frants with friends had a rest. So it did not only prompted way till railroad station, but subsequently on its machine of us overtaked and took us on this railway station which startled to us not by only modern equipment, but the absolute forethought of all details. Great deal labor and intellect enclosed in it builders. Condition on small provincial railway station, real, not of worse city’s gigantic constructions, and tranquillity which emanates from every passenger and traveller to such an extent influence, what already forget about necessity to ride further.

But necessary to ride and in 30 minutes the first already 28.06.2012 г. We sit down on «Eurostar» and through half an hour already in Austria in Villakh (Villach). This too small, but, as to-insisting, modern village in The alps, where freshly and nicely is breathed, but not cold. It is real, of best conditions nature, like, nowhere did not create for people. And people on such gift reply what create, as to-insisting, wonderful conditions for inhabitants and tourists. In this city exist wonderful ancient Kirkha Holy Nikoly (look. Photo 34).

Aside of this Kirkhoi becomes of as that very gently and хочется дождаться the onset of prayer. Statuya Holy Nikoly (Nikolaya), from hand which soar doves, needs not comments. Generally everything, real, deep and wise, what transmit us all work of arts are understood by all people alike. World един and we today recalled in Ukraine and in the east and in the west about Holy Nikolae. Yes so, what theres seem that did not forget. Well it? It is certain, else of a few decades of normal work (5-six Euro) and built today Temples will be perceived so, as if them hundreds of years old. And people about 70 years atheism  even to recall not …

About it, certain, BISMARCK did not think, but it as-that very gently looked at all encircling it world before Temple. And, real, no grounds for excitement - of up Sun  and ring  bell collects beleiving on prayer. And to us necessary going. Train on Munich in 7-10 which too in mountains (look photo 35).

The heart of Bavaria - Munich meets us real жарой and permanent by unceased celebration for all guests of this working and merry city. Impossible be bar from that, in order will not eat of wonderful and standardly fresh and tasty strawberry. All World in Munich, just like in Rome, but only more as to-European German, are not dissolved Europeans  among people from Africa, of Middle east and China. Many artists who practically everything work as mimy. Warm  do not sense owing to mass Fontans and conditions which are  created for all wishing minute sitting  and to have a rest. Thought leadership about tourists and travelers, that is why permanent sensation of calm and good arranged celebration.

How many round real beauty. The cathedral of Holy Michael all in forests on restoration, but indoor exclusively grand and, as to-insisting, tunes to such high spiritual wave which can't but pray in this Temple about all its close. And what is  made of metal and the stone indoor of Temple (of grate, of sculpture, crosses) causes to bow labor entire those creative and talented people whom to us everything through centuries show - as to us everything is  necessary to love GOD and to be grateful for that alone and very interesting life which to us given.

But biggest impression performs of Magistrate Munich. It is right away eminent, what city always of working and him магистрат worked, works and will work. Frau Frants, vice-burgomaster Munich, showed how necessary to work and we her for this are  grateful.

 But BISMARCK, as the most attractive from celibates, used and in Munich by unchanged success at the representatives of wonderful sex. They sincerely manifested to him симпатии. And main - absolutely unselfish, т.к. BISMARCK did not pay for them restaurants, перелеты and all another enjoyments which generally pay celibates, especial, when this payment goes from audience in this or that Shou. On the contrary it only allowed itself two beautiful and kind women Germen  to photograph along with them. It is certain, BISMARCK by him liked (look Photo 37).

And as could will not like such impressive BISMARCK two charming Frollings  who modern, but as-that reservedly and very culturally for modern youth which already does not know _ and than her be distinguished against the background its people of the same age. And be distinguished necessary, otherwise, зачем youth is given?

       Here is this aspiration be distinguished and exploit fashion leaders of and all spheres of business, intended for young people. Raskrashivanie in different colors hair … this no bad hobby, as- to comparison with various persings and tatus. We shall wish happiness these young citizens the ancient and constantly young capital of the heart of Germany, where were given birth to and lived many produced germans and where were many and Miullers playing such larger role in the behavioral sciences of Europe, and Rattsingers playing today such great role in the development of духовности Christianity and all World (Roman Daddy Benedict XYI).

It is name, from Munich, apparent, begins insisting success BISMARKA at wonderful sex. Already in Berlin aside of Brandenburgskimi Gate with him wanted be photographed great deal young people. It is real, by row with distinguished traveller BISMARKOM, приехавшим to Berlin from solar Italy - from Padua, Lignano and Udiny - be photographed - it is already to leave for itself memory on all life (cm. Photo 38). Because travelling as to The europe of the fundamental inhabitants of America not great deal. And here real and already known traveller _).

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