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The first large tour BISMARKA - Third Part
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The first large tour BISMARKA

/Continuation - from Austria in Italy - tour in Padua and Lignano/

And in this small introduction draw your attention on humorous comparison which we made else month back between three Celibates. It is name, by Celibate from the first television SHOU (Former inhabitant Odessa), by Celibate from second television SHOU (Bears relation to The Empire  Houses of Russia) and by our Third Celibate - BISMARKOM.

That all this maybe joke, but in it hint to - all searching  young celibates LESSON.


The first clocks in Italy


All highways conduct to Holy Antoniou in Padua. This wonderful Basilica who see all travelers to Holy Antoniou, began to build practically right after to go away Holy 13 June from finding manifested World in 1231 year. Today to Holy Antoniou go travelers practically with all World.

Maybe, BISMARCK was the first from a kind of, who was at near this wonderful Basilica. But will pass time - and people will understand more about its World. To holy places will lead not only dependents BISMARKA, and generally all - whose souls of close and highway. To speak of the employees of the employment of messages to Holy Antoniou it is possible great deal.


Even for Alexandra Holy Antonio made very much, what to bow him He always considered for itself compulsory, at least time in three years. And all that time he maintained correspondence with Padre Danilo Selezze and with Padre Ugo Sartorio. Padre Danilo Selezze wrote his letter to Alexander - «I hope you may soon feel perfectly at home with us»-12 February 2010 year after participation Alexander in canonization 11.10.2009 year 5 Produced Christian Zigmunta Felinski, Frantsiska Gutara, Jozefa де Vestera, Baron Rafaelya Arnaiza, Joanny Iugan in Vatican State on square Holy Petra which conducted Roman Daddy Benedict XYI, and visits by him Basilica Holy Antonia in Padua 12.11.2009 year. Alexander always noted that almost all this Produced of Persons Christianity were in its time beatification Iowan-Pawel  II, that is why Alexander wrote right after canonization - «We thought, what all Christian World was on places Holy Petra in Rome. Everything was as on celebration and square was not of free places, all people had, real, celebration spirit, as to ribbons  and images on shirts х it is possible was right away to learn supporters Produced Сhristianina whom canonize. Round were banners, posters which held the believingers  from Latin America, from Austria, from France, from India, from Netherlands, from Belgium, from Poland». It is by the way, the President's Administration of Poland congratulated Alexandra with participation in this Great  EVENT.

Subsequently and Padre Ugo Sartorio supported idea Alexandra and 28 insisting Сhristianians from Ivano-Frankivsk about returning to the city of historic title Stanislaw. Alexander wants to ask Padre Ugo Sartorio to support in prayer Basilica Holy Antonia – Ostapa Lucera, Aleksandra Shapovala, Ludmilu Yaremu, Ruslana Jyrak, Oksanu Yanushak, Ninu Grigorchuk, Pani Gajdash, Sergeja Shuliatickogo, Igoria Cuciaka, Andjeia Cuciaka, Alexandra Ostrogliada, Yaroslawa Solovja, Pani Chudilinu, Galynu Yanush, Pani Pankiv, Pani Gavrecku, Pani Katrych, Wasilia Kasijanchuka, Pani Litvinovu, Ivana Grebenuka, Pani Pikuliak, Pani Serniak, Michaela Shuryka, Galinu Garaninu, Pani Yavorsku, Pani Misiaginu, Urija Lobanova, Micaela Dejnegu, which not  feared to sign letter in Supreme Radu Ukraine requesting to raise question about returning to the city of historic name Stanislaw. This spiritually will bolster up all inhabitants of city which know and love it history and which will learn about support in Basilica Holy Antonia their aim return Memory about the founders of city to the family of Crowns GettMans (Revere, Andrey, Stanislaw). And today Alexander asks beatifications at Padre Ugo Sartorio on exhibition arranging in European universities «International the collaboration of scientists - the basis of Democracy in XXI century”. We have known many Personality of the modern scientists in West and East Europe which unite this World and will lend him possibility accelerated to develop, despite all artificial obstacles and the desperate struggle of with them the forces of evil. About these people to and their work necessary to tell Wide World.

BISMARCK, like, for the first time spent time in such Famous  Temple which on all performed and performs Great impression.




After touches with such high spiriyual and way in Lignano thered seem simple and easy. There accompanying BISMARKA Alexandra waited disillusion.

 But this is not the case interesting, and better about impressions BISMARKA which eminent even from these several photographs.

Of  cause, the Mediterranean Sea of nobody does not leave indifferent. BISMARKU, especial, liked wave on sand … And maybe His genetic memory him prompted something long ago forgotten and native … nevertheless Americana’s (see photo)

That is why was wanted to choose yacht better … Them in Lignano, real, much and eyes disband (see photo ). But the girls of more nice then  yachts (look Photo ).


It is especial, when you by him seem nice that this really inspires (see photo ). And as are you think, in such quotient maybe to remain in Italy and to ask citizenship?

Not only people wanted and want FREEDOMS … and  8000 years old ago, and today …


Wish to  BISMARKU lucks! Its him really is  necessary in His  aim …

Wrote down - accompanying BISMARKA Alexander Vasiljev (Vasiljev-Muller)

 Hotel  «Роsа dei Venti»  in Lignano (Italy)

24.06.2012 (7520)

 «We all are on the Asteroid with bio-laser, which have flied  from High Development Civilization and alighted on Earth, but this was and exist OUR CIVILIZATION! »

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