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To Platonic - not "..." lose decency "of their" wealth "!"
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To Platonic - not "..." lose decency "of their" wealth "!" - Read the monograph "The Code of Eurasia" Adil Akhmetov

"... If the " excavation " Churchward prove the ancient Mayan kinship and Greek , and " dig " , leading scientists over the past two centuries - Mayan kinship and Turkic languages, ...
Then , observing the scientific objectivity and remaining honest researchers , we must recognize kinship of Greek and Turkish languages. Let no longer close . And once - close . By origin. As grown from a common root ... "(Code of Eurasia , " Business World Astana , "2011 - Adil Akhmetov ) .

Here's to you and the dialectics of ancient history of mankind - 43,000 years ago in the Pacific, there was a whole country (called "Mu "), and at least 12,000 years before the birth of Christ in the Atlantic Ocean Atlantis flourished , who died in the depths of the ocean in a matter of hours, but memory of the existence of these civilizations come down to us . (!)

If Jaspers considered necessary for the understanding of the mission and the future of our civilization to know the historical events , plunging into the depths of history for 2500 years, what - are we felt it necessary to convey the ancient , retaining the memory of the global catastrophes that mankind experienced 43,000 years ago and 12,000 years?

Chances are sincere and critical alert that a priest of Egypt and Solon - Platon told us :

"In the course of many generations until it was exhausted from the inherited nature of God , the rulers of Atlantis obey the laws and live in friendship with the divine akin to them ... But when inherited from the god share weakened by repeatedly dissolving in the death of the impurity , and prevailed human nature, then they were not able to pass on their wealth and lost their decency ... "
PLATON " Critias "

We have no right to " lose decency " of their " wealth "!

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