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To the prime minister of RF-to accelerate the transfer of the deputy of The High Rada of Ukraine Nadia Savchenko in Ukraine-Freedom to Nadia
11:16 PM

FREEDOM Nadia Savchenko

To the prime minister of Russian Federation

Dmitrii Anatolevichu Medvedev

Respected Dmitrii Anatolevich!

Our handling to you is  caused by your sincere position regarding Christianity and Christian Sent-things in Europe. That as you admired and admire Temple Сhrista SPASITELYA (http://instagram.сom/p/m_F3OLg_C-/ ) convinces us which you will hear us. And self, without «furnishing to curbing and always control» will make its moral CHOICE (!). When you to sincerely gladding rebuilding of Voskresenskogo New-Ierusalimskiy monastery, of that Christians East Europe did not only emphasized that you «normal man», but also baldly you maintained (http://instagram.сom/p/gVQHzyA_HE/) seeing in you of spiritually close by him HEAD.

That is why you cannot leave nonchalant exclusively «strife against GOD» and immoral behavior to Nadia Savchenko on the part of military the structures of Russian Federation. Are  convinced, what you, as Christian, cannot her not sympathize …

We in our superficial behavior to eternal laws by us not created, and only on the short period of time of visited World, like, in 2014 year to pass on last feature, for which to await pity it is not necessary. Stealed on state-owned level military flier-woman and to transmit her on the territory of Russian federation, constantly compose clumsy accusations, in order self itself, at least for a while, to argue into admissibility obvious compose - converts all, who gave indication on arranging of this operation and self executors for border international law and the norms of Christian MORALITY!

Self aim created  public, absolutely immoral mockery over patriot Ukraine not only criminal, but it as of projector to burn the soul of the citizens of Russian Federation which becomes known, at least broadly speaking this humiliating the nation of Russian Federation «againstmen, criminal act» destroying essentially the bases of the statehood of Russia.

The ambassador of every crisis treads on raise, the ambassador of every war, at least on uncontinued time, treads on world. The ambassador of the period of amorality and no-Law treads on to realize and repentance. Only ambassador of break-up does not tread on right away wealth, and nation have to lived definite reconstructive period. And this period already is calculated by months for Russian Federation and by years for Ukraine.

Every such «political operation to behavior to patriot tuned women» which essentially is demonstration of administrative отчаянья and real professional uncorrespondence superior functionaries, causes unanimous reproach not only in the world but also main - indoor Russia. Nation begins, as to-insisting do not understand her heads who will arrange such savage things - distinguished by rare unformed and amorality.

Russian federation and Ukraine back to back approach feature, when and by military methods do not manage «to rescue situation» even for time - economics this «serious woman» - her will not cheat. In 1826 yr. Petr Yakovlevich Chaadaev with bitterness estimated the Russia campaign in Europe 1814-15yryr. Together with all arranged war, as socioeconomic unjustified to actium, threw Russia on 50 years ago (!). And this assessment nobody so and did not can to refute up to the present time, as nobody does not disprove the activity appraisal of the leadership of Russia in 2014 year which gave to Patriarkh Ukrainian orthodox church Filaret (!).

Only for 200 years old time changed; compressed almost till maximally possible limit social room, world became, as to-insisting, globalization, in which unobservance of the rules of behavior by one leading geopolitical player sets on грань stagflation dozens dependent economics. Even Russian Federation, despite relatively mono-food export position (oil and gas), sets in recessions  of its economics in the blind-alley of the economics of Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as of Kirgizii and else quite a number of states.

You this, Dmitrii Anatolevich, wonderfully understand. You wonderfully understand and what «calling act» with Nadia Savchenko not only does not achieve its exterior political purpose but also generates inner destabilization which far and away worse any «sanctions», especial, in long-term outlook.

That is why we turning to you requesting to manifest its influence, as ex-president of Russian Federation and the prime minister of Russian Federation, in order to accelerate the transfer of the deputy of The supreme Rada of Ukraine Nadia Savchenko from Russia to the Ukraine.

This your step will as to merit is  appreciated all citizens of Russian Federation and all citizens of Ukraine, as well as the overwhelming majority of citizens in all countries of world. It is possible, what it will show up the first real for all 2014 yr. main by act manifestations in the relationship of Ukraine and the Russia of the principles of Christian leniency and mercy, after whom easier will go on peace treaty all conflict’s sides. This act of mercy will show up by push to inevitable World in East Europe!


With sincere respect and hope on understanding,


On behalf of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity,


Chairman, doctor                                                 Ernesto Garcia


Vice-chairman, doctor                                          Alexander Vasiljev


First LETTER to Prime Minister Russia D.Medvedev was sent 27/12/2014 yr (8452300142793) through Kiev (Embassy of Russia Mr Zurabov); Recommendation

Second Letter to Prime Minister Russia D.Medvedev have sent 10/01/2015 yr (8452300142033) through Kiev (Embassy of Russia Mr Zurabov); Recommendation, and we recieved 24/01/2015 yr. answer that Mr Zurabov recieved our Letter to D.Medvedev 19/01/2015 yr.


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