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Dear Sirs,
I have known about hard situation with TERROR in the Wide World. And I think we all must to do real steps for find persons which may be terrorists. Many bad letters are in Internet now but its have little real basis (may be very little ...).
Because ...

Dr Valery Vasiljev said me that I working against terror  in the Wide World. I think we all must to do real acts against terror.
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Здравствуйте Уважаемый Александр Валерьевич !
         Сегодня Николай Александрович незамедлительно принес мне весточку от Вас, чем доставил нежданно-негаданно много радости. Лишь один раз на берегу Азовского моря (на пляже) мне передал несколько строчек от Вас И.А. Ковалевский. Честно признаюсь, что отве­тить сразу почему-то не получилось, а потом в текучке дел, извини, забыл.
       Дела же были глобального масштаба. Прилагаю список публикаций, где названия го­ворят сами за себя.
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Dear Alexander Valerievich!

Just got a new from you.
Punch-drunk that speed which you are capable with, and besides exhaustively, to react on external information.
Thank you for advices, them will think over, and for numerous materials with which did not yet have
time to familiarize.
As an intermediate answer send for information a geared-up by me report in  AS Higher school of Ukraine.
It is so led in Academy.

Every to you successes and Your daughter.
Yours V. Styrov
Дорогой Александр Валерьевич!
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Subject: Main Office of INTERPOL
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Dear Sirs,
I succeeded 23.03.2011 to get an official letter from the militia of Ivano-Frankivsk in relation to a necessity to begin to understand to the police of Italy and Poland with the fact of unreceipt in Poland of my money sent from Post of Italy in Bank of Warsaw 13.10.2009 from Lignano (Italy).
I do not want to comment the fact of delay of registration of necessary for Interpol letter from Ivano-Frankivsk. It is a letter from the militia of Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukr-Board of Interpol You can see on my Blog:  
I ask only to take into account, that all formalities, probably, are observed and Interpol can begin a search lost in Italy or in Poland of money.

With sincere respect, ... Читать дальше »
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вул. Бельведерська, 32, м. 1вано-Франивськ, 76018
тел.(03422) 2-33-38, факс (0342) 75-03-82

23. 03.2011 № 6813                                                   To the leader to the sector of Ukr-Board of
                                               &nb ... Читать дальше »
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       In bank said, that never before met with that this fund (PIONEER SA) counted дивіденти. They at me there called told everything as is, I do not know that they to her there said concretely, but workwoman of bank said me, that they also with it not acquaintances.In a word for me took the copy of warrant and passport, and also telephone number, and said, that when it will be called them from a that fund with expensive information, then she at once will call me. Said, that then possibly speech went them about some percents, but it is also necessary to be checked up.I asked or it is possible somehow on the line of сконтактуватися with this fund it was said me, that only a bank has their private number(what to give to me did not want) and going is impossible there, to obtain information, because at this fund does not have a waiting will be only to expect when she will c ... Читать дальше »
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City Ivano-Francovsk. Twenty eighth December two thousand tenth year. Ya. Vasiljev Alexander Valerievich (VASYLYEV OLEKSANDR), identification number - 2026012196, passport of series of VV 200533 Seashore PR Mariupol MU UMVS is given out Ukraine in the Donetsk area from 11.02.1998 year which is registered to address: m. Ivano-Francovsk of street of Simonenko, line-ups. 33b kv 38 on implementation celled with an attorney in oral contract of agency this warrant authorise gr. Timoshicku Irene (TVMOSHYTSKA I ... Читать дальше »
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American Biographical Institute, Inc
Dear Prof. Vasiljev:
A true champion does not only display dedication in sentiment, but he or she is also forthright in action, with the best of intentions for their society and country. Whether advocating causes social, economic, scientific, educational, or political, any man or woman who makes an effort toward bettering their society may be considered a true champion, and a candidate for the GOLD MEDAL.
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