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15 the years old of the official creation CIC- Congratulate Donald Trump !

To all members of Civil international Committee Intellectual

and Spiritual Unity created for the preparation of world

climate of opinion to arranging of The first World Congress

Spiritual Unity in New York

To the members of NGOs, organizationally connected with

Organising of Incorporated Nations (UN) and working as to

the realisation of the global goals of Humanity

Our organization was created on Wave aversion American people the consequences of global catastrophe September 11, 2001, overtook the United States. This year we have wholeheartedly supported US President George W. Bush and the sincere protest of the Great Christian culture against the mindless violence that permeates all the answers Americans sincere condolences to the President of the Presidency of the Azov Branch of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Business, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine and the New York Academy of Sciences, doctor of commerce, cand.econ.scies Valery Aleksandrovich Vasiljev - today and sets us on the active search for forms and methods of combating terrorism and outright obscurantism. And let's just internet space is available, but if there will be more positive and hope, and the leadership of the world powers will be easier to find the right and informed decisions.

In November is executed 15 (fifteen) the years old of the official creation of finding Civil International Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity by the common deciding of Azov’s  the Department of The Academy of economic sciences and business activity and by The institute of Economical and Socio‐Cultural Researches named Olga Wladimirovny Wasilievoj‐Catholic (assignee DESMC The Academy of science of Ukraine). 12 November 2001 yr. was signed the protocol of the common deciding of these two organisations President‐chairman of Azov’s the Department of The Academy of economic sciences and business activity, academician New York Academy of Science, the academician of The Academy of the economic sciences of Ukraine and AES&E Russia, the author of the Law of the Preservation of Labor, the Dr commerce, cand.econ.scis,high empl. Vasiljev Valery Alexandrovichem, of Vice‐director Institute ESCR (assignee DESMC of The Academy of science of Ukraine), scies. empl. Wasilievoj Olga Wladimirovnoj, to scientific workshop by secretary AD AES&E and IESCR, scies.empl. Tuzovskoi Marinoi Gennadievnoi, Vicechairman AD AES&E, by the chairman of the scientist of advice IESCR, Dr econ., high empl. Vasiljev Alexander Valerevichem.

And this deciding was accepted the ambassador of arranging very large and hard work as to creation on basis more than of the centennial work of publishers «Who is Who» (USA) with applying of the modern high technologies of communication (Internet of‐technology), international public body with distinct concrete tasks in its activity (!). But main ‐ organizing with real and accomplishable tasks which were comprehensible and were maintained to intellectual persons on all continents. Great work carried out Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev on behalf of the Azov’s Department of The Academy of economic sciences and business activity having supported high moral scientists of and professionals who answer on the sincere condolence of the Azov’s Department of The academy of ES&E relatively the terror’s attack 11 September 2001 yr. on USA and on the destruction of Worldwide Business center in New York.

The hundreds of electronic letters was furnished to the intellectual persons of World and dozens recommendations in International Biographic Center in Cambridge signed on President‐chairman AD AES&E, Dr of commerce, cand.econ.,high empl. Vasiljev Valery Alexandrovichem. To all sincere citizens of World which turned out to be unindifferent and high moral people, supported arranging of The first World congress Spiritual Unity, were furnished to registered letters about inclusion their in the composition of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity.

What is conducted from soul and sincerely cannot stay without answer and positive consequences. That is why World answer on the initiative of nominates edition «Who is Who in World» (USA) Vasiljev Valery Alexandrovicha and to 12 November 2001 yr. from six countries of the World of answer His colleague as to edition «Who is Who in the World» 2001 yr.

Occurred very eventful for the professionals of World event ‐they could to unite efforts practically without financial expenditures for deciding of general task, not carrying out durable to flight and not conducting tiresome and many time debates, when on the utterance of own position is averted a few of minutes, and all the rest of the time «eated» preparation to utterance of often all comprehensible and simple idea.

But for the preparation of this deciding nevertheless were engaged all mechanisms of communication the interaction of scientists and professionals, name, deciding 12 November 2001 yr. was accepted after the discussion on of main idea as to banding of efforts in the implementations of Intellectual‐spiritual Action in New York on international research conference of «States Central and East Europe in relationships East‐West» (Warsaw, Poland) 21 October 2001 yr. On it came forward Vice‐chairman AD AES&E, Dr econ., high empl., prof. TIM&E Alexander Valerevich Vasiljev and him supported prof. Warsaw University,Dr econ. Michael Dobrochinsky with colleagues.

As see, of Colleague, nothing occurred spontaneously and thoughtlessly. The Large LABOR underlies our with You of international civil organizing. LABOR ‐ by gave many intellectual persons of East and West Europe supported on American Continent and in Australia. To us by everything managed then to understand the necessity of banding of efforts, in order to try to change situations in the world to best. We by everything, and in the first place, self itself showed possibility every unindifferent man positive to influence on events in the world, on the preparation of global humanitarian initiatives and actions. This is the most valuable result of the creation of finding Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity.

Fifteen years old works our organizing and 659 documents which you see on our electronic page www.сiс‐wsс.org, are reflected main line of activities our organizing, as its aimed answer on all the most significant in the intellectual spiritual  plan of event, on the creation of arduous situations in the world, on global international events, on arranging of research conferences and forums, and main ‐ on the youth preparation to work in new more complex, on far and away and more interesting World. It is certain, main activity was to furnish against terror, especial, in the provinces of Basques in Spain, on real struggle for democratic values in Ukraine and in all East Europe including Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, on the balanced development of all world economics to and the objective assessment of integration processes in the world.

It is much, great deal tried we everything to make in these years, especial, actively came forward in organizing of international research conferences in Internet‐room having carried out Forums 2005, 2006 and 2007, constantly coming forward with the initiatives of the support of young explorers and insisting professionals.

All difficulties are forgotten, and stays the sensation of accuracy chosen in 2001 year positions and necessities further to activize our work, capitalization potential of positive innovation and humanitarian actions. It is fairly on to recall our activity as to the formation of international academic Bonus Kumpana (Golika‐Guli‐Karimov‐Vasiljev) confered for best report on scientific international conferences and seminars to young scientists and explorers, in arranging which participates our Civil international Committee. Because for couple of years to us managed not on to note by 12 nominates this Bonus but also to carry out this prize on real international level even in plan the formation of monetary bonus having engaged banking system of European union and Americas (Bonus Uliane Lukach handed in 2011 yr.).

Particular place borrows and the practice of the handing‐in of moral maintaining personal international prize ‐ Names Medal «Metropolitan Gothas and Kafy, Holy Ignatius» (established Bishop Wasil Multykhom, preserved moshi of Holy Ignatius in the time of Second World War) which already really unites illustrious intellectual persons of and the professionals of World. This the most bright was manifested in 2014 г. In rendering of moral support to The intellectual persons of Spain and Kazakhstan. This work became possible toeing thank, real, to The intellectual‐spiritual LABOR of millenniums ‐to holder on general Christian values and traditions in Europe and Asia.

That how many of concrete proposals and initiatives managed to us by everything published on the pages of finding electronic journal and in The bulletins of Civil international Committee, Azov”s Departments of Academy ES&E and Institute ESCR which published and work already more ten years old, deserves separate serious analysis. To us wanted on to take notice which they touch the most topical questions modern and recommendations touch deciding of global problems. It is fair to recall only project «The Granat flower of EurAsia («ANARGUL»)» as to rebuilding of Aral Sea as to north (the waters of Karsk’s Sea) to and south variants (the waters of Indian ocean), have published 2013 yr. in Astane (Kazakhstan) and in Omsk (Russia) and Internet-Wide World  in 2014 yr.

We sincerely maintain The laureates of Noble prizes and Intellectual‐spiritual Leaders, like, that is why, by us is received letter and from The President USA of Barracks Obamy which positively appreciated our work. And we sincerely are grateful to President USA Barack Obama!

We have always sought and seek to objectively assess the impact of high moral initiatives and responsible policies on the world. For us it was not a surprise election of US President Barack Obama because more in the 90s of the letter from the Director of the Institute in the US, Dr. Zalaw studied the interaction of social groups and ethnic strata in American society, well aware that America is preparing to global change, in which the role of African Americans is high enough. But those positive changes implemented by the current US President Barack Obama, we sincerely surprised and pleased his huge efficiency and integration effect for the entire world. Thanks to the two terms of the US leadership Barack Obama made the world seven-league steps in globalization. In fact, President Barack Obama was not only the United States and all developing countries in Africa, but the President of the whole of Latin America and the leader in many Asian countries. This is a huge success and the real US and the American people's foreign policy. it is obvious to us that it is time to consolidate the achievements today, ie, create conditions for the existence of liability on the part of the leadership of all nations of the world, which itself must learn to assess the situation and make thoughtful and responsible steps in the construction of national democracy for the progress of the peoples who elected them.

That is why we wholeheartedly support the choice of the American people.

We sincerely congratulate Donald Trump with his victory !

That is why call on all our COLLEAGUES to more seriously arranged and unequivocal work as to the realization of the cardinal objects of finding Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity.

Sincerely Congratulate on 15 th and with the most best regards,


Chairman of Civil international Committee,

                                                                                        Dr. Ernesto Garcia

Vice‐chairman of Civil international Committee,

Dr. Alexander Vasiljev

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