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In 2017, Christians celebrated the Five Hundred (500) years of the Reformation, and in 2018 it is possible to celebrate by the Universal Church and 1677 years the main idea of the REFORMATION - Only the BIBLE

Litawa-Gothia-Odessa//Литва-Готия-Дженестра /Pavel Antonovich Vasiljev & Pelagej Danilovna Polansky | Просмотров: 53 | Author: A.Vasiljev,E.Garcia | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2018-05-30

Wars, or rather militarized conflicts - are not yet over in our land ... Their main causes are "desperately" for the humanities are looking for the last few centuries ... At the same time, the origins of conflict are already understood by almost the majority of the population of industrially developed countries ... (and the world is preparing for 2023, counting down the months and days - ) Yes, our civilization is difficult to develop. And aspiration for knowledge secular and spiritual leaders always aspired to direct on a way their achievement due to intensive research work, instead of due to simple decoding ancient manuscripts. Therefore, the Library of Alexandria burned many times, especially in 391, when spiritual development seriously lagged behind the level of technology set forth on paper and in clay tablets. And Patriarch Theophilus had to raise Christians to destroy free access to the technological and scientific achievements of the past, who found nothing better to bury the Library ... But today such "vandalism for the good" is probably impossible and we all need to work more actively to ensure the balance the pace of moral and technological development of mankind.

(continuation of the second "Guards of the Planet")

With Valentin Karlovich, we spent an entire era of observing moral norms in scientific discussions in Eastern Europe

Litawa-Gothia-Odessa//Литва-Готия-Дженестра /Pavel Antonovich Vasiljev & Pelagej Danilovna Polansky | Просмотров: 25 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2018-05-28

The madman of Truth can not understand -

                                 Arshin Soul is not measured,

The Cossacks have a special become -

                                 In their future it is necessary to BELIEVE!

Alexander Ploskyni

(the first sequel to the "Guards of the Planet")

Abram Petrovich Hannibal *, descendant of an African prince who sincerely strove to civilize Eastern Europe **- DEDICATED with deep and sincere respect ...

The project of the revival of the African Lake Chad

"LAGAN (With love of the World)"


* Abram Petrovich Hannibal, a descendant of an African prince, left a memory of the real aristocrat of the Great African continent not only in France, but also in Eastern Europe, which he, together with Peter the First, sincerely strove to civilize. His asceticism was stopped, sending to Siberia to measure the "length of the Chinese wall" after the death of Peter. But he managed to cope with the influence of detractors and already under the Empress Elizabeth received a general rank and died in deep old age, giving the inflexible nature of his great-grandson. And his great-grandson - Hannibal von Sheberh Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich continued the work of his great-grandfather and presented the World with highly artistic literature in the Norman-Gothic / Cossack language, significantly modernizing the language - turning it into "Microsoft of the 19th century", and today most educated people in Eastern Europe speak (the so-called Russian language). Especially, it is typical for Kazakhstan, where the people are fulfilling the covenant of the Great Abay.

** Lagan, sister of Abram Petrovich Hannibal, who for several miles across the ocean swam behind a ship that took her brother from his native coast to Turkey. And in fact she drowned in front of Abram Petrovich, passing the deep and all-conquering love of the African people to people on earth to one of his best sons ...

Law-Preservation-labour / "Все богатство из Труда"(Библия) по Закону Сохранения Труда | Просмотров: 101 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2018-01-18

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on the passing of John Young, who died Friday night following complications from pneumonia at the age of 87. Young is the only agency astronaut to go into space as part of the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs, and the first to fly into space six times:

Probably, if it were not for the universality of the world cinematograph, the generation of Eugene would have already been lost. But the blessing - there was AVATAR. And there is food for the mind and soul.




for a doctoral dissertation

"Organizational and legal basis for the creation and operation of military police in Ukraine

(Modern Aspects) »

Ph.D., Assoc. Victor Yuryevich Shcherbatyh

Law-Preservation-labour / "Все богатство из Труда"(Библия) по Закону Сохранения Труда | Просмотров: 64 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2017-12-11

Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship

On the Rights of the Report Preprint

Scherbatykh Viktor Yurievich

Organizational and legal basis for the creation and operation of the military police of Ukraine Specialty

"Management theory, administrative law and process"


Thesis for an honorary title

"Doctor of Law" in the form of a scientific report

Bahmut-Kramatorsk, 2016

Law-Preservation-labour / "Все богатство из Труда"(Библия) по Закону Сохранения Труда | Просмотров: 63 | Author: Scherbatykh Viktor Yurievich | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2017-12-10

Establishment in the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship of the Open International University for Human Development "Ukraine" a permanent exhibition (preferably in the museum of the institute) dedicated to the activities of Wasily Mikhailovich Kozak as the first rector of the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship OIUHD "Ukraine", duplicating its main stands in the museum of local lore . Khust and in the museum of the University of Ukraine (OIUHD) in Kiev. This will be the most significant act confirming our desire for real and effective international cooperation, taking into account Wasily Mikhailovich's contribution to the organization and implementation of international programs under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). elja_universitetskoj_tradicii_v_khuste_vasilija_mikhajlovicha_kozaka_prodolzhae tsja / 6-1-0-334

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 69 | Author: Miroslav Y. Lozyuk | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2017-11-14

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