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Violence in Catalonia needed closer scrutiny in age of fake news

'The Guardian' lamenta haberse tragado las mentiras sobre la violencia el 1-O

Los separatistas difundieron vídeos falsos, heridos falsos y cifras falsas que la prensa internacional compró sin comprobar

The Earth Freedom /Земля Свободы - Казачьи Вольности - Задунайская Сечь - Азовское казачье войско | Просмотров: 14 | Author: Erbesto Garcia | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2017-10-22

On behalf of President Trump and the American people, it is my pleasure to congratulate and extend best wishes to the people of Serbia as you celebrate your national day on February 15.

I read the story (Crimea ) in the song JAMALA Expressed singer, and I think Having triumphed in the Eurovision Song Contest. This IMPLIES Europe With the recognition of Ukraine. We CIC, will can offer the title of Committee and recognition by esta artistic woman and singer? what is your opinion?
and after we will do press coverag and Webside.

Not to touch us and we of you to touch will not, put away her dwarf from Kremlya and you will be Happiness!


       City  Kramatorsk 21.05. 2015.

To the chairman of The supreme Advice (RADA) of Ukraine  V.B. Groismanu

Bulavinskii area is a memory about Ataman Don’s Troops heading for disengagement the war of the ancient nation of state «CALMOUCS» against Moscow Tsarstva - shall support soldier

«Historian, Creating Work, over our conflicts to smile.»/S.A.ESENIN

«Историк, сочиняя  труд, над нашей рознью улыбнется.» / С.А.Есенин

 Vladimir Vysotskii in roles Sergeya Esenina

The prime minister sat with me today with the American Chamber of Commerce. This prime minister meets once every month with American businesses to listen to their complaints; to work with them, to hear how they can move faster, how they can do more – huge infrastructure vision and projects, train being built. I’m about to go to General Electric, where they’re building green, clean locomotives – GE, American company. This is the new future. And it’s exciting to be on the frontier of defining where a whole nation and region are going to go...

So I say thank you to you. God bless you for being here, for being part of this great family, and thank you for a wonderful, warm, and generous welcome here to Astana and to Kazakhstan. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

September 11 Anniversary

September 11 is a date seared into the minds of all of us at the U.S. Department of State and of citizens across America.  Together, we honor the memory of the men, women, and children murdered in 2001.  And we will never forget those who died three years ago in Libya: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.  Each was a brave and dedicated professional; each was deeply committed to service on our country’s behalf; and each sought nothing more nor less than to help people overseas to live in freedom, dignity, and peace.  Their example remains before us and – on this sad anniversary – our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

To the members of Civil public bodies, organizationally connected with Organising of Incorporated Nations (UN) and working as to the realisation of the global goals of Humanity 

          It is certain, Ukrainian women carry in her genetics memory about Great Nation which existed milleniums ago. And we meanwhile only concerned topic about modern Produced women who by its love and labor created and preserve our Civilization.

Passed ten years old, as abandoned us Olga Wladimirovna participating into Second World War, in 2005 year ...

Just a week or two ago, the party secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam was here in Washington visiting with the President, and we are today trading and working and things are changing rapidly in that country – maybe not as rapidly to some people’s desire as they might want, but they are changing.

So it is in many ways with Cuba, where the passions ran deep and run deep to this day in the United States. There are many Cuban Americans who have contributed in so many ways to life in our country, some of whom are still opposed to a change, some of whom believe it is time to change.

That’s our objective. We hope to continue the dialogue with Venezuela. We hope that our diplomatic relations with Cuba can encourage not only greater dialogue with Venezuela but perhaps even efforts to try to help Colombia to end its more than 50-years war and perhaps even other initiatives. We’re not going to be overflowing with expressions of excessive optimism about where we will find this capacity, but we do know that we’re going to look for it. We do know that we think it makes a difference and we’re going to try and work at it. And I think that is the ultimate benefit that comes out of today. With the beginning of diplomatic relations, we are pledging to engage with each other to talk about our differences, to find places of common endeavor, and to try to build a relationship that benefits the people of Cuba, the people of the United States, the people of the region.

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