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Wars, or rather militarized conflicts - are not yet over in our land ... Their main causes are "desperately" for the humanities are looking for the last few centuries ... At the same time, the origins of conflict are already understood by almost the majority of the population of industrially developed countries ... (and the world is preparing for 2023, counting down the months and days - ) Yes, our civilization is difficult to develop. And aspiration for knowledge secular and spiritual leaders always aspired to direct on a way their achievement due to intensive research work, instead of due to simple decoding ancient manuscripts. Therefore, the Library of Alexandria burned many times, especially in 391, when spiritual development seriously lagged behind the level of technology set forth on paper and in clay tablets. And Patriarch Theophilus had to raise Christians to destroy free access to the technological and scientific achievements of the past, who found nothing better to bury the Library ... But today such "vandalism for the good" is probably impossible and we all need to work more actively to ensure the balance the pace of moral and technological development of mankind.

(continuation of the second "Guards of the Planet")

The Earth Freedom /Земля Свободы - Казачьи Вольности - Задунайская Сечь - Азовское казачье войско | Просмотров: 94 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2018-05-28

The madman of Truth can not understand -

                                 Arshin Soul is not measured,

The Cossacks have a special become -

                                 In their future it is necessary to BELIEVE!

Alexander Ploskyni

(the first sequel to the "Guards of the Planet")

Probably, if it were not for the universality of the world cinematograph, the generation of Eugene would have already been lost. But the blessing - there was AVATAR. And there is food for the mind and soul.



Violence in Catalonia needed closer scrutiny in age of fake news

'The Guardian' lamenta haberse tragado las mentiras sobre la violencia el 1-O

Los separatistas difundieron vídeos falsos, heridos falsos y cifras falsas que la prensa internacional compró sin comprobar

On behalf of President Trump and the American people, it is my pleasure to congratulate and extend best wishes to the people of Serbia as you celebrate your national day on February 15.

I read the story (Crimea ) in the song JAMALA Expressed singer, and I think Having triumphed in the Eurovision Song Contest. This IMPLIES Europe With the recognition of Ukraine. We CIC, will can offer the title of Committee and recognition by esta artistic woman and singer? what is your opinion?
and after we will do press coverag and Webside.

Not to touch us and we of you to touch will not, put away her dwarf from Kremlya and you will be Happiness!


       City  Kramatorsk 21.05. 2015.

To the chairman of The supreme Advice (RADA) of Ukraine  V.B. Groismanu

Bulavinskii area is a memory about Ataman Don’s Troops heading for disengagement the war of the ancient nation of state «CALMOUCS» against Moscow Tsarstva - shall support soldier

«Historian, Creating Work, over our conflicts to smile.»/S.A.ESENIN

«Историк, сочиняя  труд, над нашей рознью улыбнется.» / С.А.Есенин

 Vladimir Vysotskii in roles Sergeya Esenina

The prime minister sat with me today with the American Chamber of Commerce. This prime minister meets once every month with American businesses to listen to their complaints; to work with them, to hear how they can move faster, how they can do more – huge infrastructure vision and projects, train being built. I’m about to go to General Electric, where they’re building green, clean locomotives – GE, American company. This is the new future. And it’s exciting to be on the frontier of defining where a whole nation and region are going to go...

So I say thank you to you. God bless you for being here, for being part of this great family, and thank you for a wonderful, warm, and generous welcome here to Astana and to Kazakhstan. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

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