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«Agadic» manufacturing cooperative «MANUFAKTURA» (the wisdom of heritage financiers)

«Agadic» manufacturing cooperative «MANUFAKTURA»

(the wisdom of heritage financiers)

By the peculiarity of this alteration the economic structure 90 years of XX century in East Europe, where, as we see, flourished principally criminal  approaches in business, is its design activity and real positive orientation. It is especial, this was manifested in the results of the deposit of intellectual capital and the preparation of exploratory brainpower for independent Ukraine. And was carried out all this on former territory ancient in the modern civilization of confederation with the elements of federative device KALMIUS (CALMOUCS); In Kalmiusskoi Palanke aside of fortes Adamakhi; By ruins ancient Kremnesa (modern Mariupol) of and Georgievsk’s Monastery.

And what one of the generators of the creation of manufacturing cooperative «Manufaktura» was chief Mariupol’s distance signal’s and ties Sergei Konstantinovich Gasiev, of heart most important for all East Europe the Infrastructure’s branch of Economy - railway transport, arterial roads which repeated from Lutsk till Baikal the routes of the ancient network of transcontinental arteries - of Yam (transcontinental network Great Worldwide Norman-Mongol Empire, operation which was provided by the population of confederation KALMIUS), as-that very eventfully and correct.

Yes, at have given to acquaintances and the development of intelligent  workers  the enterprises of basic industry was many of hopes on democratic conversions on the territories of former Soviet Union, especially after the adoption of law «About cooperation in USSR». Actually this social stratum of formed engineering-technical frames corresponded the demands of time and could take on itself responsibility for the innovation development of East Europe. And all who took on itself then audacity to go in entrepreneurship through co-operative motion believed in real possibility by its labor to make much necessary for society and for its family. That is why and aimed to embrace by its plans the most perspective spheres of economic activity fixing their in the statutes of organizations. Cooperative «MANUFAKTURA» was not exception.

AND Deciding of Ispolkoma Primorski area of city Mariupol from 26.09.1989yr. for N 282/2 was registered Having got tired of manufacturing cooperative of miscellaneous type «Manufaktura» in Mariupol’s distance signal’s and ties. If in 1989 yr. the spheres of manufacturing activity of cooperative were affirmed:

-Maintenance of everyday and manufacturing accommodations, of the devices of water supply, of everyday appliances, of electric measuring apparatus, of outer and inner electric wire buildings;

-Mantling and the setting up of systems signal’s and blockages, of the systems of remote control, of relay’s automatics, electric installations by tension till 1000 V.;

-Maintenance and rebuilding of furniture, of furniture to make products, final composition enterer ;

-Development design-сметной documentation on the carrying out of works that by already Deciding Primorskogo area исполнительный комитет акщь 3.06.1990 yr. for N136 as to the initiative of its Chairman Valery Alexandrovich Vasilev in list accorded to population, to enterprises and the organisations of services of were entered following spheres:

-Maintenance and rebuilding of railway ways, of machines and mechanisms;

-Rendering of advisory help to enterprises and organisations as to the development of inside  normative basis in transition on  rent, brigadier contracts.

Last sphere and showed up not by the simply main line of activity of manufacturing cooperative «Manufaktura», and by really alone sphere, in which working the members of cooperative, because Valery Alexandrovich Vasilev was of in the end 80 years already acknowledged specialist in USSR in the field organising and planning of renovations on the enterprises of black metallurgy and heavy and transport machine building. Actually this saved team from very many nuisances connected with usual disorders in the implementation of «in metall» mantling, setting ups of and renovations on state enterprises, but considered inadmissible in the countries of West Europe and in co-operative motion USSR (and essentially this correctly) of ... The examples of adversarial consequences (in Ukraine and in CIS) we can today lead hundreds of ..., unfortunately.

-As see, the chairman of cooperative «Manufaktura» at the time the senior lecturer of Priazovskogo state technical university, the candidate of economic sciences and senior research officer (VAK USSR) Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev did not allow mirage from "great" the freedoms of affect head to colleagues and have made them of much mistakes, change its authority on monetary symbols. It actually continued in 90 years work its grandfather, the organizer of competitive economics in Russian Empire of and professional financier, Pavel Antonovich Vasiljev, The chairman of Kiev office Moscow stock артели responsible serving and cashier «SouzBank» (city Kiev) who provided the concrete work of manufacturing draperies in the free-market economy of The east Europe else of at the beginning XX st. continuing the traditions of the Greek bankers of Byzantine Empire and labor of Artemi Vasilevich Vasiljev (Kumpan), secretary last independent Koshevoj-Chief of Zaporozhskoi Sechi Petra Kalnyshevskogo.

Valerн Alexandrovich so arranged the labor of people which all members of cooperative «Manufaktura» did not take the time попусту on doubtful «псевдо-business проекты», and tackled concrete applied research and design developments which, certain, did not bring of larger incomes, but were to really necessary practically all enterprises PriAzov-Land. It is fair to recall the subject area of developments, on carrying out which concluded contracts with enterprises and organizations: «Development the methodologies of determining of labor input on the production of wooden model packages, metallurgical details, details after processing by pressure, metal constructions; Mechanical treated details on tokarnyj, karuselnyj, rastochnoy, frezernyj, sverlilnyj, strogalnyj, grinding machines, as well as of erection-assembly works expelling the necessity of composing normal kartes» (Donetsk’s factory «Koksohimequipments»), «Development the methodologies of determining of labor input on projection and designing of the mechanisms (of machines), of nodes and separate details» (IESCR), the carrying out of «Методики the adduction of the various types of works and services of fulfiled by the enterprises of industrial transport to the carriage of the ton of cargoes, accepted for standard» (IESCR) and others.

And if manufacturing cooperative created: Engineer in chief Mariupolskoi distance signal’s and ties Sergey Konstantinovich Gasiev, cand. techn. scies Alexander Valerevich Vasiljev, librarian Marina Gennadevna Tuzovskaya, cand. econ. scies., h.s.empl., doc.PGTU Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev, housewife Olga Vladimirovna Vasiljev (Iukhno) - that when The chairman of cooperative maintained the termination of active economic activity in 1995 yr. (became difficult to work, very difficultly – economy have hard situation) that Alexander V. Vasiljev by this time already became the doctor of economic sciences and by senior research officer of «Sociology labor and economic-sociology», as well as and chief the sectors of socioeconomic problems of the port-industrial cities of IELR NAS Ukraine; Marina G. Tuzovskaya – scis empl. to and scientific workshop by the secretary of the scientist of the advice of The institute of economical and socio-cultural researches (SCMKP, assignee DENMTS The academy of science of Ukraine and DFK); Valery A. Vasiljev by - the doctor of commerce AES&E, by the head of Institution of economical and socio-cultural researches (SCE, assignee DESMC of the Academy of science of Ukraine and DFK); Olga V. Vasiljev (Iukhno) - scies empl. and the vice-head of Institution of economical and socio-cultural researches (SCE, assignee DESMC of the Academy of science of Ukraine and DFC) est. As see, expertize growth and need in trained professional community all saw.

 That is why this organizing it is possible without mistakes name of «by the growth lift» brainpower PriAzov-Land (past Germanarikhi).

But the most essential step in its intellectual-spiritual growth carried out engineer in chief Mariupolsk’s distance signal’s and ties Sergey Konstantinovich Gasiev which in the end 1995yr. understanding the necessity of rebuilding of historic MEMORY about the glorious pages of history казачества Troops Azovsk’s, chaiki which combated the boot-leggers of Turkey from Poti till Batumi, manufactured Christian Cross on grave Ivana Moiseevicha (Evseevicha) Catholic, son last heritage Ataman Zadunaiskoy-Zaporozskoy Sechi - the Headquarters of-officer Troops Azovs’.

 Olga Vasiljev (Iukhno), her son Alexander and his brother Vladimir Iukhno after the installation of Memorable Cross on grave Ivan Moiseevich (Evseevicha) Catholic, 1996 yr., Khutor Catholic, 25 miles from Mariupol (ancient. Kremnes).

And him in 1996 yr. managed to establish (!!), what in that, yes and in modern social atmosphere PriAzov-Land, similar to miracle (stood the CROSS more of year …!!). If would not that addendum to areas from 13.06.1990 yr. for N136 as to initiative Valery Alexandrovich that in 1996 yr. would manage this intellectual-spiritual break-through to creation historic Memory in PriAzov-Land? Yes and what associations would be connected with manufacturing cooperative «Manufaktura» at surroundings Sergey Konstantinovich, yes and at his self ?! As see, the wisdom of heritage financiers dear costs. She will not lend people to achieve to moral irrelevant activity and evident not need activity.

Here is only in than the its basis «agadic» (!), when dozens similar as to form the organizations of cooperatives left at its employees only bitterness of regret about lost time (at best …), and about cooperative «Manufaktura» it members recall with thanks and with regret which due to economic stagnation in country will it was necessary to cease job … And this is rigth - sense-bearing core in manufacturing cooperative «Manufaktura» was extremely positive causing the members of cooperative to work over himself and arduous to study, because otherwise made contracts to fulfils would not fail … But what interesting, so this aspiration all at once to include manufacturing cooperative in Association. That is why in September 1990г. In The association of Mariupol’s cooperatives was enumerated Valery Alexandrovichem the admission fee 75 roubles (Protocol N8 from 27.09.1990yr.), but Association nothing so and did not can to help in rebuilding of the economic activity of cooperative, though its chairman and in 1999 yr. did not lose hopes on the revival of co-operative motion. And, though already economic activity was not, but were forwarded accounts in tax inspection (ex.13.04.1999) in conservation minimal men (3 man) with the entire package of documents (1. Information map; 2.Бухгалтерский the account of small enterprise; 3. Declaration about the enterprise profit; 4. Certificate about the amounts of paid off incomes and withholder from them dues; 5. Account about the depreciation of facilities on way’s works; 6. The calculation of fees in state innovation fund; 7. The calculation of local taxes) _ What unbent faith in the leadership sanity in Ukraine on superior state level! Yes, on such heroes meanwhile and keeps afloat science in East Europe which by its operability and directed on positive by perseverance create inspiring youth «Agadic».


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