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Exhibishin - One research area - the basis of successful globalization

Report on the work of the exhibition

"One research area - the basis of a successful globalization"

Department of Finance of Donetsk University of Economics and Law, Institute of Economic and Socio-Cultural Research (successor DESMC Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and DFC) and the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Business

That much we have prepared projects a balanced budget caused a sincere respect, not only colleagues and the leadership of Kazakhstan, but also constantly mentioned by recognized scientific authorities of Ukraine and, above all, a member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Donetsk Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the founder and first President of the Academy of Economic Sciences Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, prof. Nicholas G. Chumachenko. Donbass has always been active, to maintain and strengthen a unified research area in Eastern Europe, which has always been an integral part of the world scientific space, which in the modern era of real globalization has become a serious creative force, destroying centuries-old layers of ambition and all sorts of "myth of the cave".

Therefore, the presence of a 75-year anniversary of Nicholas G. Chumachenko in the Forest-Vodice forever left a mark everyone who sincerely congratulate this outstanding scientist with a significant date, confirming each welcoming address reality and the efficiency of the research area in eastern Europe (from Brest to Vladivostok and Found). And the most valuable rarity for the management of the Institute of economic and socio-cultural research (SCB, the successor DESMC Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and DFC) and the Azov Branch ES&E Academy is a long-term work of scientists Georgia, Kazakhstan and Donbas under the supervision of academician of NAS of Ukraine Mykola G. Chumachenko. Specifically, this work opens and we prepared the exhibition. 

Through activity and interest deputy. Head of Delegation Artiomovskiy Azov Branch of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Business and chief curator of the museum of local lore Bahmutovskogo Igor Abramovich Karnatskogo we managed to 19 November 2016 to open the exhibition on the second floor in Bahmutovskom museum. And if the museum on November 19 at the museum came only a few people, including students of Donetsk University of Economics and Law, and Maria Anna Yopal Fesina, on December 2nd of visitors has already been 34 schoolchildren and 5 th - 38 prospective students.

30.11.2016 At the exhibition it was 19 pupils of school № 7 city Bahmuta:

1.Agryzkova A.

2.Gubarev D.

3.Kalinikov D.

4. Mironenko K.

5.Rybin D.

6. A. Kharchenko

7. Zverhovetstka A.

8. Svitlana. FROM.

9. Staroduntsev E.

10. Timanov I.

11. Kaleyeva G.

12. D. Sopin

13. K. Utkin

14. D. Udovenko

15. Svetoshev O.

16. Makagon A.

17. Nostikova G.

18. O. Tishchenko

19. Karina Poretsky


A teacher who led the students sincerely grateful to the organizers of the event, the more that a review of the exhibition took 40 minutes and nm were touched almost all the key issues of globalization and the role of Eastern Europe in the process, and most importantly shows the actual depth of Donbass ties with Kazakhstan and the role of the Eastern intellectual and spiritual traditions

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