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I very liked the relation of poles to this affair, on what canonized our associate with the poles of Great Fighter for Belief Christ  in Ukraine/Gettmanshchini-Gothia and Poland. Almost fourth part area before the Cathedral of Holy Petra was in kerchiefs with image Abp. Felinski (it purposefully got poles alone on this affair in spiritual life World), and in alone Cathedral by row from alone Altar all area on four gigantic screens saw very excited and elevated Pana Kachinskogo … What can be to said - indeed nation Poland persistently and candidly works on the development of the spiritual values of up-to-date civilization!

   Our associate with polish nation Holy was born 1 November 1822 year in Voiutini beside Lutsk, on Volyn in large family Gerarda and Evi Vendorf. ZIGMUNT SHCHENSNI FELINSKI - Son of departing penalty in Siberia, the friend Iuliusha Slovatskogo (of large polish poet) - studied on traineeship in Moscow and Paris seeking to dedicate itself God, entered Spiritual Seminarii in Zhitomiri (1851); Was ordained on priest in Peterburgu (1855). As spiritual father  and professor Academy constituted Shelter for orphans and squalid, and also Society the legal Sisters of Family Marii (1857).

It is interesting, what Society the legal Sisters of Family Marii, out of little pip put by clergyman  Felinski into Peterburgu (1857) grew into large family of, Sisters employed in Poland, Brasilia, Italy, in Byelorussia to, Ukraine, in Russian Fegeration and in Kazakhstan.

Abp. Felinski died 17 September 1895 year in Krakovi as holy. About Abp. Felinski is  written - «very large Heart»; left on itself regal heritage - «unity, comprehension and large benefaction among people». It body after solemn burial into Krakovi in the course 25 years reposed on graveyard in Dzvinyachtsi, besieged by the awe of Poles and Ukrainians. After that, as Poland became independent it was taken away to Warsaw (1920 yr.) and from 1921 year is in chair Sent Yana in Warsaw.

Affair beatification began Cardinal Stefan Vishinskii, Primate Polish, in 1965 yr. in Warsaw; Subsequent work continue into 1984 yr. in Rome. Holy Father Ivan Pavel II beatification His 18 August 2002 year in Krakov.

And this large itinerary of the world-wide acknowledgement of great personality, as Holy Christian World - 11 October 2009 year accomplished Benedict XYI which woulded like to see His successor Holy Father Ivan Pavel II (!). What Large and inviolate tradition of clever working on the progress of human race in the development of intellectual-spiritual values!

For another Great personality prayed also all present, however personally apparently people from America Latino and beleivings out of Spain (uncoditionally and my Great Friend Dr. Ernesto Garcia), because FRANTSISK KOLL GUTART was born into Golbrein, into Bishopric Age and provinces Gerona (Spain) of 18-го May 1812 yr. From inception His spiritual-working  he accepted assignments which alighted far away for the limits of limited appointment. Perseverance, what he evinced, captured it from inertia exclaustration. He participated from alone inception in (Hermandad Apostolica) Apostol’s Brotherhood advanced Entoni Maрі Claret, he preached spiritual exercises and popular mission. Into 1848 he gained the rank of Apostol’s Missionary. Different Prelats accosted to Him, in order to He could accomplish missionary preachers  which accorded peace into that times frequent civil wars. His name constantly broadly well-known and such, what is honored everywhere in different parts Catalonia.

Were constant enquiries on His Evangelical preachers, what simulated belief among People into God of and return to religious practice them, who fell moral. He did especially large use distinct, what he expanded among people in villages and the cities of by the agency new brotherhood establishing «Eternal Distinct». In this thousand persons participated, and instructing accurate, in order to accord them opportunity prolificly be designed on his Prayers. With this aim, he gave booklets under name "Beautiful Roza" and The "Stair of God" which passed across different editions, every with multiplicity was printed, because he expanded them into large quantities in the course prayers, what he accorded. He preached of in the course large Post annual, also as and for the months of May and October, when pray to Sent Maria, in the important centers of population: Barcelona, Lerida, Vic, Gerona, Solsona, Manresa, Igualada, Tremp, Agramunt, Balaguer ... Holy Father Іvan Pavel II beatification His 29-th April 1979 yr.

AND Christian World of CANONIZED  His, as Holy - 11 October 2009 year on solemn ceremony under leadership Pope Roman Benedict XYI in attendance not only agents to dear Francisc Coll Gutart Spain, and of all countries in which it is said on Spanish language, all Christian communities (!).

For third Great personality, in the first place, prayed all Belgium, because JOZEF DAMIAAN DE VEUSTER was born into Tremelo in Belgium of, 3 January, 1840 yr. However the greatest agents of Hawaiian islands and all countries, what suffer from fearful epidemics and in our time (and this, in the first place, Africa of, country Asia), because he was first, what made a move 10 May, 1873 yr. behind own eagerness on Molokai. Contraction  "leprosy" direct, he died 15 April, 1889 yr., serving and professing the belief of Christian sixteen years among "Leprosies". About this man not only necessary to write but also to divest films bespeaking all World, and personally for  heads in Eastern Europe, to whom human race had to by gratefully them existence. While in our world are personality, what capable of such sacrifices - It is until exists this World and we all have future.

The large itinerary of the world-wide acknowledgement of this great personality, as Holy Christian World - 11 October 2009 year accomplished Pope Roman Benedict XYI with the agents of all Christian World (!).

For fourth Great personality, in the first place, prayed all Spain, because RAFAEL ARNAIZ BARON was born 9 April 1911 yr. Into Burgasi (Spain), in great, deeply Christian family. His vital itinerary came of by the end 26 April, 1938 yr. To Him was hardly of 27 years. He was buried in the cemetery of priory, and afterwards in church Abbeys.

However it did not affect, in order to popularity His sanctity quickly deployed behind the walls of priory. The instance of His life together with his many spiritual by works carry on be unfolded. He was delineated, as one of large Mystics twentieth centenary. 19 August, 1989 yr., Holy Father Іvan Pavel II, on the Day of World Youth in Santiago de Compostella, offered His as model for youth today, and beatification His 27 September, 1992 yr.

Pope Benedict XVI represents it as of friend and match-maker for all accurate, especially for youth. Therefore His, as Holy Christian World - 11 October 2009 year CANONIZED  Pope Roman Benedict XYI with the agents of all Christian World (!), rather than only of Europe and Spain.

For Fifth  Great personality, in the first place, prayed all France and all Great Britain, because MARIE DE LA CROIX (JEANNE) JUGAN  was born into Bretani, in Can kale (France) of, 25 October, 1792 yr. She was by sixth baby. Her father which was fisherman, was lost in open sea to, when her was only four year, and her mother remained one and heaved four children. From her mother and her of birth-place, Joanna inherited lively and deep belief, irrevocable character, force Spirit, what no difficulty could not bother.

This She did in constant tradition praise. She could say in all truth, to "Be little, little, little .” - "so beautiful to be meagre, in order to have no nothing, in order to depend on God for all.”
"Never forget, what Poverty - Christ .”
 29 August, 1879, She fell asleep peacefully in Liurdovi (France), after conversation, and we know her final words, "Eternal Father, opens your choke today to most little from your little daughters, however is one, who has such large eagerness to see you! O Maria, my good Mother, arrive to me. You know that I like you and that I long went, in order to see You!" At that time Pastva which originated Joanna amounted 2.400 Little Sisters in 177 Buildings on 3 continents (!!!).

13 July, 1979 yr. Holy Father Іvan Pavel II avowed the meaning of her of virtues, and beatification Her in the Cathedral of Holy Petra in Rome of, 3 October, 1982 yr. Therefore JOANNE IUGAN, as Holy Christian World - 11 October 2009 year CANONIZED  Pope Rome Benedict XYI with the agents of all Christian World (!).

Such Large Holily Spiritual Building had to happen and was carried out in Rome, the ancestral center of Christian World, the when best sons of Italian nation so prayed GOD (Gospoda), what every, who heard them are  unexceeded voices, packs pride for all our Christian World, for World Spiritual Culture, for Providence (Having seen truth) Human race which paces into before, in accordance GOD’s Plans and GOD’s Aims already two thousands of years.

What Large Respect senses the heart of every Christian to Large Nation World - to Italians on the area of Holy Petra into such important the minutes for our civilization; To the heads of country which worthily bear THE CROSS of The first World-wide Christian Country already of almost 2000 years!

This candid Respect and Large Gratefulness for daily Large Work, for Spiritual Building and the ceaseless support of Human race sense heart Christians and to Pope Rome Benedict XYI which on eyes becomes young, when accomplishes prayer - His Large Work in the Cathedral of Holy Petra, when faces area and blesses accurate.

Blessing from Pope Rome Benedict XYI accepted into its heart everybody on the area of Holy Petra in Rome 11 October 2009 year and will carry its all their life passing on alone clean Christian feelings all Christians in all World.

What do and we passing on our personal impressions out of Rome, out of Vatican city, out of area and the Cathedral of Holy Petra to every Ukrainian, who reads these terms.

Peace to You - compatriots! Christ with us and in everybody out of us!


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