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On the Occasion of Bastille Day in France -From the Civil International Committee Please accept our condolences
07/13/2016 11:04 AM EDT

On the Occasion of Bastille Day in France

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 13, 2016

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the people of France in commemorating Bastille Day.

This July 14, as we observe the anniversary of the French nation, we also celebrate our mutual commitment to peace, liberty, and prosperity – a commitment that has sustained our friendship for more than two centuries. Through good times and days of deepest peril, the United States and France have stood together in defense of our shared interests and values. I'm delighted President Hollande has invited me to attend this year's celebration.

This past year marked a milestone in our common fight against the harmful effects of climate change. Last December’s Paris agreement sent a clear message to governments, the private sector and citizens everywhere that a clean energy revolution is underway with the potential to preserve the environmental health of our planet and create millions of good new jobs. The United States and France must remain leaders and partners in this historic effort.

The past year also included moments of profound tragedy and sorrow as terrorists attacked the City of Light and tested the resolve of France and her friends. Our answer was emphatic that we will not be intimidated by murderers and will not rest until the perpetrators of terror are defeated and our citizens safe. Here, too, continued leadership from the United States and France is essential.

France is one of America’s oldest friends and yet we are as close today as we have ever been. Happy Bastille Day! And may our alliance endure for countless generations to come.


Attack in Nice

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 14, 2016


Today's horrendous attack in Nice is an attack against innocent people on a day that celebrates Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

On behalf of all Americans, and especially the great many with close ties to France, I offer our deepest condolences to the friends and family of those who were killed and our hopes for a speedy recovery to those who were injured.

I was proud to stand alongside French leaders earlier today at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, and the United States will continue to stand firmly with the French people during this time of tragedy. We will provide whatever support is needed.

Our embassy in Paris is making every effort to account for the welfare of U.S. citizens in Nice. Any U.S. citizens in Nice should contact friends and family directly to inform them of their well being.


Сегодня ужасающим атака в Ницце нападение на невинных людей в день, который празднует свободы, равенства и братства.

От имени всех американцев, и особенно очень много тесные связи с Францией, я предлагаю свои глубокие соболезнования родным и близким тех, кто погиб, и наши надежды на скорое выздоровление тем, кто получили ранения.

Я был горд стоять рядом французских лидеров ранее сегодня в День взятия Бастилии празднования в Париже, и Соединенные Штаты будут и впредь твердо стоять с французским народом в это время трагедии. Мы обеспечим все, что требуется поддержка.

Наше посольство в Париже прилагает все усилия для учета благосостояния граждан в США в Ницце. Любые граждане в США в Ницце должны связаться с друзьями и семьей напрямую, чтобы сообщить им их благополучия.


In Kiev, Ukrainians bring flowers to the French embassy as a sign of sympathy to the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice

We express our sincere condolences to the relatives and families of the victims in Nice.


The chairman of The civil international

Committee of Intellectual-spiritual Unity

       Dr. Ernesto Garcia

Vice-chairman of Civil international

Committee Intellectual-spiritual Unity,

vice-chairman the Azov’s Departments

of Academy ES&E

                                                                                          Dr.  Alexander V. Vasiljev


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