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Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain - our sincere condolences to prematurely deceased citizens of your

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain!

Great nations Britain, Canada and Australia!


Your Majesty!

Great citizens of the British Commonwealth!


We on behalf of all members of the Civil International Committee of Intellectual and Spiritual Unity to prepare world public opinion for the first World Congress of Spiritual Unity in New York express to you and all the great nations of the British Commonwealth, our sincere condolences to prematurely deceased citizens of your ...

We mourn your citizens who are no longer able to enjoy it the largest gift - LIFE ...

We live today in the United Globalization of Wide World and every human life, which breaks we cause pain and deep compassion ...

You done the impossible - you continue to exercise great civilizing work world ... dozens of deceased experts on AIDS as a result of this terrorist act makes us all feel like this interdependent world, as we need to protect the life of every MAN ...

We pray to the Lord, to the souls of all the departed prematurely from us have found rest and all their relatives were able to pass this test ...

We will do our best to never repeat such a tragic event ... We will work hard and think ... discuss, think and work ... and be sure to find a way out of the current situation in the world.

May the Lord give you, Your Majesty and all the great nations of the British Commonwealth sincere Faith, Hope and Love is not a firm is lacking ...


With deepest sympathy and hope


Chairman of the International Civil


Dr. Ernesto Garcia

Deputy Chairman of the Civil

international Committee                                                          Dr. Alexander Vasiljev


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