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South Project «ANARGUL»

MEMORY  Prominent associate of the founder of the Great

  World Empire of people "wise and long will 'Burundaj  DEDICATED

Project «Granatov’s  Flower Euro-Аsia  (ANARGUL) »**

By us in 2013 yr. was developed the north variant of Project «Granatov’s Flower Euro-Аsia (ANARGUL)» which was all at once is  published in Internet-room, to presented leadership the ministry of foreign affairs of Kazakhstan, of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Russian Federation. In answer MEAD RF was noted:


Respected Alexander Valerievich, In connection with your handling from 19 November 2013 year in Russia President's administration report following. MEAD Russia considered project «Granatov’s Flower Euro-Аsia (ANARGUL)» as to carriage the waters of Kara sea to Aral sea, the trained by Institute of Economical and Socio-cultural researches by named Olga Vladimirovny Wasilievoj-Catholic city Astana.

It is taking into account, what this institute does not belong to the number of scientific centers working in the field water using and projection, suppose necessary to you to receive expert advice on indicated project one of specialized research institutes or organisations.

Head of section Kazakhstan

         3 DSNG MIW Russia    


*                    *                    *

We then in 2013 yr. tried to carry the contents of project «ANARGUL» till the academic community of Russian Federation. And in letter to leadership RF wrote: «We express sincere gratitude to Organizing committee Fifth International the scientifically-practical conference of students, magisters and post graduates «Creation’s marketing: Today and the day after tomorrow» (Omsk, 5-6 December 2013 yr.): To chairman, to the doctor of economic sciences, to professor the chairs of marketing and advertisements OmGU named F.M.Dostaevskiy Kozlovoi O.A.; To the university doctor Khadderfild (Great Britain) Reinoldsu P.L.; To the doctor of economic sciences, to professor the chairs of marketing and advertisements OmGU named F.M.Dostaevskiy Isaevoi E.V.; To the candidate of economic sciences, lector of the chairs of marketing and advertisements OmGU named F.M.Dostaevskiy Katuninoi N.V.; To the candidate of economic sciences, lector of the chairs of marketing and advertisements, to the chief of the control of marketing OmGU named F.M.Dostaevskiy Mamaevoi V.IU., as well as to the dean of faculty of international business to and person in charge by the chair of international economic relations OmGU named F.M.Dostaevskiy, Dr. econ.,  professor IU.P. Dus for making known three important for science and the practical workers of materials: «Marketing the researches of infestation projects for the realization of the concept of Society General Labour» (pp.188-189); «Modernization currency system - basis healthy economy» (pp.231-233) and «Marketing geopolitical projects» (pp.266-267 - as to project «ANARGUL»).» Their promulgation not only fixed our priority in the formulation of these questions but also let refer to explorers on the first promulgation of these ideas in university press book.

Except this, were furnished to letter to all possible promoters of this transnational project (list is enclosed; Appendix 1), as well as was suggested to study the question of the creation of industrial-financial transnational group from the largest corporations of six states: who will take to tenantry not only self Aral Sea and Pri (Near)-Aral-Land but also territory as to which will pass Pipe for water by «DANARA» streak where-that 100 kilometers. Because we gain possibility to use the advanced and perspective capital of organizing gained by world economic system - the system coordination of manufacturing activity of differently profiles economic structures with the direct participation of responsible highly professional the heads of the subjects of international law, of the superior state leadership of several countries. While this leadership will bear on 70 summer experience of the operation of hardest economic complex embracing great territory. The success of such internal organization, thered seem, is  predetermined (see appendix 2).

It is however, with answers the leadership of corporations and state structures did not scurry. Actually received in 2013 yr. in Astane the reference of professional scientist, council chairman Association «Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan», The laureate of All-Union Prime, Dr., prof. Shakirova Asgada Toleulovicha (look ) And carried out the discussion on of 30-31.10.2013yr. idea in the context of International On-Line - round-table conference «Modern management in Kazakhstan and abroad: Experience, problems, innovations and outlooks» (Poland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine) and on open lectures for ministrants and the post graduates of «Ways overcoming of socioeconomic crisis in world economy» The Kazakhstan’s university of economics, of finance and international commerce, arranged by chief  chair «management», cand. econ. scies. by Syrlybaevoi N.SH. and professorial-lector’s the team of chair.

It is possible, in another march of events in East Ukraine this project and would find support, but situation formed as formed, and the today north variant of Project «Granatov’s Flower Euro-Аsia (ANARGUL)» due to financial difficulties will not find in the nearest time of supporters in RF (on probable will not interest RF, by the way, indicated the academicians of Kazakhstan else in 2013 yr. - till all negative events).

It is however, undesired and impossibility to decide a matter of does not bear evidence that she became less sharp and what no need search the ways of deciding.

IN Internet we today find following communications: «Sad fate Aral Sea begin to repeat other large basins of world - in the first place lake Tchad in Central Africa and lake Solton-Se on the south of American state California. Dead fish Tilapia  bespreads shores, and due to the unmoderate fence of water for the irrigation of fields water in it becomes everything more Salt. Are considered various plans as to the desalination of this lake. As a result the stormy development of irrigation with 1960 yryr. lake Tchad in Africa declined till 1/10 its former dimensions. Farmers, shepherds and local inhabitants from four near to the lake of countries frequently angrily fight between each other for the residues of water (below rightward, blue color), and the depth of lake composes today as little as 1,5 Metre».

The photograph of lake Tchad in Africa in 1972 yr. and in 2008 yr. - REAL CATASTROPHE!

To us meanwhile complex to make any the recommendations relatively of Africa or California in USA, of but relatively Aral sea shall try to lend its apparition which shall try to enounce in the south variants of Project «Granatov’s Flower Euro-Аsia (ANARGUL)» having retained main methodological approach to operation pipe for water «DANARA» (wise water).

The essence of finding project in creation not of channels, and pipe for waterwhich carry to the Aral Sea not of only water of world ocean but also not salty water from the deltas of rivers (in north project - this was not salty the water of Obskoi lip). In three variants of south project - this not salty the water of the delta of the rivers of Tiger and Euphrates, which carry waters to Arabian gulf.

If as to the first south variant of this only water of Arabian gulf, then as to second and third variants - this already and waters Arabian- Eritreiskogo (Omanskogo) seas. Main - is  necessary to embrace functional pipes for water the maximally possible square of Iran and Turkmenistana, and possibly one of lines pipes for water to lend life to and afghan areas. Because the essence of work pipes for water in revers. The part of the time of year by the water of world ocean intensively is filled Aral Sea, and the part of the time of year water from the delta of Tiger and Euphrates behaves as to pipes for water in built-up areas and the cities of Iran, Turkmenistana, of Uzbekistan, of and possibly and Afghanistan. Main - water does not evaporate and does not move away in earth, as in the most of channels (especial, in Karakumskom). As to all string pipes for water has sense to establish not salty water collecting the cubic content water, what will provide the real prosperity of these areas. If everything pipes for water to do 2 lines, then question of their efficient and reliable work does not cause of boggle.

Rice. 1 South Project «ANARGUL» - variant 1.

Rice. 1 South Project «ANARGUL» - variant 2.

Rice. 1 South Project «ANARGUL» - variant 3.


To us want, in order so or approximately so looked pipes for water «Wise WATER» («DANARA») who will pass as to the territory of Iran, of Turkmenistana and Uzbekistan, and in future can capture and the part of the territory of Afghanistan

On the whole is  necessary to note that nothing impracticable in our proposal no. Him can be actualized in short terms having engaged construction capacities to three close Ukraine of the states of Iran, of Turkmenistana and Uzbekistan.


If to emanate from what tragedy Aral Sea began quick to deploy beginning with 1961, when sea level pitched with growing speed from 20 till 80-90 cm/year that it can be assumed, what in flow 5-seven years old will be seen following dynamics of rebuilding of Aral Sea at expense work pipes for water «Wise WATER » («DANARA»). Virtual, this project can be considered, as more reasonable and design proposal, than all concepts as to transportation the waters of rivers beginning from Siberia’s rivers and completing Indom, as well as and as to constructing of various channels. It does not bring of the damage of ecology - of neither Arabian gulf, of neither Arabian sea, and recompenses at expense the waters of world ocean the loss of the influx of water to Aral Sea. We consider possible to complete working projection in 2016 yr. And to carry out self constructing for rub year which in modern conditions entirely really and will allow already in 2019 yr. to to fill, In other words to restore Aral Sea.


1-stage - 2019 year.

After 5 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

Was considered, what rebuilding of all Aral Sea impossible, because with this end in view would be was needed in four time to enlarge the annual influx of waters Amudari and Syrdari compared with present middle indicator 13 Cubic kilometers (км3). By alone possible facility considered that could become the contraction of the irrigation of fields, on what moves away of 92% the fence of water. However four from 5 former soviet republics in the pool of Aral Sea (aside from Kazakhstan) are  intend to enlarge volumes the irrigation of agricultural lands - generally, in order to give to ride to enlarged population.

Specialists indicated that in this situation would help transition on less demanding water cultures, for example replacement Cotton by wheat, however two main the consumers of water the countries of region - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - are  intend to continue to grow namely cotton for selling abroad. As see suggested by this way will not be considered. Our deciding and from this point of view OPTIMAL!

2-stage - 2020 year.

After 17 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

Were made calculations which about possibility considerab to improve existing channels for the water transportation on fields: Many of them present usual ditches, through walls which leaks and moves away in sand the enormous amount of water. The modernisation of all system of irrigation would help of annually to retain order 12 Cubic kilometers (км3) waters, however, would do as to fulfiled calculations in $16 bn. But this as to calculations, and in practice modernisation of all system of irrigation will do without far and away more expensive …

 Alone optimum solution in the context of its national borders actualized Republic Kazakhstan. As to project «Regulation of the bed of river Syrdari and North Aral Sea» (RRSSAM) in 2003-2005 years Kazakhstan built from peninsula Kokaral till mouth Syrdari Kokaralskuiu barrage with water-technical shutter (which lets to omit spare water for the regulation of the level of basin) barriering off Small Aral from the rest of the part (Large Arala). Due to this the entrance of water Syrdari agglomerates in Small Arale, the level of water here grew till 42 Meters, Quantity brine declined, what lets catched here some the brands of fishes. In 2007 year of mining fish in Small Aral Sea composed 1910 tons, of them on the butt's share it is necessary 640 tons, the rest of the - living in not to salty water types (carp, pike, bream, catfish). This real and unique step as to the rescue of the ecological variety of Aral Sea which exclusively importantly in the realization of finding PROJECT.

3-stage - 2021 year

After 29 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

Today on insignificant squares saved by Kazakhstan Aral Sea is planned very active economic activity. The length of Kokaralskoi barrage composes 17 km, height 6 m, breadth 300 m. The costs of the works of the first phase of project RRSSAM composed $85.79 mln ($65.5 mln it is necessary on the loan of Worldwide bank, the rest of the facilities are  distinguished from the republican budget of Kazakhstan). It is assumed, what water will be covered territory square 870 square km, and this will restore flora and fauna Pri(near)-Aral land. IN Aralsk city now functions qualifying fish integrated plant «Cambala-Balyk» (the efficiency 300 tons per annum) situated on the spot former factory performing bread. Develops fish's mining and in delta Syrdari. In delta Syrdari - Karaozeke is  built new technical erection by carrying capacity more 300 cubic m waters in second (Aklaxkii aquatic node), whereby appeared the possibility to lend water to lakes system encasing in itself more one and a half milliards cubic m water. In the context of the realization of the second phase of project RRSSAM in 2010-2015 years is planned to build dam with aquatic node in north part Small Aral Sea, to separate gulf Saryshyganak and to fill it by water as to specially have made channel from mouth Syrdari, having attained the level of water in it till 46 m. From gulf it is assumed to build navigable channel to port Aralsk (the breadth of channel as to bottom will compose 100 m, length 23 km). For ensuring of transport connection between Aralsk and the complex of constructions in gulf Saryshyganak project envisages constructing motor road “V” category by span about 50 km and breadth 8 m the paralleling former coast line of Aral Sea.

4-stage - 2022 year.

After 41 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

But is not only planned, but and will lend its positive results. It is so, when-that in city Aralsk was port. But Sea backed down from shore on 100 kilometers having left only dead and lifeless caress. Else couple of years back people ran hence. Houses became not residential. That, who remained, recall: was not of neither money, neither works. In built-up area grew mortality. Aralsk became in leaders as to the number of suicides. Today picture is other. City is restored. Now here live about 30000 man. People return, build schools and hospitals. Local inhabitants believe - Sea can be saved. Water in our days really close to city - everything in 18 kilometers from Aralsk. Daily inspection Small Arala. Measure waters and brine, as well as the verification of dams. This compulsory procedure, in order constant to control the water level. «Now to us managed to restore north part Aral Sea from Kazakhstan’s side. Small Aral is  filled by water. And owing to dams and so-called barricade us managed to lift the level of water and to return fish in Aral. For these years is  made much and what now we see, this work not one day», - noted of Chairman Aralsk’s area Nazhmidin Musabaev.

5-stage - 2023 year.

After 53 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

But this did not occur self. Rehabilitation and constructing of defense constructions Kazakhstan’s part Small Aral State spent 65 million dollars. On waiting lines the erection of another dam. Later to it are  intend will adject channels, as to which and will of to float ships for fish's mining. Bakhytkeri Zhambaev remembers, else, as fish in Aralsk catched him grand-grandfather. When already he showed its children to Aral Sea, to catch was nothing. 6 years ago Bakhytkeri again appeared in sea, stretched networks and even did not believe - water round boat again went by wave. «In Aral Sea again appeared fish. The first time I even thought seen it seemed to me fog», - emphasized Zhambaev. In deaf wilderness near city Aralsk is  built new processing factory. Here fish freeze, grade and forward for sale in other regions of Kazakhstan. Now on the integrated plant of working  more 500 collaborators. Specialists began to grow and return the population of fish for Aral Sea. They say here: To large fish necessary large sea. Here is this large SEA and have gave our PROJECT (!).

6-stage - 2024 year.

After 65 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

7-stage - 2025 year

After 77 months of the work of pipes for water "Wise WATER" – “DANARA”

The elimination of consequences drought

Shall pay attention to following. Scientists it is said, what for 10 1000s the years old of life Sea changed its borders 9 times. It is general, Aral shrank and again overflowed. On the bottom basin of Sea today find the testimonies of these movement. These residues of grew here 1000 the years ago of trees or «Kerdery» -  Memorial XI-XIV of centuries which long resided on the depth 20 metres. Hence optimists (without particular grounds) infer, of that present the reduction of the level of water in Sea - next stage, and cotton channels simply accelerated process, and people guilty not to the end. They are  agree even - costs to wait return Sea. But also they will acknowledge that «if this and will occur, we of this not see». Yes, not see, if nothing will make!

Known, what as a result the large-scale mastering of new lands, square which with 4 mln. ge in 1960 year increased till almost 9 mln. ge  at the present time, sharply was shortened the water entrance in sea, as a result which it volume declined more than in 10 times. And real exit from this position, except the realization of our finding project, - no. If previously in sea annually was brought 56 cubic kilometers of water by per annum two rivers (Amudaria and Syrdaria), then Aquatic pipes “DANARA” can real provide the considerably more significant earnings of water which will acknowledge specialists.

Is  necessary prompt to actualize project «Granatov’s  Flower Euro-Аsia  (ANARGUL)» creating international industrial-financial group teaming up the industrial and financial establishments of 5 countries (of Ukraine, of Iran, Turkmenistana, of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan), as well as to connect The international fund of rescue Aral Sea (MFSA). This alone real way with very serious positive consequences.

Today observers said, what «Sea becomes less very quick. Practically all dry up for last 10 years».



All, who studies consequences dry up, note - «Ships was great deal, now many send for sale (as metal)». But in the realization of our finding project stayed not must sale, because the state of all ships of law middle and they else can serve.


And though the specialists of European space agency (EKA) circulated the last results of observations with companion Envisat who bear evidence about the significant decrease of the square of East part Large Aral Sea, and consider that Large Aral can complete disappear already in 2020 year, we are  argued into OPPOSITE - Sea is restored in our participation. And to 2025 yr. will be in its former borders. But not only will occur the revival of Aral sea but also the ambassador of it rebuilding in former borders manage to render positive influence and on Caspian Sea.

Generally everything PRI(near)-ARAL SEA  Aquatic pipes “DANARA» will turn into the real FLOWER of Asia which us is  called «Granatov’s  Flower Euro-Аsia  (ANARGUL)» and all in our World to-economics will so and be called.


**Project is  developed by The institute of economical and socio-cultural  researches by named Olga Wladimirovny Wasilievoi-Catholic, by The Donetsk’s university of economics and Law, by Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, city Artemovsk- Saragosa, 2015 yr.


***In spelling of the text of Project widely was used information enounced on Internet-Web-Pages (23) with minimal correction:!news/119666

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