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Styrov Vladislav Vladimirovic - 80 years

Styrov Vladislav Vladimirovich - occupational scientist-physicist and the educationalist of higher school which at the same time actively tackles the questions of second level of education and by fundamental research this year marked its 80-summer birthday.


From family white-collar workers. In 1957 yr. behaved in Leningradskii college on physical department which finished in 1962 yr. was furnished to as to distribution in TPI. From this year operated by assistant on the chair of brassboard physics. In 1964 yr. behaved in postgraduate education in the same chair as to specialty «Optics». Against time prepared thesis and in 1968 yr. was affirmed in the estate of the applicant of phisic-mathematical sciences. In september 1968 yr. passed on on the chair of the physics of firm body, where read course of lectureses: «Theory of heat radiation and luminiscencia», «Light instruments», «Introduction in specialty ». Assisted in the body of new chair «Light engineering and channels light», in september 1969 yr. was elected and on the capacity of the head teacher of this chair.

In october 1972 yr. Judgment The higher Certifying committee was affirmed in the senior lecturer's degree. From 1 March 1974 as to 1 March 1976 yryr. - senior research officer RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS YAF in TPU. At this period operated over doctoral dissertation on topic «Heterogeneous chmiluminiscencia on the border gas-solid and consanguineous occurences». In 1976 yr. Defended doctoral dissertation. 15 of december 1976 yr. Styrovu was confered the degree of the phd in of физико-mathematical sciences. 27 March 1981 yr. Judgment The higher Certifying committee was appropriated the degree of professor as to chair of Light en gineeringand the channels of light.

In 1981 yr. was dismissed from TPI in connection with election it as to competition on the capacity of administrator by the chair of the physics of Zhdanovskogo metallurgical institute.

At the beginning 2000 yryr. as to the invitation of us counterparts Styrov conducted graduate seminar of and brainpower Kaliforniiskogo and Princeton universities. In the latest, incoming in the first dozen the best colleges of world, when-that operated A. Einshtein (2005 year is  declaresed BY UNITED NATIONS the year of physics in honor 100-years with the day of the first publications Einshteina as to the theory of relativity). Styrov visited the also scientific boroughs of Kaliforniiskogo college which are  situated in Berkeley, Santa-Barbara, Los- Angeles and Stenforde. Invitation for job in these colleges very honor. To it is suffice it to say that their graduates were many Nobelevskie laureates and presidents US.

Its seminars Styrov conducted on English language which well owns. Rubbed of seminars was teamwork газоразрядной плазмы with the surface of firm materials which importantly for astronautical science, of laser engineering and semiconductor electronics engineering. Previously Styrov came forward with reports as to the results of its studies in Tokiiskom, Khelsinki colleges, The paris palace of congress and in other offshore scientific centers.

Owing to big scientific authority Styrova and the denomination of it scientific ideas already as to comeback from US it received new invitation to come in this country of at expense us party for the formulation of experiments in Kaliforniiskom college, and Princeton university prepared common with Priazovskim governmental technical university the blueprint of work of scholarship.

Scientific effort 

Beginning in TPI research turned out to be very fruitful. Pupil as to LIE academician A. N. Terenina, Styrov given qualitatively new brassboard and theoretical level in the studies of unequilibrium processes in systems gas-solid. Styrovym and it pupils were discovered and scrutinized basically new effects in the teamwork of free atoms with surface firm тел. In consequence was shown, what atoms of heat energy are  able to act on surface to тел similarly light interacting with the volume of semiconductors and dee-electrical. These works found broad admission in scientific workshop and received rapid development in mid 80 yryr., when became be realized the important role of surface firm тел in microelectronics, chemical lasers, unequilibrium stress izotops, of degradation defense cover fundses, of nodes space and aircraft et al.

In the further studies of the formed bracket of under the direction professor V. A. Sokolova, where entered Styrov, V. P. Grankin, V. P. Denisov, U. A. Sivov et al. Were scrutinized qualitatively new fundamental causes connected with unequilibrium dicker energies in systems gas-solid. The results of studies are  generalized in monographs V. A. Sokolova with counterparts «Luminiscencia and adsorbcia» (Moscow: «Nauka», 1969 yr.), «Radiokalorekombination luminiscencia  semiconductors» (Moscow; «Nauka», 1976).

In period with 1969 as to 1980 yryr. in concern and under the direction Styrova are  prepared and defended 7 candidate theses. Is  published of more 100 work ofs scholarship in central stamp. Came forward with reports on many All-union and international conferences.

To 2018 yr the member of The presidium of the Azov's Department of Academy ES&E, professor, academician Styrov V.V. Prepared 30 applicants of and 5 PhD ins of phisic-mathematical sciences. Published of more 300 work ofs scholarship in leading domestic and offshore journals. We shall stress that in 2011 year it became victor into Second Nominatsii Scientists "The Azov's Academy - 2011 year":

Rating scientifics of  "The Azov's Аcademy" for 2011yr

Follows particular to stress role Vladislava Vladimirovicha in two enterprising blueprints of the scientists of the Azov's Department of Academy ES&E:

1. Is  connected with concern in Competition as to the abolition of the aftermaths of Chernobylskoi Debacle, when Vyacheslav Vladimirovich gave positive concluding on job "The philosophy of the creation of instrument for the displacement of Fuel-keeping masses" 

2. Vladislav Vladimirovich gave positive appraisal to the north variant of blueprint "Anargul", what allowed to mine subsequently and the south variant of this blueprint having interested Arabic Emirates



Scientist the council of The academy of economic sciences and entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine 

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