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Substantiation 1743-summer statehood Cossacks-Gathas

Substantiation 1743-summer statehood Cossacks-Gathas - from Gothas/Germanarikhi till Zaporozhsko-Zadunajsk’s Sechi/Troops  of Azov – have transformed in PriAzov in economic-cultural autonomy in XXI st. on the historic basement of The first German National banding of Kin’s unions on Azov-Crimean’s coast in 271 yr.

(in 5779 yr. from created Wide World).


Relatively evidences of the existence of insisting German National banding of Kin’s unions on Azov-Crimean’s coast in 271 yr. (5779) with the largest in ancient world by business center in the area of Taganrog born on serious basement of high intellectual and high moral traditions which can be called by state that their even in open seal today more than fair [1-6, 8, 10].

The first bloc of evidences by us is seen, in the first place, in the state of the art of economic stimuli for efficient economic activity and in the level of the financial-legal ensuring of the operation of economic mechanism which was manifested in right their applying in ensuring of the operation of agrarian-industrial complex Kosha of Zaporozhsky  and in economic activity Troops of Azov. This we reflected in publications and the comparative calculations of estimation of efficiency the economic activity of The Cossack’s Troops associations of Russian empire for 1853 yr. published in the materials of international research conferences [1,6]. It is impossible will not note that than closer Cossack’s military formation to lands, which many centuries belonging Cossack-Gothas, because level of organization economic activity above (!), above professionalism of leadership with holder on economic levers [2, 3, 4]. While economic factor so deeply and so natural entered consciousness of Cossacks, as today, name, on their historic lands are formed the most active brigades which go on the labour not only as to all UIS but also in distant countries. Labor morality has far and away more serious ethnic roots, than is  accepted to think. Can be taught lazy to work, but to educate the industrious host of - insisting host, like, very not simply and even practically impossible, if no positive in this plan Heritage. And Heritage as to fundamental industrial  activity is formed and is fixed in consciousness not by one century [5.6, 8.9, 10.11].

Without the efficient state (of out of job real state structures – gov-office) such work neither to arrange, neither to carry out - not possibly (!).

To second bloc we shall attribute a few unexpected, but the widely known facts of professional armed struggle for justice (evident and demonstrated motive), and, like, for not completely realized aspiration to revival old statehood. And main - this struggle was carried out on self high organizational level and very professional. As example shall consider insurrection Cossack-Gothas in 1707-1708 years on great even as to the modern yardsticks of territory which headed ataman «all-great troops of Don» Kondratii Bulavin (from 9 May 1708yr. this title sheet was appropriated on general arm’s circle), kin from three-izben’s village (modern  Artemov’s area) [12].

It is by the way, Petr I celebrated victory over Bulavinym and his friends more, than over Sweden considering its more important … And, as to-finding opinion, correctly estimated hazard for The empire of at the time the revival of real statehood Cossack-Gothas with bright expressed against Russia … (with weapon in hands annihilating detachments of troop Russia - where already more against plans central power …). And today and in UIS many historians understand that this was correct assessment, judge self:

1)      Insurrection was embraced very ample territory - Don, of PoVolga and neighboring with them areas Moscow state. Territory is - is indeed great. But then, as managed Bulavinu its inhabitants «go up on troop of Russia»? Yes and as managed for few weeks to attain discipline and capacity for fight from rebelling, how? This everything very not simple tasks. But them can be decided in the presence of general ethnic roots and understanding of well realized economic interest (!), when are created extremum conditions.

2)      Ability to activize almost simultaneously 1000s of people - the doubtless talent of head, and main - the knowledge of real quotient Cossack-Gothas to else not to very reasonable leadership giving birth (in antenatal state) Russian empire. With this end in view is  necessary was correctly answer on the mistakes of Empire’s officials who easily transferred mentally its cut down nomenclature of needs on all them subject and sincerely no understood  «why no fun, when will lend little live». By him even did not come in head which do not survive people must, and live, interesting and it is advisable with the elements of art. Here is that main core of contradictions which caused candid protest at the nation of state which by centuries previously owned more high moral managerial style born on the deeply internalized principles of social justice.

We shall try to appreciate degree manifested no-adequacy by Empire’s officials in control by fundamental population on lands Gothas-Hermanariha/Zaporozhskoi Sechi, not understood or not wanting to understand of the real state of the art of Nation ancient Gothas. Because to decide a matter of working hands by it is impossible only straightforward and no-alternatives compulsion which often exceeded physiological borders, not speaking already socio-psychological charges on Cossack-Gothas which of such behavior to itself obviously did not deserve. It is fair to entrust state matter to arriviste who sets into the corner chapter not matter, and the reception of estates, medals and lands for faithful employment, of that and a matter of after the activity of such executor only are tripled. And this actually and was carried out Russia, when to prince Iuriiu Vladimirovichu Dolgorukomu entrusted to carry out troop’s expedition for search and returning fluent (!). Not that bad, what Iurii Vladimirovich in short term returned from high cities 3 thousand fluent, and what this returning was arranged with unjustified asperity (wanted to turn on himself attention prince or did not want to curb inherited disfavors which already for us not so important, though do not take into account of the peculiarities of the person of Executor the superior leadership of Empire could not itself allow). It is name, asperity, with which was conducted returning fluent, agitated the population of high villages [4.12]. Manifest Empire more flexible and more on the whole fair inner politics with reference to Cossacks (translated into position crying the dues of farmer), so will it was not necessary ataman of bathmat’s Cossack Kondratiiu Bulavinu with several hundreds of to boil salt  to conduct battle actions with detachment Iuriya Dolgorukova, to annihilate him, and then to stand in following battles.

Really prince Iurii Dolgorukii provoked deeply covered-up the aspiration of nation, which have entered in the borders of Empire and previously having its efficient national state structures, to open disobedience to methods of primitive and bad of  Empire’s leadership.

And that just like from кого collected His army of Ataman (of Grandfather the family of men – translate from Turkish «Ata» and German «man») Kondratii Bulavin bright bears evidence about ethnic roots Cossacks which were manifested in the formation of the regiments of rebelling ancient nation. Because Kondratii Bulavin easily gathered main battle the force of His army having passed as to villages-small cities, in which traditionally lived Cossacks, of and His handling («Prevailing upon of brevet») calling on to go against Chiefs-Russia and Entrepreneurs (living for account arrived), reflected the deeply realized aspiration of nation be rid «from allegedly heading, but evident for Cossacks the state’s bad officials». It is it is impossible to forget that democratic bases of administrative structures in Koshe Zaporozhskom formed for milleniums, not created candid bossy desires to live for strange account, what nation very well remembered and remembers till now.

It is that is why, name, Cossacks - fundamental Cossacks - supported Kondratiya Bulavina. AND K.BULAVIN very well realized on what people He can to hope and be put, because the ambassador of unfortunate battle under Shulginym (ataman Lukian Maximov with lower, «rich» on Empire’s presents, Cossacks as to Empire’s decree tried to strangle rebelling), Ataman went away in Zaporozhye and received there support. This allowed Ataman Kondratiiu Bulavinu with restored army by spring to return on Don and be substantiated in Pristanskom village on Khopre [12].

And the head of rebelling nation correctly composed the plan of military company, because, He decided to take bulwark «reaching  on the presents of the Cossacks – Lower’s Cossacks» Cherkassk city, and then to refill His army  for the account of working people who were gathered in Azov on building of the fortesses and harbors. If the first him managed - ethnic roots had manifested and many Cossacks (even from Lower’s Cossacks) accepted His side, then second - was not absolutely received, because from 20 thousands Employees very many were from the central counties of Russia and in them did not flow blood of Cossacks. Them were not the close purpose of Nation of Kondratiya Bulavina. It is that is why essential to refill on voluntary basis rows its troops K.BULAVIN for their account did not can … (and possibly and did not want). This already subsequently in XX st. Ataman Cossacks-Gothas Nestor Makhno (capitally discredited by bolshevism) took into account His experience and had set machine-guns on Hills round Cossack’s and not only Cossack’s Farms, declared «Voluntary mobilization», effectively completing its army conquering of the White Gvardiya in the Crimea. It is by the way, this talented man for the first time established machine-guns and on planes (!), and him cart with machine-gun ("tachanka”)  participated in battle actions even in Africa. Unordinary and Great Person …

But even «Mistakes due to manifestation high moral» of Ataman Kondratiya Bulavina did not can to stop the extensions of struggle for more efficient leadership economic, and actually and all socioeconomic, by the life of nation. It nation really was lifted on struggle with Tsar’s-Empire’s  arrivistes and by unhigh-skill heads, but only this struggle, unfortunately, poured out in struggle with all Tsarstvom-Empire which objectively should be be completed defeat rebelling.

But as costly this «Win» was given to Empires Petra which in 1708  yr. else and was not, and was only officially Moscow Tsarstvo, but with very aim and positive purposes for all populating its nations! For struggle with armed ancient nation Petr I arranged army from regular regiments and the proprietors of earth on state employment, which was  called in army as to everything regions  [7.8, 12]. And only invalids were then are  left houses … unique for Russia case (!). In the army chapter set Vasiliya Dmitrievicha Dolgorukogo, brother killed by army of Bulavin of  Iuriya Dolgorukogo. But to strangle rebelling ancient Nation Cossacks-Gothas managed only owing to activity secret office, to the rather than only battle actions of active forces.

Very professionally Ataman Kondratii Bulavin arranged battle actions, because He not only took Cherkassk but also carried out Cossack’s Circles (main democratic institute of Cossacks), on which was elected Ataman «Vsevelikogo the troops of Donskogo» 9 May 1708 yr., and main - carried out expropriations in favor of Cossacks and farmers  and performed selling brine and bread as to low prices for (economic factor always prevails and plays its role). It really believed in the victory possibility over Moscow Tsarstvom having manifested approach geopolitical-man are rememberring The great History of His Nation (Mongol-Gothas Empire lent great the impulse of innovation development to Europe in 13 century - Oral narratives this else preserved in XYIII st.). He went on that, in order to send shelfs practically as to all territory of Cossacks, And this on Volga sent with troops atamans Pavlova and Nekrasova which mastered Dmitrievskom on Kamyshenke and Tsaritsynym, as well as tried to occupy Saratov. Also He sent significant military forces on North Donets under leadership ataman Semena Dranogo, against which actually came forward all army Vasiliya Dolgorukogo and ataman lost the bell [8.12].

AND in Cherkasske self Kondratii Bulavin heavy-handedly made arrangements for the capture of Azov which, certain, was strategic mistake - did not study to ataman military art and state constructing, as was said to in such great military company. He, like, was internally satisfied support Cossacks of Zaporozkie which and overland and as to sea came to him and directed their under Azov hoping on the support of sailors and the working  people (of this never would not made trained, or rather, many trained head - absolute error from the aspiration delusion to temporary disengagement characteristic for Cossacks, but also only for him). But this error saved plans Petra I. That is why, what ideology ready to annihilate Chiefs-Russia by «working men» played unkind joke with rebelling - «Azov’s soldiers and all black people will with us together, and for them Chiefs-Russia are defending do not» (conviction of Bulavin’s Army) [12].

Based on this erroneous ideological installation and send shelfs of Ataman Kondratiya Bulavina on the storm of Azov having withstanded the attack of soldiers and soldiers on horses, but having backed down under the Cannon’s fire of marine fleet. And because, to whom as not Zaporozk’s Cossacks to know the force of artillery, by fire which they always set on knees Turkish troops?! As they could so forget its own experience? It is real, correctly it is said, what if God wants to punish, then selects mind.

This failure under Azov activized spies’ work Russia-Moscow and farm of Ataman K.BULAVINA was encircled «Rich Cossacks» and last bullet Ataman sent itself in Head. Next and ataman Golyj lost the bell, but managed to break forth with unlarger detachment, and ataman Nekrasov passed on border and to sit on earth with 2000 Cossacks on Kubanskikh lands, and then to sit on earth further in scope Turkey [6, 8, 12].

Losses for Moscow Tsarstva – burning Empire really were great. Yes otherwise and to be could not, because of oppression nation retaining memory about the higher level of control and more interesting intellectual-spiritual life could not pass unpunished, yes and the plans of the complete submission of such nation impossible in our world to actualize …by neither sly combinations …

On last limit Moscow Tsarstvu managed without the serious ambassador of combat the recession of the tempoes of development to cope with rebelling nation which subsequently preserved the fire-places of national apperception and in Zaporozhye, and on Kuban, and in Turkey. Ataman Kondrat Bulavin was, doubtless, very talented man from nature, because managed to catch the demand of time and correct to appreciate situation in Moscow Tsarstve with exclusively lagging ehind and primitive administrative structures which  drowned in own egoism on places. That is why in 43 regions of  Moscow Tsarstva peasants captured lands many the proprietors of earth, ploughed its, enkindled of riga, annihilated in the row of the places of noble’s  home, beat and killed ourselves the proprietors of earth and their managers. Take notice which territory Moscow Tsarstva at the time was far and away less modern Russia and 43 regions – this are great deal [8.12].

Historians always noted the area of insurrection Cossacks-Gothas under leadership Ataman Kondratiya Bulavina, but in USSR spoke about the absence of working class, as about the dominant cause of failure rebelling. It is certain, this even not superficial, and obvious invalid information (and in XXI st. - folly). Rebelling ancient Nation could not then in Moscow Tsarstve conquer, because His leaders did not set neither one great and perspective purpose, intended for long-term period and the development of Nation. AND Moscow Tsar Petr I set and actualized global goal, in particular, He more of 40 officers of Sweden in chapter with officer  Vasiljev forwarded in Dzungaria which managed to prepare insurrection calmyks-men  and their victory which contributed breakdown at the time powerful, of but undeveloped Kazakh Union. To conquer and to bring down costs of products (what, by the way, and was carried out Cossacks of Bulavin) - maybe only tactical problem. This carried out and ataman Nestor Makhno in XX st. And Why need Victory and long awaited Disengagement? For what design activity necessary to them to aim? Ataman did not can to give to answer, just like His surroundings, except by the conservation of high moral the democratic traditions of control. Though, like, this actualized in the practice of the control OF KNOWLEDGE in the form of The traditions - dear cost (!). Them fail neither Moskovii, and then neither Russian Empire to annihilate. Because these traditions were retained Cossacks of Nekrasov and on Kuban and in Turkey - and this not fortuity, and the deep regularity of development our, name, our civilization.

Struggle for national state Cossack-Gothas in 1707-1708 years did not pass by gift and Zaporozhskaya Sech nevertheless safe  till 1775 yr., and then, safe for Danube as Zadunaiskaya Sech till 1828 yr., returned in Kalmiusskuiu Palanku on Kalku to native graves Cossacks-Gothas Ataman Ploskyni in Priazove in the form Azov’s Troops which in 1865-1866 yryr. circulated its influence and on Kuban, have restored there national spirit, bright manifested in Celebration in 1912 yr. by all Russian Empire of the onset of mastering of Kuban the first Cossacks of Zaporozskiy, and in 20 years of XX century transfered its traditions in the same Turkey rescuing Cossacks-Gothas from annihilation-«dis-Cossacks» of Trotskiy [3, 6]. It is there, by the way, went away at the beginning XYIII st. and Cossacks-Gothas of ataman Nekrasov. Exist sense think all - why Turkey, not owning powerful resources and production basis, centuries stays by country, where more, than at its neighbors is valued the personal disengagement even of immigrants …? And possibly It is and movement to ancient covenant …

By The results of this the national struggle of Cossacks-Gothas Nation in 1707-1708 years for revival lost statehood (like, in ideal - in global scale) today can use all modern civilization, because in the democratic traditions of Cossack’s Circle is  accumulated administrative experience produced by the democracy of Millenniums [4.6, 8.10]. Last - to us by everything is in prospect else to realize …





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*           *           *


Always was to complexly nations, which was in national borders or in borders of that Union or Commonwealth (and often, previously having its efficient national state structures), do not manifest to open disobedience to methods of primitive and bad leadership.

Before the body of electors of the states of members UNITED NATIONS sharply today costs task to raise of manage  socioeconomic systems and the effectiveness of world economics not at expense implementation «plan’s» financial and currency crises, not at expense cascade «colors revolution» and local various conflicts (from ecology-social till armed), and at expense the payoff increase from every head, from every, who connected to making of managerial decisions upgrading managers and the achievement level of all co-ordinating structures (!).


*           *           *


*IN Svyatogorske 1.03.2014yr. was lifted to «Artem» (memorial Artemu - Сергееву F.A., 1883-1921 yryr., which sincerely spoke: «Sight unarranged masses for me intolerable. A.», and because these words also sincerely would say Atamans Ploskyni and Kondratii Bulavin, captains Subedei and Burenbai - and, like, the most of heads Great Mongol-Gothas Empire. And on memorial is  written: «Great Vozhdiu Proletariat, 1й. VDO. 1921» and this wrote in 1927 yr. (!!), when only Lenin and Stalin were deigned of such assessment - not very that in Donetsk’s Basin «sincerely» ideological «stupid» even at the time. This 80 tone Memorial from particularly formidable beton with steel armature indoor created sculptor Kavaleridze I.P. with local talented masters and students for 5 months (made lecala and overflowed beton from May as to September) in «avangard style cubism (from avenue) ». And old haplites  it is said, what before the creation of memorial Kavaleridze studied ancient Ukrainian, more exactly - Slavonic art. It was retained in the wooden art of Carpathians - cubism, turns out to be, away off not modern, and is assents .. .. And in book S.N. Sergeeva-Censkiy «Garden» is  described the picture of the life of the local population of Holy Mountains - at the time own column Ribopera - is perceived as fact of forgotten History.

 It is interesting, what self Artem was in 1919 yr. by the first chairman Donetsk’s  Region, and dead in 1921 yr. on the appointment of The chairman of the trade-union of the miners of Russian Federation - is  buried at Kremlevskoi wall in Moscow. When learnt that nation retained in folk-lore memory about Holy Mountains, as about spiritual center Zaporozhsk’s Cossacks (A.STOROZHENKO, «Love Satana» and other), when of caves was not above 8 and there really prayed, of that recalled Artemiya Vasilevicha Vasiljev (Kumpana), last secretary Zaporozhskoi Sechi (on Dnipro till 1775yr.) … And on instant seemed, what all this memorial complex is  established to Great and unresigned Nation making of far and away more human forces for all our Civilization. It is by the way having read surnames on caves plates of beside Artema and railroad station, can be seen that in the exemption of Holy Mountains in 1943 yr. only officially had killed  six Vasiljev …


city SEVERSK - Earth Kondratiya Bulavina (1660-1708 yryr.)

            28.02.-2.03.2014 (7522 from created Wide World)

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