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The history of the formation of Great Empire Temuchina - People «Long and wise Will» written in Pri-Azov’s STEPPE by Subedeem &Ploskyni

The history of the formation of Great Empire Temuchina - People «Long and wise Will» written in Pri-Azov’s STEPPE by Produced Captain Subedeem and Ataman of Cossacks-Gothas Ploskyni.


It is like, as ever, in the most arduous for people time and, especial, on earth great historic свершений open the most significant pages of Worldwide History -  Principal for Humanity Spiritual Events!

It is not accidental, what next for us opening such a, occured in the most arduous for East Europe time in the days of unilateral armistice declared National by elected President of Ukraine Petrom Alexeevich Poroshenko - from 27 June as to 30 June 2014 year (in 7522 year from Determining World).

Everything, with whom meet, aim quick to abandon and Artemovsk, and Seversk … brightly is  unwraped «Procumbent panic» (in schools and on markets) - in organisations are  produced to employees labor books (breakwater «пополняйте the rows of refugees to Russia and rescue the authority of the leadership of Russian Federation … before «Loyal to RF» by representatives OBSE»). And in order departure was more active and explosions as to nights …, and sometimes and under morning …

But exist and very interesting people who gently it is said, what nowhere will not go …, not looking at all events … When with them begin to speak, those they turn out to be know that Seversk named by “Yama”, and title «Yama» from the Yam’s postal employment of … Me this sincerely pleases, because in all zombis’ people nevertheless own, at least by elementary historical knowledge and exist sense by him to speak of postal state employment «YAM», finally formed and earning in Great Khane Ugedee in times of Mongol–Gothas  Empire. It is real, Yampol, Seversk (Yama), Artemovsk (Bakhmut) – these are high little towns of Cossack of Great Worldwide Empire - postal stations, as to which went Great Silk Way making developed Europe. Their inhabitants so and fail complete to turn into unreasonable and not knowing of similarity population for everything threee the latter centuries … Does not all for nothing costs Memorial in the center of Bakhmuta-Artemovsk Kondratiu Bulavinu (1660-1708 yryr.) - Ataman Troops of Donskoj, aiming to restore state CALMOUCS (Kalmius) in 1707-1708yryr. which provided in its time the formation of Great Worldwide Empire, «having taken start» in the state of South Baikal - KALKА (Kalka). Cossacks-Gothas  Kondratiya Bulavina did not have time to gain support from hurrying to rebelling of Swedish expedition subdivision … A few other was б the history of World, if «men of Bulavin» were not torn to conquer «men-Moscow» under Azov, and would can gently and reasonably along with Cossacks of Zapozskiy to resist Military detachments Tsar (to replace in Europe) Petra sent on the insurrection suppression «High Cossack’s towns».

But, name, in this arduous time of extending brigandage in «LuganDon», when professional military study young people  to snipe at Ukrainian army, and Petr Alexeevich Poroshenko aims before world community to fulfil all conditions …, put forward Lavrov, Glazev, Medvedchuk, Shufrich et al. …, acquaintance with the variants of the history of ancient Russia (as to films in UTUB) - suddenly lets confident to speak of dozens states, who existed on the expanses of SIBERIA, about which very well knew Europe else in 1771 yr. (authoritative Encyclopedia «Britanika»).

Recall my tour from Astany till Vladivostok and Nakhodka, as well as back through Tyumen to Moscow in 2013 yr. and begin to understand that all written in «Britanika» - TRUTH! Yes, were these dozens states after breakdown Great Tartaria - were…The mass of nations, very seriously from each other distinguished recall which saw on railway stations, and, like which unites practically only Russian language and work as to the service of the railroad of … Renaissance dozens off the beaten path cultures meanwhile overlook and, like, its and is not seen … Exception is the art of the graduate of Russian Academy State employment  in President RF 1992 yr., yakut and the doctors of philosophical sciences Fedota Tumusova noticed even in Brussels … Unfortunately, the proper development of the Multitude cultures of The nations of Siberia even nobody from leadership in Europe and Asia Does not try to predict … No in these really interested forces … Such forms impression … (sincerely хочется in this to blunder).

Memory scrolls through dozens books and previously eminent maps (especial, the collection of the various maps of the Crimea and Pri-Azov Land of Alexander Pavlovich Vasiljev, where presence Gothas in the Crimea and Pri-Azov was noted even in USSR), on which could notice some reference about these states … and suddenly before eyes opens argumentative edition «Empire» (G.NOSOVSKIY, A.FOMENKO, 2000), on u-turn which was printed color map with Latin titles from «Britanika». But when find this color and biasedly misspelled in comments on the text of book map that till the soul depth startles the titles of two states (of regions).

The first who covers by its title the rather larger territory of South Below Baikal, In other words the right shore of Amur, where today is  situated Ulan Bator and dear every turki river Orkhon, is nominated KALKА (so and written on distinguished color map in «Britanika»).


  Though possibly this and the title of river …


It is name, on the shores of river Uibata in 1721 yr. scientist-medical and explorer  D.G.MISSERSHMIDT discovered high stone obelisk which with all four sides was covered incomprehensible by inscriptions which was painted  K.G.SHULMAN, Filipp von Stralenberg (captive the captain of army Karla XII, сосланный in 1711 yr. in the number of other captives men-Sweden on settlement to Tobolsk). «Siberia Symbols» reminded to discoverer runicheskiy texts ancient German retained in Scandinavia, what lent foundation to call them «runicheskiy by inscriptions» («Runa» means «secret letter»).

And in 1889 yr. the region explorer N.M.YADRINTSEV in the Koshotsaidamskoi valley ashore of river Orkhon discovered of two memorial stone: One - in the honor of ruler East-Turki Kaganat proclaimed in 716 year under the name Bilge-Kagan («All knowing Kagan»); Second - with Large and Small inscriptions (732yr.) - in the honor of it cadet, prince and distinguished captain as to name Kiul-Tegin. This finding compare with unexpected nowadays by appearance new «Illiada». In this message was gathered The great wisdom of The nation of state KALKА, and begins message so:


But atop heaven, and beneath Mother-earth

Said turkic-men: «You not dare to perish!

Yes will not disappear kin – yes will live nation!”

So Sky and the Earth of them obligated to be.”


Kaganom having become, gathered miserable its nation,

Created conditions and connected unfriendly, and so

Who formerly poor was, rich, soon became,

And small my nation great soon became


Because did not lie I, all that speaking?

So listen me, about becks and nation!



It is that is why, today ancient brick from complex Kultegin from the shore of river Orkhon in the Museum of history Turks’  of letters in Euro-Asia’s  national university by named L.N.GUMILEVA (city Astana /Tselinograd) as to deep conviction Tamary Abzhanovny Kozhamkul brings happiness and execution eagernesses each till it with hope to concern hand. And our desire was executed - we read through 791 year in Seversk (Yama) message through the centuries of the not losing of battles the captain of The Man of Millennium Subedeya and Ataman Cossacks-Gothas Ploskyni accepting the most active and abuzz participation in creation Worldwide Great Mongol-Gothas Empire (!).

Second, CALMOUCS (Kalmius) was situated on the very large territory of the north areas of Republic Kazakhstan and the Orenburg’s region of Russian Federation with center aside of modern Astana by created the will of The First Popular President Great Turks’ men, professors, Dr econ. scies. Nursultana Abishevicha Nazarbaeva.


  Maybe this is lowland?


It is name, from these steppes were dialed the main shelfs of Great Army and Vanguard subdivision of Subedeya breaking Polovetsk’s men of Khan  Kopyaka, having entered in steppes through Caucasus, and then along with Cossacks of Ataman Ploskyni in Pri-Azov’s Land and incorporated army Mstislavovicha with Polovetsk’s men of Khan Kopyaka in 1223 yr. 30 May. Only here is Ataman Ploskyni to the end preserved ancient contract with Getto-Dakki (ancient Ukrainian) and did not assist in provoked Mstislavovich’s kings and Khan  Polovetsk’s men Kopyakom bribing almost all Russian princes (Kings), most folly  and absolutely immoral bloodshed, and played three days  fight between its army and the army of several Russian princes, was hided  for Strengthening from the cartfuls of him Cossacks … Costly Gothas-Brodniki, and after 31 May 1223 year - already Cossacks-Gothas (name, this Gothas was gave Subedeem for high morality, loyalty to word and fortitude) paid for loyalty to ancient contracts with Getto-Dakk’s men and for the support of great Aims founders Worldwide Great Mongol-Gothas Empires.


KALKА and CALMOUCS (Kalmius) on map are  emphasized by red line


Their grave were retained on shores Kalki (which subsequently renamed in Kalchik). And 30 June 2014 yr. Valentina Vladimirovna Iukhno (Chernyavskaya-Kamaeva-Catholic) recalled in Seversk (Yama), what from aunt Pashi (from their paternal home on farm Catholic beside Mayakiv’s houses) were eminent two becoming agadic - graves which, certain, were eminent and from main home farm Catholic (correctly we with Ivanom Grebeniukom in 2012 yr. have made updating as to two pictures of Arkhipa Ivanovicha Kuinji appearance The farm Catholic 1890-th years).

Holy place not only for Cossacks but also for the many nations of Asia which meanwhile only began to recall its Great History … History which as to right can be boasted of, because Without the elimination of custom barriers on the gigantic expanses of Eurasia in 13 century was not of б the innovation development of states and the cities of Europe, was not modern civilization which nevertheless meanwhile finds the adequate decisions of all Conflict's  questions …



And today, are reading in the titles of two rivers Pri-Azov’s Land - Kalke, been by influx of Kalmius, titles two the most important in the formation of The great Empire of the states of Asia - KALKА and CALMOUCS (Kalmius) which, as all these centuries carrying waters from Kalki in Kalmius and further in Azov Sea, tell  everything in Pri-Azov’s Land and in Europe historic narrative about that, as was created Great Empire - from epoch-making battles and spiritual Victory in state KALKА on r. Orkhon (and in Pri-Azov’s Land from the act of bravery of blood-brothers Ataman Ploskyni along with knights of Vanguard subdivision of Subedeya) having absorbed in itself soldiers from states CALMOUCS (Kalmius), till creation self innovation modernizing all West Europe of Great Empire (as water from Kalki lent forces and direction to sea to waters Kalmiusa). This unstopped neither on instant aqueous flood emblematizes all our with you life and the life of our primogenitors who always wanted to set and to actualize Great Purposes. Because the ambassador of this victory in 1223 yr. having absorbed in itself Cossacks-Gothas shelfs, Great Army could not only modernization all Asia but also practically all Europe, and then the army of orthodox steppe knights fetched itself in the sacrifice 3 September 1260 yr. under Nazareth rescuing Christians all West Europe and all World.

Very wisely Subedei lent name to «Cossacks» its sincere allies Gothas-Brodniks. And very wisely created Great historic Narrative in 1223 year from the title of two Pri-Azov’s rivers captain Subedei and Ataman Ploskyni whom to us managed 29-30 June 2014 yr. to read …

Came time  to new to look at the history of last centuries in Eurasia and correct to appreciate act of bravery Kondratiya Bulavina and Emeliana Pugacheva which wanted of revival Gothas statehood and in East Europe, and in Siberia, but this by him was to make not given … And to us, like, nevertheless manage …

As see, puzzle two Pri-Azov’s toponims in time is  disclosed.


Alexander Vasiljev (Kamaev-Melnik-Polansky)

30.06.2014 (7522 yr. from The ascertainments of World)


*               *               *

So here is than is ascribed to our continual commitment to save Aral Sea (and in 2008 yr. and in 2012 yr.) and have restored life in ancient state CALMOUCS (Kalmius)! Here is from where the beginnings of project «The Granat’s   flower of EurAsia («ANARGUL») »! Nothing on this Earth does not arise accidentally … The most practically important think and ideas have deep historic basement …



From modern two toms Encyclopedia: «r.Kalka (modern Kalchik. the influx Kalmiusa …»

«On K. (near present city Zdanov) 31 May 1223 occured bloody battle Russ. and allied Polovec’s troops against tatar. -mongol Troops. Russ. Troops, despite manifested by them gallancy, had defeat due military actions as to quotient each other (the antagonism of princes) and caitiff of Polovec men.»

*               *               *

But everything above written is perceived on faith, if to emanate from assumption about existence two by meanwhile nobody not described in the modern historic treatises of states KALKА and CALMOUCS (Kalmius). But possibly this title not state structures, of and what those unions, of rivers or simply territories … Because  and then significance Narrative have written Subedeem and Ploskyni in 1223 yr., does not lose of its significance, and only its historic context will more difficult and interesting … This Narrative  from the titles two dynamic toponims (of the title of rivers) Pri-Azov’s Land only emphasizes for us all importance of Event - one of the most significant pages Worldwide History - Principal for Humanity Spiritual Event (!) who occured in Pri-Azov’s steppes on small, but becoming such distinguished river Kalke (modern Kalchik).

Here occured MAIN Event in World History. It is name, ashore Kalki the builders of Willing Empire attained its the most beautiful and significant Victory over amorality of and by aspiration by all means to material abvantage the heads of the gangs of-formations ancient Russia (as otherwise can be named, т.н. Princes who for bribes половецкого хана Kopyaka which previously committed countless brigandage  on them Ownerships, betrayed the interests of its nation and ready were to conquer on strange territory nation which sincerely wanted to conclude with them union bearing on their pristine allies Gothas-Brodnikov (twice Subedei sent to Mstislavu embassy; Never more and nowhere not fixed fact in history Mongol-Gothas Empire) which subsequently sustained to all World its By readiness to go on sacrifices … and elite …). Bandits was in three times MORE!!! It is real, under The Nazareth 3 September 1260 yr. Orthodox knights Mongol-Gothas Empire have made the most Great campaign for Coffin GOD, in other words Yellow Christ’s Campaign, for which then prayed All Catholic Europe, fetched itself in sacrifice having shown treachery Mstislavovichs-Tamplierov before all Musulman’s and Christian World. And this in 13 century saved Christian World … Europe could time to draw conclusions and to accept correct decisions - having liquidated spiritually deteriorated, to the treachery matter of The rescue of Humanity Orden …, but not was of forces then of forces to consider in baseness Mstislavovichei …, like, was not found of convincing facts …

That is why and steel are  possible events in East Europe in 2014 year …, when by provocations on intimate psychic bases … have made politics (!).

*               *               *

I saw its 18/08/2015 yr !!! German's men return to old Land on the Volga - on the Land-Calmoucs

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