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The inclusion of candidacy Mr. Julio Atance Fortea in «Who’s Who in the World»    Marquis Who’s Who 

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The respected EDITORS of Publishers «Who’s Who», 

I request you to consider question inclusion in your Edition of for me very close Man and insisting the highly spiritual intellectual person of XXI st. Mr. Atance Fortea from Saragosy in Spain. I know Mr Julio Atance Fortea from 2003 year, name, from the moment of the creation of the electronic journal of our Civil international committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity (as to the preparation of world climate of opinion to arranging of The first World Congress Intellectual and Spiritual Unity in New York) www.сiс-wsс.org. At the time The first substitute of Civil international Committee, doctor Ernesto Garcia attracted Mr. Julio Atance Fortea as Veb-Master to our work. But also then, of at the very beginning our participation, Mr. Julio Atance Fortea began to accept active participation in preparation of organizational and the ideas saturated documents of been created civil international agency.

You this can see from our program document (Look., under which exist the signatures of all active producers of Committee. 

Imperceptibly had flawed  12 years old. And only mass trained and published in INTERNET of documents, and this and clauses, and recourses, and various initiatives, as well as the mass of information materials - as-that step by step created and really created environment of high intellectual and the high-spiritual spaces of Civil Committee. On the first Web-Page of  Committee Mr. Julio Atance Fortea disposed our Handling about the revival necessity on the international level of principles ICONOMII is  published on our Web-Page on seven the official languages of Organizing of Incorporated Nations - UN (!!!).

And how many was made dwarf Mr. Julio Atance, in order to stop the terror not of only Basques but also in all World!!All this work which conducted Mr. Julio Atance Fortea, had and has concrete results. I want to stop only on some of these results important for Ukraine. 

Into- the first, self idea, for realization which was created our Committee, name, of the preparation of world climate of opinion to arranging of The first World Congress Intellectual and Spiritual Unity in New York - deserves self serious attention and encouragements. If all these years we only about itself spoke, then and this would deserve positive assessment, because it is impossible do not think of the necessity of arranging of The actions of such level on American continent, on which else no those high spiritual European traditions which exist on Euro-Asia’s  continent. And give this larger and great idea it was necessary to all people on Earth, to all nations residing in states the members of Organizing of Incorporated Nations (UN). And this over all 12 years old constantly is carried out owing to the functional and correctly developed dummy of the electronic journal of Civil international Committee . It lets by everything right away to see and to make acquaintance with all full members of organizing, and main - to make acquaintance on its language with essential ideas and tasks facing this civil nongovernmental body. This everything was provided owing to labor Mr. Julio Atance.

It is second, already 12 years old easy of accessly in all world for every Internet of user handling to President of Ukraine Leonidu Danilovichu Kuchme, in which is substantiated the necessity of creation Azov’s  Euro-region which will be of actually the first Euro-region on the border Europe and Asia. It shoulds be to decide the mass of the problems of the ecology of Sea of Azov, as well as to allow effectively economic to use Sea-economical complex of Pri-Azov and Sea of Azov which was one of the most rich marine resources. Yes and innovation testing area need for the tuition of the managers of world level, but by only domestic specialists and called to anticipate in formulation and deciding of the tasks of its competitors of-partners in Europe, to America and Asia. That is why so need Azov’s Euro-region. This was understood by leadership in UIS always, and today this already is realized and by the leadership of Ukraine. And not last role played placing of sincere and objective document by Mr. Julio Atance on the Web-Page of our Committee which let draw attention of the leadership of Ukraine on the expediency of creation Azov’s Euro-region and in 2003 yr., and in 2005 yr., and in 2006 yr., and in 2008 yr., and 2011 yr., and in 2012 yr. Main - this idea is not forgotten in Ukraine and its already will actualize in Euro-region Donbass basin and plan creation Azov’s Euro-region. We sincerely sorry that Mickl Alexandrovich Pozhivanov who signed all letters in State-owned Dumu Russia and The Supreme Soviet of Ukraine in 1995 yr. substantiating the necessity of creation Azov’s Euro-region and which really maintained it creation, today does not assist in creation Euro-regions in East Ukraine, and works in private structures in Vien.

It is third - toing thank Web-Page of Civil International Committee is actualized three International scientific Forum in 2005 yr., in 2006 yr. and in 2007 yr. On these Forums managed to discuss not only practical initiatives but also serious theoretical questions, to render information and moral support to the talented young scientists of Odessa, of Mariupol, of Lvov, Zakarpatia. Dozens our recommendations in International Biographic Organizations, have made with purpose encouragements of young and acknowledged scientists, talented creative youth in East Europe (more 150 man), steel substantiated and need owing to placing of research materials on Web-Page of Civil International Committee, because owing to the work of Mr. Julio Atance Fortea. 

In-fourth,  toing thank Web-Page of Committee to and the work of Mr. Julio Atance Fortea to us managed to support authority on the science of young scientists and teachers in the universities of West Ukraine: Oxanu Yanushchak-Pshubylo, Ivana Grebeniuka, Andreya Lutskogo, Ulyanu Lukach, of Roman Lutskogo, Zenoviya Sokolovskogo, Galinu Garaninu, Valeriya Grebeniuka, Andreya Vypasnyaka, Vasiliya Kozaka, Olega Ogirko, Igorya Ogirko, Igorya Zhukevicha, Romana Zvarycha, Oxanu Kaleniuk, Zinoviya Alexeevicha Maneva, Yaroslava Vladimirovicha Gritu, Annu Vasilevnu Bondarchuk-Gity, Andreya Ivanovicha Melnika, the provost of the Ivano-Franko’s University of Law by him. K.D.G. Et al. Documents, in which were enounced of scientific idea and the results of researches, as well as the estimations of public and colleagues were disposed Mr. Julio Atance on Web-Page of Committee.

In-fifth, toing thank Web-Page Committee to and the work of Mr. Julio Atance Fortea to us managed to inform the public of Ukraine and World about new facts in the behavioral sciences of Ukraine, as well as to acquaint all interested users INTERNET with our understanding of historic and political events on territories of East and Central Europe with 6 centuries till our era and up to the present time. Also toing thank Web-Page of Committee managed safe the priority of Europe in the development of the bases of objective labor economic school and to lead the substantiated examples of the possibilities of using of understanding of The Law of the Preservation of Labor (Valery A. Vasiljev, 1963-2003 yryr.). The Last especially important, because willing of real economics completely is dependent on understanding of this fundamental Law. To me never to forget of that deep and sincere condolence which expressed Mr.Julio Atance Fortea apropos of go out  from the life of The chairman of Civil International Committee, the academician of New-York Academy of Sciences Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev in 2006 yr. (!!!). His letter always before me in the complex minutes of life. It will stay by the most serious intellectual-spiritual heritage for my family … This larger Honor to work with Man such high Soil! And fate to me presented this possibility …

In-sixth - toing thank Web-Page of Committee to and the work of Mr. Julio Atance Fortea to us managed upon request of The administration of White Home to present on The Medal of President USA of seven candidacies of Produced Americans, with which we coed operate. As well as to us managed to propose the row of initiatives and projects which must have made more friendly the nations of Russia and Americas. Our sincere and letters and recourses disposed dwarf Mr. Julio Atance on the Web-Page connected with the events 11 September 2001 yr. in New York not only were read in all World but also were foundation to thank Civil International Committee to President USA Barrack Obbame. These projects without Web-Page Committee never even not appear, and their realization would be impossible.

In-seventh, only owing to the work of Mr. Julio Atance Fortea steel are  possible our initiatives as to support the creational  activity of President Republic Kazakhstan Nursultana Abishevicha Nazarbaeva. Particular attention we pay deeply scientific and really practically need concept Nursultana Abishevicha Nazarbaeva as to constructing in Republic The Kazakhstan of The Society of General Labor. This social modernization of society carries out The Kazakhstan NATION for all World. 
That is why work Mr. Julio Atance Fortea and The chairman of Civil international Committee, doctor Ernesto Garcia not only important and necessary but also cannot be nothing by and nobody is  replaced. Its requires active and all-round support on the part of all international public bodies and the governmental structures of the states of the-members of Organizing of Incorporated Nations (UN). Relatively importance real and activity over the decades of the work of doctor Ernesto Garcia shall try to you to write apart and you self appreciate its significance and importance. But relatively efforts Mr. Julio Atance Fortea want to say in this letter and will to bring to your notice on what influence Mr. Julio Atance Fortea on the development of positive processes in the world already today exceeds the influence of entire chairs into the many university of Europe, Asia and Americas. A few known professors can give account before colleges and offsprings the volumes of real works made for its life which would be comparable with work already made dwarf Mr. Julio Atance  Fortea . 
And today Mr. Julio Atance Fortea  on the new level of renews the Web-Page of Civil International Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity (as to the preparation of world climate of opinion to arranging of The first World Congress Intellectual and Spiritual Unity in New York) www.сiс-wsс.org . 
For all these years is  gained the great spiritual baggage created of all- members of Civil International Committee and dwarf Mr. Julio Atance, with which only begins World as to-insisting to make acquaintance. 
The inclusion of candidacy Mr. Julio Atance Fortea in Your the most distinguished for scientists and professionals on our Earth EDITION not only will give deserved moral support to this unordinary Man but also will render positive influence on very many projects which are  connected with the activity of Civil International Committee. 

With sincere respect, 

Alexander Valerevich Vasiljev (Vasiljev-Muller) 

The Vice-Chairman of Civil International Committee,The doctor of economic sciences (PhD),  dr-engineer, The member of The department of The advisers of American Biographic Institute, of Nominant Editions «Who is Who in The World» from 2001 year, «Who is Who in Science and Engineering», «Who is Who in America», «2000 Outstanding  Intellectual persons 21 century» ect. 

Seversk – region of Cossack-Gothas Kodrat Bulavin (1660-1708 yryr.)4.02.2014 ( 7522 from The Wide World creation )

Mr Julio Atance.

Place and date of birth: Sigüenza (Guadalajara), June 16 1952

Professional experience: Classified: Tele working. From the year 1986, in realization the areas characteristic of Ofimatic, Administration of nets, Design and realization of WEB and portals; Marketing analysis in Internet of services. Everything it in "INFOREDAR SERVICES, S.L." As much to distance as in presence.   

Collaborating of Analyst / Programmer, in the "Department of Ergonomics and technical helps of the University of Zaragoza", in the adaptation and incarnate development to  dysabilities people.   

Ruled studies:    

GRADUATE SOCIAL. For the School of Graduate Social of Zaragoza, having obtained the I Title, year 1982.

I STUDY OF DRAWING AND PAINTING. For the Center of Studies AFHA-ESPAÑA. of Barcelona, with the notable qualification, year 1978. 



COURSE DE AUTOCAD. By D.F.A. of Zaragoza year 1991.

DOS YEARS OF CAREER OF RIGHT. For the National University of Education at Distance, of Calatayud,   Zaragoza City, years 1983-85. 

PROJECT REDAR. Formation in Tele Working for the Group RAXÓN, of Zaragoza years 1999-2001 Studying 1º at the present time, of English.    

Courses special years 1981-98. PSYCHOLOGY OF THE ONE EXCLUDED AND OF THE NOT ADAPTED SOCIAL , For Faces of Zaragoza.


THE EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET, MICROECONOMY, CONSUMPTION. All them, for the Institute Fernando the Catholic, of Zaragoza.  

THE PENSIONS. For the Cabinet of Social Action, of the City council of Zaragoza.  

MONITORS OF SOCIO-CULTURAL ANIMATION. - MONITORS AND BOSSES OF GROUP. for Coordinator of having Diminished Physiques of Zaragoza. 


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