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THE KINGDOM OF THE CELESTIAL IS NUDES / from Matthew Ch.11, p.12 / - an epigraph in the thesis of P.A. Sorokin on the title of private assoc. prof.

THE KINGDOM IS HEAVENLY FAITH / Matthew chapter 11, p.12 /

- an epigraph in the dissertation * PA Sorokin "Crime and punishment, feat and reward" for the title of private associate professor (1913 - 1914).

Not always and not all, but in most cases, when interacting with security structures, it becomes calmer for people when employees of a security company dressed in a well-sewn uniform with the same emblems appear on a particular civilian object. Why is this happening and where does this calm come from? After all, practically all significant economic facilities using specialized security structures have or have their own full-time security guards. What is the reason for such a positive from the appearance at the enterprise of a specialized security company? And this is not the cost of our crucial time, but something deeply psychologically sound. We will try to answer these complex and at the same time very simple questions. First, what basic need is caused by the need for security units? Consider the well-known Lavrov-Maslov needs scale (in the scientific and educational literature it is known as Maslow's needs scale, although more than 50 years earlier it was described by Peter Lavrovich Lavrov), according to which the need for security is one of the basic primary human needs. Especially, you want to feel safe during transformational restructuring, when there is a contraction of entire productions and traditionally necessary civil professions become unclaimed for a certain period. These processes can last for decades. And all these years, everything that embodies security becomes in demand. Secondly, during large-scale restructuring and shutdown of entire production complexes, in practice it is not always clear how the already existing but temporarily stopped (or maybe temporarily, forever ...) production capacities, as well as the already created and yet recently operating infrastructure. Hundreds of people lose their jobs and are forced to look for a new one, accumulating debts to financial institutions, to housing and communal services and relatives. Therefore, in these conditions, any spurious earnings in the form of the surrender of scrap metal, which turns out to be, often, only recently working equipment, is thriving. It is obvious that the maintenance of non-operating capacities and production infrastructure for an indefinite period of time becomes necessary. And it is best to perform such a task by specialized security firms, whose level of responsibility is higher than that of the workers of a non-operating enterprise. Thirdly, the issue of employment becomes especially acute at this time. After all, people who can engage actively in any kind of entrepreneurial activity, in fact, are single. The bulk wants to perform the work of ordinary performers. And work in security firms allows them to do this. And if, in addition, it is well organized, then the educational effect is obvious. They feel a positive influence, both young people and the elderly, because everyone understands that their work-service is necessary, although it is paid, as they say, at minimal rates, but without it society today can not do. It is interesting that the more serious and significant the protected object (for its creation and output to the planned capacity a large amount of labor is spent with materialized intellectual and spiritual capital), the greater the amount of capital the security firm retains for future production and technological chains. The latter also determines the possibility of raising the level of payment for employees of security firms in proportion to the value of the non-working protected object. The question remains, but how to determine the cost of a protected, but non-working object, by what method? Usually all calculations are carried out from the original cost, and in practice the revaluation of fixed assets often does not produce. Techniques, like a lot, but generally recognized, because "The future is not defined" (General Clark, Astana, 2012).

The question is, why complex formulas and generally make any calculations, if so far nothing like this has been done? First and foremost, this is necessary for a young contingent of security personnel who, having passed through such a "contract civil service", should feel the connection of their activities and responsible attitude to fulfilling their security duties with the real economy. And a conscientiously developed methodology, this link will provide and will enable young people to independently assess the significance of their work on a particular civilian object. Secondly, with the use of security firms as a form of adaptation of young people after participating in civil conflicts to civilian life, the real connection between bonuses and the capital intensity of protected facilities will make it possible, without superfluous moralizing and explaining, to feel part of a real economy that has nothing in common neither with corruption, nor with speculative shares in financial markets. Any correctly performed analysis has a positive impact, and estimated calculations, even more so. Therefore, those methods that were developed in the economy of industry, today it is advisable to use to increase the objectivity of the ratio between the level of payment for security officers, depending on the value, significance and capital intensity of the protected objects. This work is not wasteful at all, but allows to increase the interest of personnel when protecting an object unobtrusively showing that the protection of capital-intensive and promising objects is indeed very important and necessary for the real economy. By the way, this way it is possible to contribute to the formation of public opinion regarding the priority of certain spheres of activity for the future. The latter makes it possible to build a real internal environment in a security firm that will allow people to be evaluated simultaneously by the level of qualifications and by the degree of importance of the services rendered to the society for the period of participation in an armed conflict. All this will be the most reliable and reliable way to introduce the "recent ATU fighter" into the civil life of his country, because no one will conduct special "conversations and analysis" of the recent military people who socialize and save themselves from the scruples of conscience, but simply a skilfully created and supported structure of interpersonal relations will gradually reduce the intensity of subjective internal tension in the personalities of former "Afghans", "atolls," etc. And this is not a cabinet fantasy, but a generalization of the real socio-cultural practice, with which we want to introduce you.



He appeared on our watch, as usually all the newcomers come - unexpectedly and in full "combat readiness" as a cynologist, although we have only one dog left (the thoroughbred German is Okeel). Very young (only 22 years old) and a youthful, cute guy. Therefore, his open and comfortable style of behavior produced a very positive impression on all of us in the first minutes of communication, and this young man was under real bombings ... and in real battles ... He with dogs, or rather with one Okelem, immediately began with walks, which made them friends. I did not have to work with him in the first days in a single shift, so I could not prevent him from getting closer to Syroezhkin, who can not give anything good in principle ... Of course, Andrei was immediately drawn to a youth company, which, it seems, and with common interests, but also with their own peculiarities - "if not, you really want ... and you need not to be noticed." But the experience of the "atoll" is already a school and it was not possible to drag Andrey into "hazing activities" anywhere. Too much, really, deep and healthy attitude to life was laid by parents in the son. After all, as it turned out, Andrei's father also served in Afghanistan. Therefore, it is by no means an accident that Andrei was at the forefront in the struggle for the Future of Ukraine. But this struggle required too much energy from the young guy, who was loaded with responsibility "in full", making a secret with a three-year subscription. Of course, such a load can not pass such a gift and the guy 3 months after the service on the so-called. Rest tried to rehabilitate. Probably, the intuition of a hereditary warrior (Andryusha - a native Kharkiv, who has a grandmother who for 80 years from the so-called territory of the Nomano-Gotha Confederation CALMOUCS) suggested the correct way of rehabilitation - to go to work in a security company. But on the watch "past fights" do not let go. The dreams of the war veteran are dreamed of by Andrei. To this his confession tried to convince him to shift attention to other worldly problems. And most importantly - to understand that he did the most important thing in his life - he defended us all, etc. etc. "You talk to me like a professional psychologist" - could not stand Andrei. But it can not be otherwise, because In 1976, after a trip to Moscow, they began to receive methodologies from prof. Larmina, head. laboratory of social and psychological research at the Moscow State University, and in 1983 at the All-Union YI Congress of Psychologists (Moscow) with a double doctor, prof. K.Platonov have coordinated the program of joint research, and with Prof. Lomov, the editor of academic union journals, already planned publication of materials of the conducted researches. Therefore, I could not but try to supplement the usual method for psychologists with reframing by activating positive gene memory. It is for all descendants of the indigenous population of the Normano-Gotha Confederation KALMIUS exclusively creative, and today for all warriors ATO has a healing and psycho-stabilizing effect. And differently and can not be, tk. all the victories of the Cossacks / Normans in practically the entire territory of Eurasia over the last 800 years is a real chronicle of Spiritual Progress for the sake of the Future of MANKIND.


I can not say that this is our influence with Alexander, the former "Afghan", but Andrew is already working normally at all the facilities our firm took under protection (a strong and healthy system is incorporated into the work of Galeon LLC). By the way, very timely he appeared in the guard at the sewage treatment plant in Kharkov, when there was an emergency near the protected territory, and Andrew's appearance was even necessary (!).



When he went out to work for the first time, he got on watch, where Mikhailovich was the eldest. About him, Vladimirovich told me how about a really, competent commander, with whom it is interesting to work. And this characteristic is fully confirmed. A tall, athletic (real Cossack), laconic, calm and military-assembled senior security guard (in fact, the head) of the "Mikhailovich" unit embodied the whole order and reliability of the work of his subordinates. Yes, all the "invented" means of personal protection are more questions than positive. But "Mikhailovich" was able to put the demands on their wearing to the guards so that they sometimes with a sarcastic smile, but they did it. Unfortunately, people are very different ... If, to Andrew, the attitude of "Mikhailovich" was originally paternally strict, but with sincere support ..., then to the "geezer" sent to them Kharkov, the patient is underlined. But this "miracle" began to serve with a demand to comply with the requirement to wear protective glasses by the company's management (?!). And he did not just begin to make remarks to the heads of departments and divisions, but "began to teach the mind" the deputy. director of plant safety. Togo was so surprised when an awkward creation of a "meter with a cap", seemingly in the form (though two sizes larger ...), for no reason at all, "teaches us to live" - ​​that he fulfilled the demand for "gnome". However, later he expressed all that he thinks about this "Mikhailovich". And our "dwarf" continued to "educate" all whom he would see from laboratory assistants to workers ... An anecdote! But Mikhailovich and the species did not report that the "gnome" was clearly overpowered, but simply in the style of the laws of Iasi (their invincible ancestors) increased the workload for the entire KPP-2 team, hinting at the inexpediency of hiding behind the title of guard guarding people ... And " dwarf "was educated and very quickly.

*          *          *

Wars, or rather militarized conflicts - are not yet over in our land ... Their main causes are "desperately" for the humanities are looking for the last few centuries ... At the same time, the origins of conflict are already understood by almost the majority of the population of industrially developed countries ... (and the world is preparing for 2023, counting down the months and days - ) Yes, our civilization is difficult to develop. And aspiration for knowledge secular and spiritual leaders always aspired to direct on a way their achievement due to intensive research work, instead of due to simple decoding ancient manuscripts. Therefore, the Library of Alexandria burned many times, especially in 391, when spiritual development seriously lagged behind the level of technology set forth on paper and in clay tablets. And Patriarch Theophilus had to raise Christians to destroy free access to the technological and scientific achievements of the past, who found nothing better to bury the Library ... But today such "vandalism for the good" is probably impossible and we all need to work more actively to ensure the balance the pace of moral and technological development of mankind.


*Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889-1968) - the first professor of sociology in Russia. Condemned the October Revolution and actively opposed it. He was elected a deputy of the Constituent Assembly from the Vologda province under the list of the SR party. In June-October, on the instructions of the Union of the Renaissance of Russia, he directed the preparation of an uprising against the Bolsheviks in the Veliky Ustyug-Kotlas-Arkhangelsk area. October 30 in Veliky Ustyug surrendered to the Cheka. The Chekists intended to shoot him, but Sorokin asked permission to send a telegram to Vladimir Lenin with remorse. Sorokin wrote an open letter to the newspaper of the North Dvinsky Provincial Executive Committee "Peasants 'and Workers' Dumas" with the refusal of membership in the party of the Socialist-Revolutionaries and the decision to withdraw from political activities, including the withdrawal from the Constituent Assembly. In 1920, Sorokin publishes a two-volume "System of Sociology". However, Sorokin's claims to the authorities begin. His book, "Hunger as a factor," prepared for publication, is being destroyed. Under the conditions of the NEP, Lenin put the question of the need for continued rigid ideological control over the content of instruction in public disciplines. Lenin pointed out that the professors and writers who, for the training of the masses, "are no more suitable than the notorious corrupters would be suitable for the role of supervisors in educational institutions for the younger generation", the revolutionary proletariat would be "politely expelled" from the country. According to the decision of the GPU Collegium on September 26, 1922, he was deported from Petrograd by train, becoming one of those who were associated with the Philosophical Steamer. He originally left for Berlin. Then he lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia, edited the magazine "Peasant Russia". In 1931-1959 he was a professor at Harvard University. In 1965 he was president of the American Sociological Association. In 1993, the staff of the Institute of Economic and Socio-Cultural Studies (assignee of the DENMC of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the DFC) published at their own expense and dedicated to PA Sorokin, as the first professor of sociology of Russia, the monograph "Reading" Historical Letters "by Pyotr Lavrovich Lavrov / to 125 anniversary of publication / (Moscow-Mariupol, Ros.-Ukrainian IESKI and the International Association "Nadezhda", cipher Center.Gos.Bibl.RF 94-9 / 38-8). In modern Russia, in 1999, the International Institute of P.Sorokin-N.Kondratiev (MISK with consultative status under the UN ECOSOC) was actively working on the propagation of their creative heritage.


The proposal to pay attention to the possibility of using security structures as one of the most effective forms of adaptation of servicemen to civilian life after participating in military conflicts was sent to the President of Ukraine Petro Alekseyevich Poroshenko on May 9, 2018 in Kiev / by registered mail /. From 15. 05. 2018 is processed in the Department of Information and Analytical Work of the President's Reception of Ukraine "for Accounting and Use in Work" / letter for No. 22 / 020710-05 /.

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