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The "Crimson Flower Eurasia (Anargul)»/MEMORY of Burundaj DEDICATED
    Climate change leads to a change not only in global sea level, but also to the disappearance of inland bodies of water on our planet. These waters include the Aral Sea in Central Asia, Lake Chad in Africa and even the Salton Sea in the south of the U.S. state of California.
   We still difficult to make any recommendations regarding Africa or California in the U.S., but concerning the Aral Sea will try to give their vision that emerged after reports Oleg N. Soskovets, President of the Association of Industrial and financial groups in Russia, about the construction of three pipe plants in the Russian Federation in the section "Prospects for the future in the context of regional integration» KAZENERGY EURASIAN FORUM YIII ASTANA 9.10.2013 in Astana.
     We are convinced that the problem really be solved without causing any damage to the environment or Siberia or agribusiness Middle Asian states that emerged from the former Soviet Union. In the feasibility of our project, we assure the successful implementation of the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Economics Nursultan Nazarbayev.
      And the essence of our solution lies in the implementation of the Project "Garnet FLOWER EurAsia » («ANARGUL»), which will be extremely beneficial not only to the States to the founders of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea ( Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan ), but also the Russian Federation, becaus construction of water pipeline , " Wise WATER » («DANARA») from the Aral Sea to the Kara Sea, a two-point water intake - in the Ob Bay and in the Kara Sea , not only does not take away anything from the water resources of the Russian Federation ( all the controversy regarding turning the rivers of Siberia on South remain for the story) , but instead came back to life in the vast territory of the Russian Federation , which are comparable with the territory , such as the seven regions of Ukraine.
      And the water in the water line «DANARA», will indeed be wise thanks to a man , because its salinity could be controlled by varying the intensity of the water intake directly from the Kara Sea and the Gulf of Ob . In fact, for the restoration of the Aral Sea fresh water Gulf of Ob and not need it, but for the villages located on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan it is needed. Therefore the work within two months of the year (for a total of pumping water from the Gulf of Ob ) will replenish the supply of fresh water on almost mastered the whole vast territory.

      But the main thing - we do not take away the water in the upper reaches of rivers and do not break the ecological balance very easily vulnerable nature of Siberia.
     During the seven years of conduit fully restore the Aral Sea, and thus the entire ecosystem of the Big Aral. Talk about the economic impact of this is not necessary - it is obvious, but other than that, this project raises and huge areas of Siberia, which will also be utilized by the construction of all facilities associated water pipeline, and most importantly the availability of fresh water, which will be not only villages, but industrial production.
   It is urgent to implement the project "Garnet FLOWER Eurasia (Anargul)", creating an international industrial and financial group, bringing together industry and financial institutions to the five countries (four Central Asian, which are now merged into the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS), and the Russian Federation). This is the only real way with a very serious positive consequences.
   But it is not only a resurgence of the Aral Sea, but after its reconstruction in the former borders can have a positive impact on the Caspian Sea, and to help oil producers, providing them with water for the intensification of oil production.
   In general, all ARAL REGION conduit "DANARA» turn into a real flower Asia, which we named "Garnet FLOWER Eurasia" and everyone in our world-economy will be so called.

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