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Valery Alexandrovichu Vasiljev 10 July 2016 yr. 87 years old would be executed

To the founder of objective labor economic school, to the author of the Law of the preservation of labor, to the doctor of commerce, cand.econ.scies., h.s.empl., to the academician of The academy of the economic sciences of Ukraine, to the professor of CIB The University of «Ukraine»

Valery Alexandrovichu Vasiljev

10 July 2016 yr. 87 years old would be executed. 

Scientists the economists of East Europe, like, would note this date also, as noted all great events as to formation economic sciences in Priazove beginning with 1996 year ...

It is however, the events in the east of Ukraine enter its essential corrections into all processes of Intellectual-Spiritual growth in Calmoucs (Donetsk-Lugansk) region. And we with its side we wish on to note that owing to active the activity of the academician of AES Ukraine Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva with 1989yr. to 2006yr. The today National academy of sciences of Ukraine considers the questions of revival The department of socioeconomic analysis and the progression of the investition projects of NAS Ukraine on Donetsk’s basin (Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Mariupol), and The institute of economical and socio-cultural researches (SCB, assignee DENMC The academy of science of Ukraine) along with the Azov’s Department of The academy of economic sciences and business activity prepares the substantiation of the expediency of the creation of this structure for The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine and Supreme Rada of Ukraine.

Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva, as the first and permanent Chairman (2001-2006 yryr.) does not forget and created by him Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity (Spain, Serbia, India, Canada, Australia, Ukraine) which continues to work as to all directions of intellectual-spiritual activity, were given birth to and receiving its development as to initiative

Valery Alexandrovicha.

We all members of the scientist of the advice of The academy of economic sciences and business activity in Ukraine, just like all members of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity assure the academic community of Ukraine and all Europe which will continue to work, realization research design of and civil initiatives developed by the member of International Biographic Center in Cambridge (London), by the member of The department of The advisers of American Biographic Institute (USA), by the member of New-York Academy of Sciences by and the member of Society «Heritage» New-York Academy of Sciences, by the owner of names Medal IBC in Cambridge, as of «Author The Law of Preservation Labour» and one of 2000 Produced Intellectual persons 21 century, of nominate  biographic editions ABI, of Publishers «Who is Who» (USA) and IBC in Cambridge

Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva


The chairman of The civil international

Committee of Intellectual-spiritual Unity

       Dr. Ernesto Garcia

Vice-chairman of Civil international

Committee Intellectual-spiritual Unity,

vice-chairman the Azov’s Departments

of Academy ES&E

                                                                                          Dr.  Alexander V. Vasiljev


Valery Alexanderovich Vasiljev

economist, metallurgical engineer

Valery Alexanderovich Vasiljev, Ukrainian metallurgical engineer, economist. Recipient medal UFE, 1955, Labour-Veterinary medal Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1989, medal "Metropolitan Gotey and Cafa, St. Ignatja", 1999, certified Frederick P. Furth Foundation, 1990.


·  ·  Vasiljev, Valery Alexanderovich was born on July 10, 1929 in Novo-Ukrainka, Ukraine. Son of Alexander Pavlovich and Olga (Melnic) Vasiljev.


  • Diploma in engineering, Technology Institute Odessa, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1952. Degree in economics, Moscow Institute Management, 1978. High science diploma, Institute Mariupal, Ukraine, 1986.

    Doctor, AESSE, 1995.


  • Chief technical office Igorsky Plant, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1952-1954. Main engineer Collective Farms, Kuragata, Dgambul, Kazakhstan, 1955-1956. Chief Branch metallurgical Plants of Ukraine, 1957-1974.

    Chief economic department/research sector Ukrgipromez/Metallurgical Institute Mariupol, Ukraine, 1975-1986. Senior lecturer PriAzov, State Technology University Mariupol, from 1987. Member section science council Institute Economics-Law Research National Academy of Sciences Ukraine, Mariupol, 1996-1997.

    Director Institute Economics-Social and Cultural Research, Mariupol, since 1995. President-chairman Azov, Ukrainian Department, Academy Economic, Sciences and Entrepreneurship, since 1999. Chairman Civil International Committee, Tanais Reg., since 2001.


  • Author: Law of Preservation of Labour., The Base of Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour, 2002, The Base of Organization of Production Example of Preservation of Labour, 2003, The Directory Founder, second edition, 1983, Methodological Priorities at Valuations Objective Expenditures of Labor in Market Economy, 1995, Methodological Fundamentals of Stabilization Socially of Economic Development, 2004, Fundamentals of Strategic Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labor and Law of Non-destroy of Intelligently Spiritual Labor, 2004.


Sponsor civil committee on restoration of Orthodox church in history center of Mariupol, 1995. Member Academy Economic, Science and Entrepreneurship, Academy Economic Sciences Ukraine, New York Academy of Sciences, 1817 Heritage Society.


  • Married Olga Vladimirovna Vasilejeva. 1 child, Alexander.
  • father: Alexander Pavlovich Vasiljev
  • mother: Olga (Melnic) Vasiljev
  • spouse: Olga Vladimirovna Vasilejeva
  • child: Alexander Vasiljev

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