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We experience a tragedy which grasped people of Japan deeply /Prime Minister Naoto Kan
Prime Minister Naoto Kan
Dear Sir !
        We experience a tragedy which grasped people of Japan deeply.
       An element inflicted a great damage to the economy of country. She took away lives of hundreds of people. The last causes, especially, deep sorrow and our sympathy to all native and near.
      Today the people of Japan work out the most difficult problems of providing of nuclear safety. And for none of us causes a doubt, that these problems he will work out.
      We believe not only in it but also sincerely pray to the most High (GOD), asking him positively to work out all problems in Japan. We from the side want to turn Your attention on that experience which is known us and which even today - in the conditions of increasing alarm and lack of time - actual. It is experience of overcoming of consequences of nuclear failure in Europe, namely, in Chornobyl (under Kyiv, Ukraine).
       So there were circumstances, that the members of our Civil International Committee took part in the international competition of projects and technical decisions on transformation of object "Shelter" Chornobyl AES in the environmentally sound system in 1993.
       We were then staggered by reliability of construction of this station, when after an explosion radio-active mass practically did not get on the understories of the damaged power unit of the atomic station. And it allowed to offer complete decontamination of the atomic station practically. And we offered materials for making of instrument for decontamination. When the academician of New York Academy of Sciences, engineer-mechanic, author of fifteen inventions and patent Valery Aleksandrovich Vasiljev, drew a mechanism for decontamination with the use of instrument from the offered high-chrome and high carbon alloys, he paid attention to value of casting crust in making of this class of instruments (!!!). It was obviously us, that creators of nuclear engineers addicted to the mechanically treated details. They did not turn a due attention on the features of the cast structures, which must prove from the best side in an atomic engineer. Therefore we hurried with the ground of our suggestion. From afar then monograph, to which a preface was written by the doctor of physicist-mathematician sciences, professor V.V. Styrov (the scientists of Japan know him on a very good lecture in 90th at international scientific conference in Your country). Vladislaw Vladimirovich Styrov, as manager, by the department of physics of university, wrote: "... application of the described alloys as material of instrument for decontamination on Chornobyl AES expediently, and the expounded ideas deserve support …". We actively aimed to acquaint specialists with her maintenance, met with ten of people, which related to nuclear energy. And understood main - Ukraine costed 1986 without frightful ecological consequences only due to heroism of drivers from Donetsk and due to creation of the station on the production of liquid Nitrogen straight on AES, which was given to the refrigerators under a reactor, that was provided by professionals from the mines of Donetsk (!!!). For the sake of this phrase this letter is written with us.
        It is necessary quickly to set refrigerators under the metallic edging of nuclear reactors, which will work on liquid nitrogen (!!!). Your high-professional engineers it able to realize. Certainly, they must were think over and set such cooling contour (so-called "Nitric”) yet in the conditions of normal exploitation, as a necessary safety measure in case of emergency situation. And they it would do, if that cycle of works which was offered by Institute of economical and socio-cultural researches the name of Olga Wasilievoj-Catholic together with Tavricheskij Institute of complex socio-economic researches and consulting in 1999 the "Basic theoretical-methodological problems of overcoming of system crises" on State Bonus was presented to the specialists of Ukraine on an universal, democratic discussion. Then and on REVIEW of Russian Academy of Management, which was signed by the First pro-rector, professor, Dr. econ. Valery Ivanovich Kushlin on it cycle of works, would pay attention (!). And in its He was clearly written: "Special attention is presented by practical suggestions of authorial collective, in particular, on organization in the special clearzones of Ukraine of production of high-chrome and high carbon alloys instrument for moving away of the fuel-carrying masses from an object "Shelter" Chornobyl AES". Your specialists would not go by information of touching nuclear safety published in Ukraine (!). They her would take into account and studied. But it was then given nobody to do (shut out in Ukraine information for a discussion) it.
      Certainly, we tried to enable to the specialists in Europe to familiarize with these developments. Common collection of the Azov Department of Academy ES&E (3.11.1999) pulled out on a discussion this work in Commission of European Union and we even in 2000-2001 obtained attention of chairman to European Commission (letter from Brussels, 30/03/2001), but …. to the specialists these materials, as we see, so not got. Today we all reap all this ... incuriosity of row of leaders of Ukrainian science and a few conjuncture clerks in European Commission.
      Time already gives a just estimation to them. But we all are necessary to do serious conclusions and begin to take into account the results of scientific researches. By the way, many conclusions, done in the loop of works on State Bonus of Ukraine 1999, did not become antiquated today.
      Supports the most perspective work assignments and tries to continue our Civil International Committee, but it is a theme of next letter to you, when the danger of explosions will go down on the nuclear objects of Japan.
With sincere respect and hope on positive development of events,
          On behalf of all full members of Civil International Committee of the Intellectual and Spiritual Unification, working over preparation of world public opinion for carrying out of the First World Congress of the Spiritual Unification in New York
Chairman, Dr.                                           Ernesto Garcia y Garcia
Vice-chairman, Dr-eng.                                 Alexander Vasiljev-Müller
                Vice-chairman "Azov Academy”
                      Director Institute ESCR
Object "Shelter" Chornobyl AES by a device for cleaning up of lava (A)
In a device for cleaning up of lava (A) : 1 - is a corps of device; 2 – plunger is a refrigerator; 3 - is a working organ (shlambur).
В устройстве для уборки лавы (A): 1- корпус устройства; 2 – плунжер – холодильник; 3 – рабочий орган (шлямбур).
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 09:24:42 +0100 [16/03/11 09:24:42 CET]
Dear Friend Alexander:
I apologize problems cause with Our Webpage and my computers system and my intensive hospital work in this time too. I hope next days my problems will be good.
I sorry a lot the problems in Japan. We will be to do a great letter to First Minister, and I will be very grateful to do it Yourself, please. I think that You think about it,too.

All Sincerely Your
From Your Friend
Ernesto Garcia

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 00:01:50 +0100 [21/03/11 00:01:50 CET]
Subject: Re: Japan Tragedia Re: WEBPAGE AND JAPAN
Dear Friend Alexander, thank You very much for Your Letter to First Minister of Japan. I greatfull to You this support in Your name and myself, vgr Our Committee.
Thank You very much
All Sincerely Your
Ernesto Garcia

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 00:04:17 +0100 [21/03/11 00:04:17 CET]

Dear Friend Alexander:
I think Embasada of Japan in Kiev too it is right.
Thank You very much
Ernesto Garcia


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