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Neuro-linguistic programming versus COVID-19 (self-programming - “reframing on activation of immunity”) - on FORUM-2020

Organization and conduct of sociological research by the Donetsk Research Center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine at the First All-Union courses of general management training of the Tallinn School of Managers (V. Tarasov) - conclusions and recommendations

Mykola Chumachenko, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Chairman of the Donetsk Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and I planned to conduct a sociological survey to find out the real effectiveness of this form . Nikolai Grigoryevich probably already understood the uniqueness of these courses and the fact that it would be impossible to repeat them (a year later, in 1991, a "parade of sovereignties" was already taking place in Eastern Europe). It seemed to me that everything positive is just beginning, because Igor Karimovich Karimov, Deputy Chairman of the City Executive Committee, and I managed to create a sector of socio-economic labor problems at the Labor Research Institute of the USSR in Mariupol, and we prepared scientific work for the All-Union competition based on research results. Therefore, he planned to use the information obtained to increase the effectiveness of game teaching methods, which after the Berdyansk courses he called "parallel reality", and abbreviated information about them with conclusions and recommendations was published in 1992 in the monograph "Methodological problems of improving labor costs: Social infrastructure . » (Vasiljev AV Donetsk: Donbass, 1992. - 152 p.) With a foreword by Academician NG Chumachenko and Prof., Ph.D. S.М.Gricay. It provided the following basic information: “… out of 450 listeners, six gaming states organized. In these states, their citizens lived 12.5 years of games and managed to visit members of Congress, ministers, newspaper editors, directors of enterprises, members of parliament, and some presidents, and less and less prominent positions were "fulfilled" by listeners quite conscientiously with great emotional load. . The conditions of the game itself had this, when each state had its own "game" currency, on which it was possible to buy quite real things and which could be earned on half-hour daily production. " (Vasiliev AV, 1992 - pp.42-43). Further the reasons which have led to the financial crisis are stated, scales of vital values ​​of heads of the enterprises of Mariupol and listeners of courses are compared, the analysis of self-estimations of efficiency of the received knowledge (the questionnaires received by mail) is given, etc. etc. But for us today, something else is important, namely, what was not included in the monograph due to the purely personal nature of the information (then it did not seem to be important to the reader). And the fact is that at the end of the second week of active "game life" after the next session of the parliament of the "purple" state, I suddenly saw the present and the future, my present and my future, if I start doing real business. It felt like I was sitting in a movie theater and seeing myself and my activities from the outside. After that, the "movie" fell asleep almost immediately and my colleagues woke me up in the morning, but the question of whether or not to do business received a clear and figurative answer, which actually forced me to enroll in doctoral studies in 1990. And this answer was not received NLP procedures, courses which began A. P Sitnikov to be held only from the second month within the framework of the "game entrepreneurial initiative", i.e. for participation students had to pay for the lesson earned game currency (the latter is not as bad as it seems at first glance, because the game, but provided with real goods, obliged A. P Sitnikov to spread in the classroom, and students to learn them carefully ). By the way, similar paid trainings on these chickens in Berdyansk were carried out by the Chinese, teaching those who want traditional gymnastics for China. But why did I still manage to see a "movie" about my probable future without "Sitnikov" time line shifts and without - "I see how the tractor feels"? And only today I can explain it with arguments! Because in order to see this "film" I spent a lot of work in a very short time, namely, actively developed the principles of production, prepared and delivered speeches at "parliamentary sittings", developed proposals and did everything to implement them to to ensure the effective operation of our "purple" state, etc. etc. And all this by running with an instant change of role, ie several shifts of roles per day (!). And this is all real WORK, And what does Sergei Leonidovich Rubinstein say about the formation of consciousness? And the fact that this is a big WORK and educators and the youngest person. And as taught by the Law of Preservation of Labor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences Vasiljev Valery Alexandrovich, who works not only in economics - Intellectual and Spiritual Labor is not destroyed but accumulated, and therefore a new quality can be achieved only on the basis of serious labor costs. Yes, my mind showed me a "film about my future", but for this "film" I really had to work out a few years of gaming life in a gaming state. I emphasize not to imagine myself in the future, but to really work for this future in the game world. Correctly, and justly and realistically achievable without unnecessary psychological overload. After all, a completely different load on the intellect, when you are actively working out game roles (this is quite acceptable, but not for everyone), and quite another - when you build the future in your mind from the wreckage of the present and want to present yourself in it. I want to ask, did many people succeed? Therefore, any attempts to outwit the CREATORS can not be successful, which in general was observed at the TRAININGS of Alexei Petrovich Sitnikov.



Consider several reframing training projects to combat COVID-19

Reframing for activation of immunity No. 1

1 Sit on a chair. Put your hands on your knees (it is desirable that the room is quiet and there are no strangers). Calm down. Count to yourself up to 20 and look as if inside yourself.

- 7 minutes.

2. We begin to work with our consciousness and subconscious. Namely, you say to yourself: “My consciousness and subconscious mind fill my head. They cannot be distinguished. They are merged together. They completely fill my head. There is not a single cell in my head wherever they are ... ”

And we try to imagine how this single, but two-substance substance fills your head. After repeating this setting two or three times to yourself, calm down and THANK your consciousness and subconscious for the work done with the following phrase: “Thank you, my Dear Consciousness and Subconscious for such an important work for me! THANK !"

- 3-5 minutes.

3. Having a little rest (1-2 minutes), continue: “And now, my Dear Consciousness and my Dear Subconscious, I ask you to separate. Let the Consciousness remain in my head, and the Subconscious mind starts to go down ... DO NOT HURRY, calmly separate my Subconscious from the Consciousness and go down ... First, staying at the level of the chin, and then further to the level of the neck ... That's it, good ... Thank you ... ".

Saying all this to yourself, try to imagine the whole process of separating the Subconscious from the Conscious. And when you feel that you already see the separation of the Subconscious from the Conscious, ask: “And now, my dear Subconscious, give me a sign of POSITIVE DECISION that you hear and understand me - preferably in the form of a smile ...”.

If you really deeply feel all these operations, then most likely a smile will flash before your inner gaze and in your imagination ... And you should, without wasting time, thank your Subconscious again - “Thank you, dear Subconscious, for the beginning of the operation of reframing to activate my immunity. THANK!"

5-7 minutes.

4. You are really a little tired. And you need to relax for 2-3 minutes, calm down. But do not forget to thank your Subconscious for the work done. And now begin to learn how to manage it, turning to him with the following request: “My dear Subconscious, I ask you to instruct you to raise my right hand ... I beg you to fulfill my request and raise my right hand ... At least a little, but raise ...”

Your perseverance will be successful and your right hand, as if by itself, will come off a little from your right knee. Immediately thank your Subconscious for the work done - “My dear Subconscious, THANKS YOU!”

3-5 minutes.

5. We continue to work with the Subconscious and ask him to raise his left hand, pronouncing the previous text, but for the left hand. And having achieved its separation from the left knee, do not forget to thank the Subconscious for the work brought.

3-5 minutes.

6. And now we are ready to move on to the most basic - strengthening immunity against COVID-19. You already know the information (albeit not very reliable about COVID-19), therefore, you knowingly ask your subconscious mind to strengthen the protection of your body against all forms of animal viruses with the following phrase: “My dear CONSCIOUSNESS, I ask you to develop and strengthen immune defense against all forms of animal viruses ... I beg you to strengthen my immunity against all forms of animal viruses that are disguised as human viruses. I ask you, My dear SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, to develop a mechanism for recognizing the viruses of people, of which animal viruses are part. For You, my dear Subconscious, these viruses are deadly, as for me. Therefore, do not reckon with the efforts to develop recognition systems for these dangerous viruses for you and me ... ”

While persuading and convincing your Subconscious to do this work, do not forget to ask him to raise his right hand at the same time with the following phrase: “My dear Subconscious, if You understand the importance of Your work with me to strengthen immunity against animal viruses and their derivatives, then I ask You raise your right hand a little ... ".

Your sincerity and perseverance will be rewarded and your right hand will rise a little more. Do not forget to thank your Subconscious for the work done with the following phrase: “My dear SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, Thank you for the work done to identify animal viruses and their derivatives that want to penetrate my body ... Thank you! You save me and YOURSELF with your work, THANKS! ”

7 minutes (min).

7. You are tired. But you still have the strength to continue the struggle and you, after 1-2 minutes of rest in constant GRATITUDE to your Subconscious, continue reframing (perestroika). You are already addressing your Subconscious with the following request: “My dear Subconscious, I ask you to give commands to develop mechanisms for the destruction of all harmful animal viruses and human viruses with a harmful animal component. And such mechanisms that would completely eliminate the danger of the revival of these viruses in my body. I beg you, my dear Subconscious, to use all the capabilities of my body to combat this real danger for me and for you ... "

Also, trying to persuade and convincing your Subconscious to do this work, do not forget to ask him to raise your left hand at the same time with the following phrase: “My dear Subconscious, if You understand the importance of Your WORK for us to destroy animals that are deadly for me and for You "viruses and their derivatives, I ask you to raise my left hand a little."

Do not forget to thank your Subconscious for the work done with the following phrase: “My dear Subconscious, THANK YOU for the work done to create a mechanism for the destruction of deadly ani mal viruses and their derivatives that can penetrate my body ... Thank you! You save me and YOURSELF with your work, THANKS! ”   7 minutes (min).

And after the last words of GRATITUDE, ask your SUBCONSCIOUSNESS to put the left and right hands in the “castle” in front of you: “My dear SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, we complete the reframing (restructuring) operation and create a single system to combat all animal malware viruses and their derivatives, in particular with COVID-19 . We unite two mechanisms - recognition and destruction of malicious viruses, as my hands are combined into a “castle”. THANK ! Will live !"


The main thing - Address your CONSCIOUSNESS as a Person - with respect!


In a letter on 05/05/2020, he wrote to the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine: “... this method was born not in the office, but on a watch on 6/04/2020 during the protection of the GLINKOR warehouses in the village of Kazachya-Lopan, when the desire to protect colleagues clearly" went off scale "( see photo attachment) ... "I do not pretend to perfectly adapt NLP to our language and understanding of the world, but in 2006 it worked, and today it is even done (" in the same breath ", all attempts to improve only worsen the text) is slightly better ... I sincerely wish you success in its understanding and implementation.


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