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Prize motivation: "for the discovery of a supermassive compact object at the centre of our galaxy."

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 802 | Author: A.Vasiljev, P.Poddubnyj | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2020-10-07

Establishment in the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship of the Open International University for Human Development "Ukraine" a permanent exhibition (preferably in the museum of the institute) dedicated to the activities of Wasily Mikhailovich Kozak as the first rector of the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship OIUHD "Ukraine", duplicating its main stands in the museum of local lore . Khust and in the museum of the University of Ukraine (OIUHD) in Kiev. This will be the most significant act confirming our desire for real and effective international cooperation, taking into account Wasily Mikhailovich's contribution to the organization and implementation of international programs under the auspices of the United Nations (UN). elja_universitetskoj_tradicii_v_khuste_vasilija_mikhajlovicha_kozaka_prodolzhae tsja / 6-1-0-334

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 750 | Author: Miroslav Y. Lozyuk | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2017-11-14

Germany rejects Trumps claims on NATO contribution

Germany is to increase defense spending in 2018 by 1.4 billion euros to reach 38.5 billion euros. That would mean a 3.9-rise but the sum would still be 1.26 percent of its economic output and shy of NATO benchmark. Spending a full two-percent of Germany's GDP would put Berlin's defense budget on a par with Russia's at around 65 billion euros (USD 70 billion).

So today we offer the most effective "psychological escort" traveling all over Europe, Asia and America, who joined a positive experience of thousands of years. Not by chance in Peru tombs, archaeologists have found dozens of US embalmed "Bismarck", which helped for about two thousand years ago to live and win their masters.

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 1160 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2016-10-10

Our organization decided to consider for its members in 2016 - the Year of Wasily Mikhailovich Kozak - 80-year-old hero of the day, the nominee nominal Medals "Metropolitan Gothia and Kafa, St. Ignatius" (2007), Founder and first rector of the Carpathian Institute of Business "Ukraine" University, always striving for real international cooperation, and in 2006 managed to convince the professor to come to work in Hust academician of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of ES&E Russia, the author of the Law of Preservation of Labour, Dr. com., Senior Scientist, can.con.scies Valery Aleksandrovich Vasiljev.

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 992 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2016-08-28

" It is the sin to pray for Tsar Herod !

Our Lady does not allow."

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 1145 | Author: Modest Musorgskij | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2016-04-16

Today is executed 86 years old with The birthday of Produced Economist, and as to nominate American Biographic Institute (USA), one of 500 Produced Intellects of Humanity, the author of The law of The preservation of Labour and the professor’s University «Ukraine» Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva. 

We shall try do not forget and with thanks to recall the academician of Ukraine, Russia and USA, the professors of University «Ukraine», Dr. com., cand.econ.scies, high scies empl. Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva.

Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 1359 | Author: E.Garcia, A.Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2015-07-10

                                                                                    To President European Union 
                                                                                     (European of Advice)
                                                                                     Mr Hermanu Van Rompuy
Dear Sir Herman Van Rompuy !
        Therefore come to you with a request morally to support our desire to give the Prime of Kumpana money embodiment due to percents from actions in Pionner Pekao Towarzystwa Funduszy Inwestycyjnyeti S.A., namely main - to take Your position to guidance of Fund.
       Hope sincerely, that it finally positively will decide this question and project of academician of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine, councilor International Biographic Center in Cambridge, a doctor Valery Vasiljev will be incarnate in practice of work of our civil organizations.
With sincere respect
Scandinavia-Bavaria-Khust //Скандинавия-Бавария-Хуст /Мюллеры-Кумпаны-Валерий Васильев | Просмотров: 1202 | Author: Alexander Vasiljev-Muller | Добавил: Vasiljev | Дата: 2011-02-10

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