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The Cossacks have a special place - in their FUTURE it is necessary to Believe!

The Cossacks have a special place - in their FUTURE it is necessary to Believe!

More recently, in Eastern Europe, the majority of the population in the USSR-CIS tried to convince that genetics is a pseudoscience. Although in closed laboratories and institutes not only understood and studied its concepts, but also achieved serious practical results not only studying the human genome.

With the historical sciences it was even more difficult and uncertain; there were several interpretations of the same historical events. And by the way, for the broad strata of the population and the creative intelligentsia, the emphasis was on the most obscure people, who really wanted to prolong the life in the minds of millions of our compatriots.

Therefore, even today the saying of Novalis * - "Space passes in time as a body into the Soul" is by no means universally perceived as a real revelation for the humanities ...

Undoubtedly, it is this way - compressed by Will and Intellect of Christian Rome, who moved the Normans-Goths to squeeze the space between Beijing and Bavaria, accelerating historical time on the entire Eurasian continent, where the noble impulse of Christian soldiers of the Great and Invincible Army of the World Imperial Normally-Mongolian Confederation on September 3, 1260 He turned the bodies of the Christians who sacrificed their lives under Nazareth into the High Spirituality of modern Europe and America - the Great Creator's Plan was realized ( pobeda_khristianstva_pokhod_armii_khulagu_khana_na_pomoshh_rimu_aktualna_posle_dolada_prof_d_eh_n_n_a_nazarbaeva / 2013-05-26-127).

How beautifully transformed Eurasian space Norman-Mongolian Imperial Confederation in historic times for the peoples of Eastern and Western Europe, giving a still underwhelming dynamics XIII, XIY and XY centuries, that only in the XXI century the peoples of the world are beginning to recognize the depth of civilizational conception of European intellectual-spiritual elite . Having realized that, Cossacks Normans for their exceptional sacrifice saved the September 3, 1260 under the Innovation Nazareth spirituality of our civilization - the foundations of Christianity, not allowing it to turn into a screen for traitors and shopkeepers. They did not give the cancerous swelling of betrayal, the corruption and lack of spirituality of the leadership of the Order of the Templars to discredit the innovation of the New Testament in Europe, Asia and Africa. Physical body sacrificed themselves Kazakov Normanni Great World Imperial Norman Mongolian Confederation transformed into the highest spiritual Christian World XXI century, spiritual exploits St. Ignatius, 24 Metropolitan Gotii and Kapha, Zygmunt Filinski, Colla Gutara, John Paul II et al. (  , )

The descendants of true fighters for the Spirituality of this World should know about this. Their ancestors were well aware of the significance of their feat in 1260 much deeper than all the heroes of World War II of 1939-1945. taken together. And why ? And because it is not a discussion bishops Buddhism, Islam and Christianity have heard those invincible warriors who regularly organized Timucin, completing them all try on toem (in present-day -. Banquet). These SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY of the thirteenth century created a unique phenomenon of iron discipline and uncompromising sacrifice for the common cause, despite the confessional differences. This has not yet been achieved in any of their modern armies. That is, the universal "spiritual Vseobuch" Invincible Army conducted many times these spiritual leaders, let Timucin refuse in the vast territory of the World Imperial Norman-Mongolian Confederation of torture (!). But none of the leaders of the states of the world can afford this in the 21st century, although the Concept of the Society of General Labor is already being implemented (  ).

But should we strive for this? Of course. But where to get the strength? It is advisable not to try to use all sorts of biostimulants (which in this case nothing will), and rely on historical memory, we seek to recreate in conducting socio-psychological monographs in the historic homeland and in the heart of the Norman-Gothic Confederation (Bakhmut-Taganrog-Mariupol), the memory of which has not been able to eradicate the homeland Kondrat Bulavin, whose name is rightly wanted to call the city V.N.Bratkov, deputy Bachmuth / Artemivsk city Council - "name blagozv it's easy to write and pronounce "- most recently - in 2014.

 The Liberation War of K. Bulavin (1706-1708)
Therefore, with the main results of our research, we will purposefully inform you, dear readers, to acquaint you. And the objects for their conduct were given to us by the very difficult life in Ukraine today of the real descendants of the Cossacks - contract servicemen in paramilitary security firms who can only show the effectiveness of their difficult work (16 hours a day for a pampered European - this is tough) in the historical territory Confederation of Kalmius (CALMOUCS - Encyclopedia "Britannica of 1771").


Yes, we were helped a little ...

He appeared in our shift, somehow very calmly and immediately blended into the working rhythm. His slightly limp figure at the beginning of the eighth all fifteen days escorted with CAT-2 look at the checkpoint-1, where Misha worked from the very first day on the weight.

Originally from the "Izyum Republic" Misha, it turns out to have worked for a long time at similar production facilities in our enterprise. And almost everything was familiar to him. With a soft, kind smile, Misha listened to all the complaints of the young people about the "difficulties of being," and calmly managed to fall asleep under Sasha's cannonade, otherwise Alexander's snoring was difficult, and he had four hours of sleep to recover - a hardy and strong guy. But the most interesting thing is that Misha cooked better than any professional chef. And I learned this when we decided to unite our forces in the struggle for survival ..., namely, in the kitchen. From the house brought potatoes and onions, I fell out and grab the pot, too. voyazhiroval on watch with "kravchuchkoy." But miracles began when Misha after the shift began to "sorcery" on the stove. It seems that everything is simple, but it was impossible to break away from the cooked food. That's when I realized that I had to reach 150 kg. live weight can easily. And if there are no brakes, dishes prepared by Misha, then almost a year. For all my enthusiasm Misha with a smile said that all this is trifles, if there was this and that, then it would have turned out much more delicious. To me until now, it's unclear how you can make even more delicious ... But not this most interesting.

To me, especially, his attitude towards colleagues, most of whom were not spoiled by this life, is close. I will give the most vivid example. So we decided to cook soup for two at the second with him. And they took the biggest saucepan. For two hours he was cleaning potatoes for this potato at night, and Misha was preparing two and a half hours after the change. And what happened did not just meet my expectations, but even surpassed the most daring fantasies. In one breath he ate two and a half plates and only by effort of will stopped himself. And in fact I immediately noticed that this dish was liked not only by me ... In short, this bucket sufficed us hardly for two days. As Misha said, "they helped us." And very well helped. For his part, remarked that "such unasked help" is the most objective assessment of his skill. And Misha did not even make any comments to anyone, although he certainly knew "helpers" in person - "let them at least watch at the watch ..." Both of us "for the present to the collective" cost us about 60 UAH, but none of us This, especially, did not "bother", but only decided not to cook in such quantities. At the same time, "the grandfather of protection from Zhirki" all "splashed over" for his sausage, which in the fridge "strangely diminished in a strange way." He even began to track down the "ground squirrel" and tracked down ... but this gave him little. Therefore, as the guys said - began to hide the sausage under the pillow. One thing is not clear - you know that not millionaires work in the guard and take with themselves one of the most expensive sausages, and then everyone is talking about the taste of sandwiches with it, as if emphasizing its security - this is, to put it mildly, incorrectly. And, of course, no one your "just indignation" will especially support. Moreover, it is only one of the links in the general chain of ambitious, demonstrative courage over colleagues and work. And they say hazing is an army invention - no, this is a real social disease, when there is an unjustified amount of free time and the necessary educational work with employees is not carried out or replaced by a corrosive formalism. By the way, the manifestation of this "double" hazing can be seen today also in companies that are still working with the roller, when even a shovel raise or something to move grows into a problem.

I want to emphasize that the same tolerance - "Misha's" attitude, but in essence - sincere respect for co-workers (and another staff in the security firm and the call does not want to) typical for 80% of the personnel of the security firms on the lands of the ancient Confederation Kalmius Eurasia (from Lutsk to Lake Baikal). And it's not accidental - fair, kind, creative genes of my people - Cossacks / Ready / Normans can not be destroyed and on their foundation the whole civilization of Eurasia is actually built today. It is time to realize all this, and open from this awareness to direct forces to further the intellectual and spiritual growth throughout the territory in the past, the most democratic and the most ancient in the World Confederation Kalmius (CALMOUCS - Encyclopedia "Britannica 1771") from Lutsk to Lake Baikal, the efforts of indigenous peoples which in the 13th century Europe was actually turned into innovative workshops of the modern World Economy (according to F. Brodel).

On such, as Misha, calm, according to the everyday professional workers and keep power structures not only in our country, but also in Europe and in America ...

They will have to ensure our FUTURE ...

VAVAN - "Ivanovich" // the most talented ARTIST ARTIST

Tell me how he is called?

He came to us only for a few shifts and without any wrangling began to fulfill all the requirements for wearing personal protective equipment on the territory of the enterprise. But only with some "artistic proof", namely, on his helmet appeared the star of "Sheriff" and the obligatory glasses on the helmet became "forever" rigidly fixed.

Calm, with optimistic military humor, the captain-lieutenant of the Navy - our Artist showed knowledge of the state language much larger than the former once-average leaders and the inscription "Doors not grunts" for twenty days took root at the checkpoint-2. But everything happens in Eastern Europe in accordance with common laws, but for the Western Europeans, incomprehensible laws. If something is already done more or less normally, then only a few days before the radical modernization and, perhaps, a complete change in the functional purpose of the structure or the entire facility. So in our case. As soon as they understood the peculiarities of the "national grammar", the sighted and badly closed outer door was replaced with a brand new, classic, insulated and with a new well-locked lock. The whole struggle for the accuracy of the closing was not necessary and the artist's grammatical research was not in demand. But this was not discouraged by our artist and he switched to portraits, which began to resemble more, in my opinion, cartoons. The guys liked it, because in the cartoons grasped the characteristic feature of the behavior or attitude to the work of the subject who came to his head in the field of view of the Artist. By the way, then it was impossible to refuse from the fixed feature, it became a distinctive feature of the fighter with whom he switched to another watch ...

But most of all we liked the calendar, which was created by the creativity of the restless and active devourer of oatmeal. In their impulse to "Freedom of Expression", February was modernized in duration not even in January or March, but in the month of Baron Munchausen, which was 32 days old. We, after the departure of our "Salvador Doli", tried to continue his tradition and create a calendar in which all the months were 32 days, but they started with 4, and then with 2 numbers, so as not to break everything ...


Probably the biggest "revolutionary impulse" manifested in the creative work of an extraordinary colleague was fixed in the plate that was modernized by him "The Border of the Access Road," which turned into "The Border of the USSR Access Road".

It seems that we all have a little left of his research ..., but there is no other memory ..., especially since he promised to return to the watch in 67 years. The enterprise must exist for another 12 years ... this is a trifle in our era of change ... What do you think?

Petr Vasilievich

You do not think on the state and try not to give the son of the deceased volunteer at the front to get the education necessary for the country ...

Every time, going to the next watch, I come to this 87-year-old "agronomist from God," who still conducts correspondence with research agrarian institutes and scientific breeders who send him tomato varieties, and he grows them and gives them their grades. So many concrete and necessary knowledge (!) Kept in his memory this Cossack / Noman from under Poltava.

But most of all I remember his story, how he aspired to study and how he "made his way" to the agricultural technical school. Immediately after the war, they sought to equip, first of all, schools for industrial enterprises in the Donbas. Therefore, certificates necessary for admission to agricultural technical schools were given with great difficulty. And he studied well in the school of Petr Vasilievich, of course, was accepted into the technical school, but a certificate from the village council was necessary for enrollment, which the secretary of the district executive committee simply did not give out. Three times Peter Vasilievich was at the reception in the district party committee. And for the third time he almost shamed the nomenklatura: "You do not think in the state and try not to give the son of the deceased at the volunteer's front to get the education necessary for the country ...", which all flushed and could not stand the onslaught of the "child of war" immediately called the district executive committee, demanding from them immediately give out the necessary certificate - "this soup". Pyotr Vasilyevich did not lose his head about such a characteristic, but parried it "not to the soup, but to the citizen of the USSR." By the way, this title of "Citizen of the USSR" with pride all his life carried Peter Vasilyevich. And when he provided high yields in the Yampol region, and when he served in the artillery calculation in Central Asia on the Caspian coast, he skillfully "tied the guns to landmarks" to ensure accuracy of the hit (the latter was usually done only by officers, not gunners). And in the last "atomic war" the old man with the sincerity of the native inhabitant of the Yampolka region without any "political calculations" fed the Ukrainian soldiers with his tomatoes from the heart, considering it his duty to that country that highly appreciated his work and principled position on all the acute and conjuncture questions. Here, where there is a real Zapolit of New Ukraine from the Cossacks / Normans of Poltava-Seversk.

And I, really, were lucky to receive every fifteen days a parting word before another watch from this Great Ukrainian. Specifically, such people continue to live and work on the primordially Cossack-Norman lands of Independent Ukraine, being the intellectual and spiritual capital of a nation that can neither be bought nor appropriated nor thoughtlessly wasted ... Thanks to their work all positive processes acquire stability and fundamental character, and most importantly - irreversibility.

 Boleslav Kocherovsky, Evdokia Chernyavskaya, Katolik Farm at night / A. Kuindzhi /

Thanks to them, we in Ukraine will never retreat into the darkness of medieval obscurantism and hatred of all nations working more than us and accordingly living better than us ...

*           *           *

General familiarity with the family of Peter Vasilievich and his sons Sergei, in the recent past, a professional military pilot, which is eight times collected in hospitals and twice passed training on survival, Nikolai, a certified veterinarian, Volodya, a graduate of the Luhansk University, somehow inadvertently makes one think, and where in the normal Norman / Cossack family such a desire for higher university education? Why did Petr Vasilyevich and Sergei Petrovich and Nikolai Petrovich, as well as Vladimir Petrovich, worry so much about the problems of the Universe so far? Who and when laid the university tradition of intense intellectual and spiritual search in their ancestors? And without any historical perspective and intellectual stress response comes naturally - to really work, "Intellectual and Spiritual University" Timucin when most prominent "Professor so-called theology" taught to him, trying to win the intellectual debate his opponent - the same level of intellectual (the soldiers of the Invincible Norman-Mongolian Army have repeatedly witnessed disputes between outstanding preachers of Islam, Christianity and Buddhism with subsequent toyo / banquet for all participants and listen lei, which is arranged in the Karakoram Millennium Man - Timucin). These were so memorable "lectures" that they then, and today, would give much more whole year-long lecture courses. And their "comprehensive certification examination" was given to the soldiers of the Invincible Army from the banks of Kalki and Kalmius near Nazareth on September 3, 1260 and, as we see, on EXCELLENT (or 12 points in the Balon system).

We do not yet have conclusive evidence, but it seems that in Iran and Iraq their descendants have a strong influence on the entire socio-dynamics of development of these regions. This influence was especially positive in the Second World War, and today in a rather high standard of living for non-industrialized countries.

But the most important thing for us today - is that spirituality and intellect are inherited and determine the inclination and the fate of the descendants of all true warrior World Norman-Mongolian imperial confederation and XXI century lead an uncompromising struggle for our future with you.

The madman of Truth can not understand -

                                 Arshin Soul is not measured,

The Cossacks have a special become -

                                 In their future it is necessary to BELIEVE!

Alexander Ploskyni


* NOVALIS - Baron Friedrich von Hardenberg (May 2, 1772, Wiederstedt - March 25, 1801, Weissenfels) is a German philosopher, writer, poet of the mystical worldview, one of the Yen romanticists. Published under the pseudonym Novalis (German. Novalis). He possessed the widest erudition in all fields of knowledge of the XVIII century. Some connoisseurs of creativity even saw in Novalis the predecessor of Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein. "The training extracts or abstracts of Novalis, forming whole volumes in the collections of his writings, quickly and naturally develop into original research, encompassing not only humanitarian but also natural and even exact sciences." Among the fragments of Novalis are accumulated dedicated to physics, medicine, and mathematics. Novalis in science as well. "

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