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We shall recall Great Man - 86 years !

We shall recall Great Man


Today is executed 86 years old with The birthday of Produced Economist, and as to nominate American Biographic Institute (USA), one of 500 Produced Intellects of Humanity, the author of The law of The preservation of Labour and the professor’s University «Ukraine» Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva.

Pass years, and role this outstanding person and its influence on all modern events begins everything more and more be realized by people, with which worked or who listened appearances and read the clauses of this Sincere Intellectual person 21 century. And deservedly in 2003 yr. International Biographic Center in Cambridge made Valery Alexandrovich member and handed in him names Medal IBC in Cambridge, as one of 2000Outstanding Intellectual 21 century to «Valery Vasiljev Author: The law of Preservation Labour».

It is startling, but fulfiled calculations by the doctor of commerce, cand. econ. scies, high scies.empl. Valery Alexandrovichem Vasiljev and today urgent. His calculations 1999 yr. the no-deficit budgets of the most of independent states on post-soviet room were perceived on the annual meeting of The academy of the economic sciences of Ukraine, of as fresh air in hard atmosphere no-positive. And this work then very liked The President of AES Ukraine, to the academician of NAN Ukraine Nikolaiu Grigorevichu Chumachenko. He sincerely supported the impulse of his uncalm academician to change world to best, what lent forces to explorers in Priazove to appear with new scientifical-organizational ideas and projects having published the row of Bulletins AO AES&E and Institute ESCR.

About it in 2000 yr. on Iubilee Nikolaya Grigorevicha in Pushche-Vodica with thanks from The Mariupol’s academic community spoke the President-chairman of the Azov’s department of The academy of economic sciences and business activity, the academician of Russian Academy ES&E, academician New -York Academy of Science Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev. He of next its appearance went to Warsaw, where him managed to make real steps to organising of The club of Members New York Academy of Science Central and East Europe. Idea supported the scientists of Latvia and other states … But not all projects manages to actualize to the end … Time today such, when all we in position « Constants overtaking» …, unfortunately.

But His project of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, beginning  the ambassador of drop «Two Twins» in New York of and sincere sympathy to American tragedy on the part of the Azov’s Department of Academy ES&E in November 2001yr., continues actively be actualized today by intellectual persons of Spain, Serbia, Indies, of Canada, Australia and Ukraine (on сайте www.сiс-wsс.org  the organisations 583 document on 10/07/2015г.) which for 14 years old of work actualized of столько enterprising projects beginning from international scientific Forums 2005, 2006 and 2007 and completing Prime Kumpana (Golika-Guli-Karimova-Vasiljev) and Names Medal «Metropolitans Gothas and Kafy, Holy Ignatius», what forms impression which this works great state structure, rather than international public body.

It is much, great deal useful and necessary was made this uncalm and believing in happy WILLING of Humanity TO SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP. Today very little remained in the science of people who in behalf of its convictions of and moral principles are  able to go on sacrifices … it is said, what « Steel shallow» and even «Steel savage» nation in entire государствах… But meanwhile on Earth will reside Intellectual persons, capable to the end do not bend in environment of мракобесов and scoundrels _ our CIVILIZATION has chance on the conservation of the positive trend of development. Her exist and will what transmit to future GENERATIONS of inhabitants Earth.

And all this owing to such Persons, as Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev, to pupil Prof., Dr techn. scies V.DOBROVOLSKOGO and scientist managers  V.I.TERESHCHENKO. These people in much absolved and absolve The humanity right to continue Intellectual-spiritual constructing in this part of Universe nominated by us by Solar system.

We shall try do not forget and with thanks to recall the academician of Ukraine, Russia and USA, the professors of University «Ukraine», Dr. com., cand.econ.scies, high scies empl. Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljeva.


Chairman of Civil international Committee                                Dr. Ernesto Garcia



Vice-chairman Civil international Committee,

Vice-chairman Azov’s Departments ES&E                               Dr. Аlexandr Vasiljev

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