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Return of Nadiya Savchenko to Ukraine -The spiritual SISTERS of our Nadi

Return of Nadiya Savchenko to Ukraine



Press Statement

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 25, 2016



I welcome today’s news that Nadiya Savchenko has returned to Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine's humanitarian decision to release two Russian service members captured on Ukrainian soil and convicted of terrorism-related charges.

Nearly two years ago, Nadiya Savchenko was captured in combat in eastern Ukraine and forcibly taken against her will into Russia. Her release, after a long ordeal that included solitary confinement, is an important part of fulfilling Russia’s commitments under the Minsk agreements and should now provide impetus for their complete implementation. This includes a real, comprehensive, and sustained ceasefire in eastern Ukraine; full access for the OSCE to the area affected by the conflict; elections under Ukrainian law that meet OSCE standards and are monitored by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR); the withdrawal of foreign forces and equipment; and the return to Ukraine of full control over its international border. We also call on Russia to abide by its Minsk commitments by releasing all hostages and unlawfully detained persons.


Я приветствую сегодняшнее известие, что Савченко вернулся в Украину и правительство гуманитарного решения Украины об освобождении двух российских военнослужащих, захваченных на украинской земле и осужденных за совершение связанных с терроризмом обвинения.

Почти два года назад, Савченко был взят в плен в бою на востоке Украины и насильно против ее воли в России. Ее освобождение, после долгих мытарств, который включал одиночное заключение, является важной частью выполнения обязательств России по договорам Минск и теперь должны послужить стимулом для их полной реализации. Это включает в себя реальную, всеобъемлющего и устойчивого прекращения огня на востоке Украины; полный доступ для ОБСЕ в зоне влияния конфликта; выборы в соответствии с законодательством Украины, которые отвечают стандартам ОБСЕ и контролируются Бюро ОБСЕ по демократическим институтам и правам человека (БДИПЧ); вывод иностранных сил и средств; и возвращение в Украину полный контроль над своей международной границы. Мы также призываем Россию выполнить свои обязательства Минска, освободив всех заложников и незаконно задержанных лиц.


FREDOM Nadia Savchenko Nadia (Hope) Savchenko continues to starve fourth week 05.01.2015 10: 42

Молимся Всемилостивейшему Творцу, чтобы подарил Вам быстрейшее освобождение и дал крепкое здоровье, силы, терпения и мужества!-С ув. Онуфрий

"Ну не живет в тюрьме человек, который родился свободным, а не рабом в неволе. Особенно если он невиновен. Своим протестом – голодом – я хочу добиться здравого смысла от российской власти и совести от Следственного комитета РФ. Решение голодать я приняла самостоятельно, никто меня к этому не склонял. Дала слово: "До дня возвращения меня на Украину или до последнего дня жизни в России!" – и назад его не возьму, иначе чего будут стоить мои слова! Надя Савченко, 12.01.2015 г.".

Continued Detention of Nadiya Savchenko - FREEDOM Nadiya 


To President of Ukraine

Peter  Alexeevich Poroshenko


The spiritual SISTERS of our HOPE - Nadi Savchenko exist and on Donetsk’s basin!


Events in East Ukraine disclosed and uncover the inner life of people. At the 1000s of our compatriots this WORLD is  built on basement common to all mankind, of Christian values, but often with larger distortions … But all these peculiarities for interested in the positive turns of heads catch eye and with these people exist sense to work. Because, all they the citizens of Ukraine, pass world outlook crisis.


But exist and desperate subjects. Their WORLD is very arid, and or rather, at many «hearers and audience» Russian SMI substitution such endless zombi folly which stays on to hope on miracle for sacrifices geopolitical adventures  and experiments (in houses for batty director and doctors ill do not choose …).

All they shouted, and now deafly are whispered, what «why Ukrainian army came…» and wait that Zakharchenko will fulfill its promise and «will free their from Ukraine», having expanded the borders of bandits’s chaos till the borders of area. They pray on putin and see in it rescue from all its misadventures, and after affixture to Russia in their existence must, as to their opinion, come paradise period. They do not want to see that such «little paradise» already unwrap and suffers in the Crimea. They every day write in electric trains («Red Liman-Kurdumovka», «Artemovsk-Svyatogorsk» and others) savage as to essence and, real, absurd phrase - «The Ukrainians of the murderer of children». Its write on Ukrainian good female handwriting with constant perseverance, as setting before self target - «to put» it on subconsiousness all and each. But already began to appear of the correction of this vile folly - «The Ukrainians of the murderer Dneeriv» and even - «We carol Kiev Rusi - Novorossiya to suck …» which, like, writes already not implemented to Ukraine agents, and have lifted head Ukrainians (and text clever, and handwriting not calligraphy).


But by this letter before self  set purpose to tell YOU about rare as to essence fact among persons elder 70 years old of loyalty to common to all mankind - European values and the aspiration of them to battle out and will not betray. It is certain, it is impossible on one level to set the fortitude of Nadia Savchenko and the advocacy of its position in conversation between old people. But spiritual similarity evident. Judge self.

For recent years we accustomed to the change of party cards, positions, of political no-principles and candid lie, for which have hided  greed and aspiration to live, as «on the West» (but easily; Right away in provided Stratum). It is that is why, nobody does not wait from dependent old man any principal position nowhere, except, as in dramatic formulation. It is all the more, what, when such fact manifests in real life, it sincerely pleases and astonishes, and main – wanting to verify it authenticity. With its side everything verified and else more was argue into necessity to you of him to enounce.

And events developed so much everyday that nobody did not hypothesize such «passions as to putin», yes and self passions were any feather play - Latin American or better to say «candidly alcoholic». To abandon service for ill man only that is why, what it does not part «prophetic the significance of person «Crimean invader» and «Geopolitical bandit» naming constantly 240 1000s of Ukrainian soldiers bandits» - it is more, than folly (friend Valentiny from Mariupol - Liuda over this sincerely laughed considerring Dusiu stupid …, but purposes that worse stupid …).

Valentina Vladimirovna Iukhno 30 May 2015 yr., having not overcomed threshold apartments, preserving cat, broke in several places ill foot. That is why fourth month lies to bed and cannot meanwhile go even with accommodations for walking. To withstand four monthly lies very it is difficult. And the role of the nurse of-aid lady in this position for it exclusively great. And if aid lady is able to ease anguishes ill, then she becomes close larger friend - Dusya for two month and became such «FRIEND» which constantly spoke that her was lucky to meet Valentina Vladimirovna in Seversk. But constantly spoke and about its support «deneerov’s men» which «to perish for Donbass». With its side, tried of this do not hear, because my position always was antipodal. This two year have lived in Seversk and know that in the first days of unwrapping of candid brigandage weapon brought by machines of and practically its  disjected. The and only clever guys of him did not take …, and much was such «clever»? In that that and matter …That is why, what planted that and to collect today all «from Russian world» (who with the bloc of posts returned, and how many did not return …!). Hate, there’s seem, is very big. And hate whether it? Not this likely not so.

It is like, this desire to cause «Ukrainian  much working», and their heroes to discredit. It is so, about Nadia Savchenko it is said all time of beastliness …and it is not accidental, just like dream about the elimination of state Ukraine …And it is possible this everything withstand and to struggle as to Internet for exemption Nadia (www.сiс-wsс.org D-539 …), but, when candidly speak of all soldiers Ukrainian army which «they are all bandits» that this already “very much” … My objection Duse, what «cannot of all 240 1000s be bandits» - was perceived as explosion shell, just like words which «the work of Poroshenko and Yatseniuka neither one to head in Russia and week will not withstand and The nation of this never forget», and indication which Filaret said «about Satan entered in putin and it nobody from orthodox chiefs  did not protest» - to pour butter in fire …Having banged by door, aid lady went away …, have throw keys. And occured this 27/09/2015yr.

And 29/09/2015 yr. She came for money of and «Exposed» this teacher, «Finished of 5 Institutes» and «did not may order on 42 metros have made*, and putin in all country of its have made», and main - «Why Valentina her did not defend?». But the most interesting - «if Valentina will change its opinion relatively putin that she will return and will and further to serve». Conversation arose in presence Natashi (from social employment), when I was on work in Artemovsk, that is why as-that even was not believe in similar folly (though this away off not folly, and candid the putin’s style of processing of group …). Here is, who from old people on territory of Russia and Ukraine would not become with aid lady and would not to speak together with Lunatic agents what «putanchik is Genius» (because for such small change is provided necessary medical service)?! AND Valentina Vladimirovna disagree and generally abandoned the help of aid ladies (!!!), though her very not simply everything to make now self … (certain, and on me more charge, but this already small change).

GREAT WOMEN Valentina and worthy sincere RESPECT!

Because nobody will not say that «She does not know situations and came after all events», because nowhere with 2013yr. from Seversk with its flat not travel and have withstanded everything the gaps of bombs in its, apart from necessary to descend in the cellar of home, in which even from first floor constantly were hid (to me was it is interesting observing such calm balanced behavior of close man, and in soul boasted of, by the manifestation of genetic fortitude atamans Cossack’s Sechi even in women). She sincerely dislike Yanukovicha and never this did not conceal, and when Turchinov began to struggle for Ukraine that wished successes everything belligerent for independence from obvious geopolitical lunatizm. Her was very wretched for Nadiu Savchenko, that is why maintained us with Ernesto. AND Valentina did not want to change to its convictions and in its 77 years old lent fight designed criminal which tried to actualize through 72 summer aid lady! What GREAT WOMEN ! She did not change conviction and her interesting in struggle for exemption Nadi Savchenko, as see, went from soul. That is why we with Ernesto (Spain) so quickly and wrote all recourses and furnished to their Ambassador RF in Ukraine, are struggling  for disengagement Nadi…www.сiс-wsс.org Doc 536- 540.

It is so, Dusya the ambassador of such rejecting even to cry, playing  from itself offended, and actually concealing obvious nuisance which plan of blackmail old women broke about disposition and strength of conviction Valentiny Vladimirovny Iukhno in the correctness of the leadership of Ukraine (Petra Alexeevicha and Arseniya Petrovicha!!). It is by the way, name, of appearance Arseniya Petrovicha Yatseniuka always with anxiety waits and sees as to TV Valentina Vladimirovna. Her, real, likes this young and responsible statesman of Ukraine which works far and away more possible. She very well understands - where truth, and where bouncer, because from 42 years old of manufacturing experience on IG «Azovmash» in hard workshop studied 36 years old (!!). Not «putanchk’s» Dusyam her to give commands!

Here is to you real fact about «Battle» for willing of Ukraine on hospital’s bunk …

Important to note that Valentina Vladimirovna to such position came not after my conversations about the history Bakhmuta (of Artemovsk) and Seversk (of Yam). Though her were interesting information which this region is heart Worldwide Norman-Mongol Empire, commodity investments from China industrialization Europe, and under its farm Catholic in 1223yr. managed ataman Ploskyni and Subedeiu to commit impossible and to put big blocs in the basement of this Empire getting the best of it ashore Kalka (the country on south  Baikal and the title of language Mongols), current  in Calmoucs (the title of country over Aral Sea; in 13 century). It her was interesting to learn that Ekaterina Second actually won war not with Pugachevym, and with Siberia («Tartaria»), interests which heroic to battle out Pugachev and others. No - not my information was main, and work on IG «Azovmash» and insisting genetic MEMORY at the level of subconsciousness about act of bravery primogenitors - Ataman Ploskyni, have asked Subudeya to send envoys even when of the first envoys killed, Moiseya Grigorevicha Catholic in Azov’s Army destroying the attempts of migration from PriAzov-Land its blood-brothers on Kuban.

It is by the way, you noticed Petr Alexeevich regularity which when situation in control approaches catastrophic that in clever nations promptly find «Yacenuks»?! Is asked - and why not bear on frames main nation receiving education in Best universities? Blockage - much was actualized of crimes heads which capacity for qualitative understanding control to the offsprings of state liquidator-criminals confine to with above, as automatic (!). This hypothesis readily is verified and very quickly will be acknowledged the existence of distinct regularity. Not all for nothing south talented nation suffered, т.к it intellect turned out to be need practically in all world on historic important events. If to us manage with thanks to relate to the best representatives of nation which today preserves the statehood of Ukraine that tempo of the realisation of the programs of development in the world is accelerated and control else more internationalization. It is by the way, this understood and in 13 century, and in 20 years XX century - understand and сегодня …, though not all …

This FACT tried have given till YOU, Peter Alexeevich …


With sincere respect and the most best regards,


Alexander Valerevich Vasiljev, engineer-metallurgist, Dr econ. Sciences, H.s.empl., can.thech.scis. I reside at the address: city Seversk, Bakhmutovskii area, Donetsk’s region, 84523 

The first photos of the most famous and respected woman in the modern Wide World, and the second - Valentine Vladimirovna Yukhno, great-great-granddaughter of Ataman officer Azov Cossack army Moses G. Catolica. Is not it what these women are like? Most likely they affect the common roots of Norman Great people, who has repeatedly saved our imperfect civilization but only for us.

На первой фотографии самая известная и уважаемая женщина в современном Мире, а на второй - Валентина Владимировна Юхно, пра-правнучка атамана-офицера Азовского Казацкого Войска Моисея Григорьевича Католика. Неправда ли чем то эти женщины похожи ? Скорее всего в них сказываются общие Норманские корни Великого народа, который не раз спасал нашу несовершенную но единственную для нас цивилизацию. 

I am deeply convinced, like all true Christians in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia, that the liberation of Nadia Savchenko from prison in the Russian Federation, these two extraordinary women received with satisfaction and hope that more of such human rights violations will not be repeated anywhere in the world (!).

Я глубоко убеждён, как и все настоящие Христиане в Европе, Азии, Америке, Африке и Австралии, что освобождение Надежды Савченко из тюрьмы в Российской Федерации эти две незаурядные женщины восприняли с удовлетворением и надеждой, что больше такого нарушения прав человека не повторится нигде в мире (!).  

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