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the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in the economy of 2017 yr

To secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences  Göran K. Hansson[

Box 50005 SE-104 05


17 /05/ 2017  NP-NAN

Dear Sir,

We respect the work of your Academy with great respect and strive to maintain its authority in the states of Eastern Europe in all ways available to us. ;

The Academic Council of our Institute considers one of the most significant successes of the Academy to be the awarding of the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics since 1969.

This award was an indispensable moral incentive for professional economists of all countries of the World. And we, even despite our modest opportunities, tried to imitate your global civilizational work. ; ; ; ; ; .

Together with the Civic International Committee (since 2006 -2017 headed by Dr. Ernesto Garcia, we managed to find a candidate in the countries of Eastern Europe, which meets all your requirements for all important economic sciences.

We invite you to consider the nomination of Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev as a possible winner of the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in the economy of 2017 "for the development of the global civilizational concept of the Society of General Labor and the beginning of its implementation in a national state." .

Nursultan Nazarbayev as the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan today not only tries to translate this concept into life, but also imbibes his people "that the culture of knowledge and openness is necessary for Kazakhstan to achieve modern national identity." .

His big and hard work finds sincere response in the hearts of young people not only in Kazakhstan but also in Ukraine in Bakhmut (Donetsk region) more than 200 students of grades 9-11 with great interest learned about the successes of Ukraine-friendly Kazakhstan at the presentations of exhibitions (Central Library of Bakhmut) "A single scientific and cultural open-air on the American and European continents (on the application of the Spain, Kuba, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine)", "The unified scientific space is the basis for successful globalization "(from 28/12/2016 to 25/02/2017).

But this is really the most important thing for us in the modern world, so that young people take interest in scientific and practical developments with interest. Our common goal is to create all necessary conditions for this. And the consideration of the candidacy of Nursultan Nazarbayev as a possible candidate for the Nobel Prize in 2017 will create these conditions for the youth of all states in Eastern Europe from Lutsk to Vladivostok.

We will ask the public of universities of the European and Asian Academies to support our candidacy for the High Nobel Prize.


With sincere respect,


Director of the Institute, Doctor of Economic Sciences

                                                                                   Vasiljev A.V.



The letter will be sent to the Ambassador of Sweden in Ukraine with a request to send you a registered letter to the Royal Academy of Sweden and we would be sincerely grateful if you would inform us about its receipt.

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