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THE RECOMMENDATIONS of the international research seminar of «FUTURE Donetsk’s Basin in new political Situations»-fr. 21 June as to 10 July



of the international research seminar of - the round-table conference of

«FUTURE Donetsk’s Basin in new political Situations: The outlooks of creation Euro-regions in East Europe» (from 21 June as to 10 July 2014 yr.),

to 85-th with The birthday of Producing the scientist of-economist, the academician of The academy of the economic sciences of Ukraine Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev


The first bloc of recommendations must touch the level of higher schools and техникумов, in the first place, in Donetsk’s and in Zakarpatsk’s areas, taking into account regional fastening made by the authors of researches. Them shall formulate in the following way:

1.          To acknowledge perspective and to recommend the state and private institution of highers education of Ukraine composing of plans SRL on 5 years old with the perspective directions of researches on ten years old. This not only decides a matter of reception good sociological information but also will arrange the labor of professorial – lecture’s team, not to mention students doing him unequivocal and efficient (was supported The density of information of education  of Ukraine else in 2013yr.).//from 9 report and publications doc. Sedelnikovoi L.G. as to cognitive marketing in Lipetsk;

2.          We to carry out адресную presentation in the Internet Room of the independent research of students, specialists and Magisters in topical Internet-journals. It is there operative to dispose the even provisional results of fulfilled research projects as to the most socially resonance the directions of intellectual-spiritual activity, in which was involved the higher school youth.//from 9 and 14 reports and publications doc. Sedelnikovoi L.G. as to cognitive marketing in Lipetsk;

3.          We pay attention to expediency to use simultaneously two or even 3 Internet-Page, what creates at the students of concrete higher school substantiated sensation values in submitting of information, all the more, what its possible to arrange as to directions with the attention concentration on main subject area The internet of-journal (for account of only scientific and socio-cultural materials).//from 9 and 11 reports and publications доц. Sedelnikovoi L.G. as to cognitive marketing in Lipetsk;

4.          Particular attention in circumstances of the deficit of financial resources and specialists earn dummies Pages company Ucoz (RF) which provide qualitative understanding arranging of маркетинговых researches with the auditoria of users as to published materials over many years old.//from 9, 11 and 14 reports and publications doc. Sedelnikovoi L.G. as to cognitive marketing in Lipetsk;

5.          Is  necessary to introduce in training courses of state and private higher schools the materials of the analysis of economic efficiency for the economics UIS of privatization MC «Krivorzsteel» (the developments of the academician of AES Ukraine, prof. CI University «Ukraine» V.A.Vasiljev) upgrading employees and developing global partnership, as well as to introduce the description of the law of the preservation of labor in the traineeship of system analysis, taking into account dynamics of the transformation of fundamental ethnics of Europe and the necessity of ensuring of resistant intellectual-spiritual growth including the peculiarities of the realisation of integrations ideas on Donetsk’s Basin.//from 1, 2, 3 and 4 reports;

6.          To acknowledge necessary work as to give insisting academic disposition to analysis the arts of youth introducing their work in no-destroy time library catalogs and directories. Because meanwhile work of Library, culture develops and Humanity has Willing.//from 14 report and Journal "Gleams" (scies. empl. T.N. Belenko, I.A.Kornatskij, E.N. Lyadova);

7.          To to use the experience of carrying out by the students of the Carpathian  Institute of The university of «Ukraine» international program UNITED NATIONS «Plant for the Planet» in 2007-2009 yryr. In participation organizing in sports international programs and projects with the universities of European Union (organizers: CI University «Ukraine» and the Azov’s Department of The academy of economic sciences and business activity).//from 8 report.


The second bloc of recommendations touches the level of enterprises and organizations (micro-economics). Them shall formulate in the following way:

1.          In the realization of the politics of price formation on enterprises and organizations extremely permissible prices for should are  disposed with accounting сезонности, regionation , fashions and ect. Their determining on all without the exception of article of manufacture, goods and services of must be based on the objectively necessary expenditures of labor with the correlation observance between profit and expenses on the payment of labor within 0,6 – 0,7, in other words The profitability of labor (quotient arrived to wage with depreciation on it) should be within 60-70% for countries UIS and 20-25% for industrially developed countries (USA, England, Germany, Japan and others.//from 16 report;

2.          In the calculations of the economic efficiency of capital investment recommend to emanate from the basics of objective socioeconomic school born on detected regularities as to intellectualization  labor, the new category of labour and laws about conservation and about no-destroy labour. For sample of micro-economical analysis advisable to take the analysis of the economic efficiency of privatization MC «Krivorozsteel» (the developments of the academician of AES Ukraine, prof. CI University «Ukraine» V.A.Vasiljev).//from 16 and 4 reports;

3.          Based on tendency constantly of growing influence on the quality of life of the point’s objects of the social infrastructure of teams, recommend to use suggested by in 1992 year the methodology of the calculation of the parsimony of time in optimization their sitting (Vasiljev A.V., of The methodological issue of improving of the indicators of labor input: Social infrastructure. - Donetsk: Donetsk’s Basin, 1992. - 151p.).//from 16 report.


The third bloc of recommendations touches агломераций, name, of the level of cities and built-up areas (regional economics). Them shall formulate in the following way:

1.          We recommend to executive committees and the mayors of the cities of Ukraine to begin realization complex constructing with using of the project of building with complete autonomous as to energy (the development of assistant director SF «Mosproject» P.I.Poddubnyj and President Ukrainian Academy, academician A.F.Onipko) who embodies in practice жизнедеятельности the principles of social justice and the equalities of rights at the representatives of all strata and the social groups of the population of city.//from 10 report;

2.          We consider it reasonable to use in completing constructions of the residential and office constructions of regional centers and the capitals of states UIS (Astana, Kiev, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Franko /Stanislaw etc) the main elements of church's style (experience of modern Donetsk and ancient Lvov).//from 12 report;

3.          We to use the elements of the system of socio-status stimulation carrying out systems approach in the development of the socio-ecology-economical models agglomerations (of cities, of territories with high population density and others).//from 1-го report;

4.          To ask the leadership of Donetsk’s area to appear on the level of The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine with the initiative of arranging «Artemovsk’s socioeconomic experiment», the as optimal possibility of activating of the role of small cities and exit from social crisis in the implementation of designed regional economic policy.//from 6-го report.


The fourth bloc of recommendations touches areas and territories controled as to international contracts which are  concluded by territorial administrations (regional executive committees, by the governments of areas). Them shall formulate in the following way:

1.          To recommend The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine to and President of Ukraine with the purpose of processing the mechanism of deciding of the organizational questions of the many vectors collaboration of Ukraine with Euro-Asia Union and European Union to carry out program «East RENESSANS», by core which must be experiment as to the creation of between areas coordination socioeconomic structure «Donetsk-Lugansk’s Region» with the operation of territorial special zone «Artemovsk’s FEZ». Advice « Donetsk-Lugansk’s Region» will be obligated to pay particular attention to deciding of the social questions of ensuring of general employment and the observance of the principles of social justice (the realisation of concept «Society General Labour» Prof., Dr econ. scies Nursultan Abishevicha Nazarbaev) with accounting of the peculiarities of the formation of modern administrative structures, complementing the formed practice of control by economic complex.//from 13 and 7-го reports;

2.          The Ukraine national academy of sciences to consider question about the methodological ensuring of the creation of experimental 'Donets-'Lugansk Region" and «Artemovsk’s FEZ» with orientation on the creation «Society General Labour » (of formed without class society) at expense effectively working between regions purely social budget in the context of the provided possibilities of decentralization, in other words not replace regional budgets, and to create third between regions in which to accumulate dues on deciding of the purely social problems of “between areas” region (experimental, but very progressive in nearest, and especial, in long-range perspective).//from 2, 7, of and 16-го reports;

3.          To The Ukraine density of information of education  in the support of The ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine and The embassies of European Union in Ukraine to arrange the carrying out of topic «The Economical and ethnic-social tendencies of integration process in East Europe on basis of the comparative analysis the regional and ethnic peculiarities of the development of the areas of France, of Poland and Ukraine with industrially by comparative potential», as well as topics «Ethnic-social prognostication - the instrument of the realization of purposes European Union».//from 16-го report.


The fifth bloc of recommendations touches state and the between states levels of control (macro-economics). Them shall formulate in the following way:


  1. We recommend body ofs men of science and professional economists to support the creation of group G-Global as addendum to mechanism G-20, in the purposes of the formation of international economic policy and the search of global anti crisis decisions (one of the most perspective initiatives of President Republic Kazakhstan, Prof., Dr econ. scies N.A. Nazarbaev) bearing on rating the socioeconomic civilization responsibility of The institute of economical and socio-cultural researches by name Olga Vladimirovna Wasilevoi-Catholic (assignee DESMC The academy of science of Ukraine).//from 15-го report;

           2. The general Assembly of The organizations of incorporated Nations is          necessary       to arrange the calculations of the possible ways of the development of world economics as to three scenarios on the grounds of suggested by us general methodological and methodological toolkit (http://azov-aсademy.uсрroekt_teoretiko_metodologiсheskikh_osno/4-1-0-270 ) for all states of members UNITED NATIONS, the as general coordinated project of overcoming of deindustrialization the countries of third world and balanced mutually complementing the development of industrially developed countries.//from 16-го report;

3. To the ministries of the economics of Ukraine, Belarus, Russian Federation and other states UIS recommend as to the results of fulfilled researches following rates of tax on capital with norms: From 0,2% till 2% on the personal property of citizens in the form of домостроений and personal estate; From 2,0% till 3,0% on main manufacturing funds; From 1,5% till 2,5% on unmanufacturing funds, floating assets, including payment for earth; 2,0% -3,0% on contributions in national banks and facilities (values), persisted in safes on the territories of country; 3,0% -4,0% on contributions, persisted in foreign banks and facilities (values) persisted abroad;

4. Supreme Rade (to The advice) of Ukraine, State Dume Russian Federation, to Parliament Republics Kazakhstan, to Supreme soviet Republics Belarus to and the superior legislative authorities of countries UIS recommend to consider and to affirm:

- tax from the incomes of man (tax on the incomes of physical person, with accounting of royalties in the fund of social insurance) follows take differentiatedly depending on the amount of the income from the incomes of man of family;

- Royalties from artificial persons in pension's and other social funds advisable to leave at the level of 30% calculated the income of physical person;

-Tax on profit depending on the level of the profitability of labor (for example, in the norm of the profitability of labor 50% the minimal rate of tax 20%);

-Royalties from artificial persons in pension's and other social funds advisable to leave at the level of 30% calculated the income of physical person.


Complementarily (of the instead sixth bloc of recommendations) as enterprising proposal on between states level draw attention of the nongovernmental bodies registered in UNITED NATIONS on expediency to support the challenging projects of Civil international Committee Intellectual-spiritual Unity (Spain, Ukraine, Serbia, Canada, India, Australia) www.сiс-wsс.org  which are actualized already over decades (from 2, 5, 6 and 16 reports):

- Adjudication to Intellectual-spiritual Leaders XX st. and XXI st. Names Medal «Metropolitan  Gothia  and Kafy, Holy Ignatius» established Protoiereem f. Wasil Konstantinovichem Multykh, have saved during Second World War coffin Metropolitan  Ignatius during the fire of Church in Mariupol, and by The Azov’s Department of The academy of economic sciences and business activity in 1999 year. This prize highly estimate and in Europe (academician V.Rusyaev, prof. M.Dobrochinskij, Veb-master Julio Atance and others), and in America (writer-pilot Davis Clayton and others), and in Asia, that is why its adjudication was always is valuable …, and after obtaining it in 2007 year  official international status - especial;

-Adjudication to young scientists and explorers for report made on one of international scientific forums with the participation of Civil international Committee Intellectual-spiritual Unity, The names of Academic Prime-Bonus «KUMPAN (Golika-Guli-Karimova-Vasiljev)» the ambassador of active discussion on upstanding in it of problems in Interenet-community which conditions its prestige (beginning with 1996 yr.), and after obtaining it in 2007 year official international status and the attraction of international financial institutes (Fund «Pioneer», Bank PEKAO SA in Warsaw) to financing - especial;

-The support of social attestation on prestige estates in the social scientific associations of East Europe («Dr. commercial» of AD AES&E, «Dr. Art» of AD AES&E etc), as forms of  the moral and status support of creative indistinguis habilities who do not plan to earn using expertize certificates, but fulfilled interesting for science and the practical workers of research and developments (these many specialists consider, as organic addendum to Boloniya’s process; When «no annihilate» expert environment and carefully attendent to working specialists and professionals).


Complementarily (of the instead seventh bloc of recommendations) as enterprising proposal on between states level draw attention of the leadership of Euro-Asia Union, of nations and the governments of the states of Asia on the expediency of the realization of ecology-socioeconomic project «The Grenades FLOWER of Euro-Asia («ANARGUL»)» supposing constructing aqueous artery «DANARA» for transportation to the Aral Sea of the waters of World Ocean (not above 2800 kilometers pipeline); To stop raise which possibly in the realization of project «The Europian ecological SHIELD of academician Valery Vasiljev»//from 11 and 16 reports.


Been used materials of INTERNET - resources for the presentation of reports:


1.          The first variant socio-ecology-economical model./Prof., cand.phis-mat. scies   Oleg Vasilevich Ogirko (Lvov)

СИСТЕМНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ - каким он должен быть в ХХ1 столетии


2.          The role of civil international initiatives in the formation of climate of opinion against terror’s actions.//The chairman of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, doctor Ernesto Garсia (Spain)


3.          Ambiguous Custom Union - view from the Russia depth.//doc., cand.econ.scies. Sergei Vladimirovich Shkiotov (Russia).


4.MC «Kriborozsteel» - real carried out positive for Ukraine and outlooks for East Europe.//Memory Prof., the academician of AES Ukraine Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev (Ukraine).


5.Modern ethnics in Europe.//Web-master, the full member of Civil international Committee Julio Atance (Spain),%20about.pdf


6.Artemovsk’s area in Euro-region Donetsk’s Basin - possibility and reality.//doc., cand.techn.scies  Liudmila Gennadievna Sedelnikova (Donetsk’s Region).  


7.Willing Euro-regions in East Europe: Euro-region Donetsk’s Basin and Azov’s Euro-region.//Dr. econ. (PhD), high scies empl., The honorary fellow of Academy ES&E Russia A.V. Vasiljev (Donetsk’s Region)


8.Integration with European Union must lend positive impulse to the physical upbringing of youth ZaCarpathian and all Ukraine.//The teacher of The Carpathian  Institute of University «Ukraine» Miroslaw Uirevich Loziuk (ZaCarpathian  Region).


9.Cognitive marketing in the progression of educational services of in Ukraine.//Student Denis Sedelnikov (Donetsk’s Region).


10. Innovative project for European Union - energy autonomous building with wind energy installation of Petra Ivanovicha Poddubnogo and Alexeya Fedorovicha Onipko.//vice-director "Mosproekta" Petr Ivanovich Poddubnyi (Dniepropetrovsk).


11.The legal aspects of attestation in the realisation of Boloniya’s system in the Universities of Donetsk’s Basin.//Magister Igor I. Strigunov (Donetsk’s Region).


12.Architectonic details with church’s contents - as basis of the appealingness of modern city: On example of Donetsk and Lvov.//the doctor of arts Zinovii Sokolovskii, high Lector  Oxana Yanoshchak-Pshybylo (Ivano-Frankovsk/Stanislaw).


13. Ukraine in rating socioeconomic civilization responsibility.//Magister Anargul M. Uakhijanovna (KazUEF&IT, Kazakhstan ).


14.Journal "Gleams" in Bakhmute/Artemovsk as social-political phenomenon for East Europe.//scientific empl. T.N. Belenko, I.A.KORNATSKII, E.N. Lyadova (Donetsk’s Region).


15.The creation of group G-Global as addendum to mechanism G-20, in the purposes of the formation of international economic policy and the search of global anti crisis decisions: About the initiative of President Republic Kazakhstan, Prof., Dr econ.(PhD) N.A. Nazarbaev.//the female student of 3-го course Natalia Alexandrovana Vasiljev (Donetsk’s Region).


16.RECOMMENDATIONS from Civil International Committee and The Institute of economical and socio-cultural researches (assignee DESMC The academy of science of Ukraine) in The project of Worldwide Anti-crisis plan//Dr Ernesto Garcia, dr Alexander Vasiljev, master Julio Atance (Spain, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

Particularly organizers note professional work:

-Team providing the permanent operation of communication site G-Global created as to the initiative of President Republic Kazakhstan, Prof., Dr econ. (PhD) Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev;

-Organizing committee 1Х and X International research conferences «Modern science: Topical problem and ways their decisions », Russian Federation, city. Lipetsk (18-19 July 2014 yr.): Nagornogo Stanislava Alexandrovicha, Dr techb.scies, Prof., Bugakova Alexeya Valerevicha, high Lector, empl. Board member Federation, Vasiljev Alexander Valerevich, Dr econ. (PhD), prof. KazUEF&E, Kovalenko Iriny Anatolevny, cand.techn.scies, doc., Levina Maxima Iurevicha, cand.techn.scies, pres. MNP «National Fund Innovation», Levinoi Ekateriny Iurevny, Gen.dir. «Maximal IT», Novikova Maxima Sergeevicha, gen.dir. CPI «Right Choice», Sedykina Sergeya Vladimirovicha, can.econ.scies, Chubakovoi Olgi Iurevny, Dr econ. scies who provided reviewing and the edition of three fundamental clauses of the participants of international research seminar - «Cognitive marketing in the progression of educational services of in Ukraine» (doc. Sedelnikova L.G.), «Rating socioeconomic civilization responsibility» (Dr econ. (PhD) Vasiljev A.V., Galieva A.KH., Uakhijanova A.M.), «To study economics: Necessary utopia, as to Edgaru Fogu, in XXI century» (doc. Sedelnikova L.G., Dr econ. (PhD) Vasiljev A.V., cand.econ.scies. Bersutskaya S.Ya.).


  Kondratii Bulavin and Temple 1797 yr.

BY CERTIFICATES note activity and the presented reports of following participants:

  1. Julio Atance – The full member of Civil international Committee  (Spain);

  and Names Medal «Holy Ignatius»

  1. Doc. Sedelnikova L.G. - of The donetsk’s university of economics and rights (Ukraine);
  2. Uakhijanova A.M. - Lector KazUEF&IT (Kazakhstan).

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I am sincerely glad that you are interested in these ideas! With respect to the current situation, I can say that we managed to keep the interest of the scientific community and experts in the Donbass implementation Eroregionov in eastern Ukraine. If you read the recommendations of the latest scientific seminar, you will see that there is a prospect ... However, we need more heads of state and mind ..... who needs to wake up and stop "blatant stupidity" in Eastern Europe (!!!).

Re: РЕКОМЕНДАЦИИ международного научного семинара – круглого стола «Будущее Донбасса в новых политических реалиях: перспективы создания Еврорегионов в Восточной Европе» (с 21 июня по 10 июля 2014 г.) - 31 июля 2014 
Александр Валерьевич,письма Ваши получил очень благодарен за очень точное понимание самой сути проекта,особено социальной значемости проета,это не только новый подход к строительству,это - новая мировая модель экономики устойчевого развития нашей цивилизации.Я еще не успел  Вам собщить,что в проекте разработаны такие системы: 1.Система защиты здания от воды при наводнениях. 2.Система защиты при землетрясениях до 12 - ти балов(американский прототип  выдержал 8,5 балов по шкале Рихтера).3.Система защиты от ураганов и торнадо.В проекте отсутсвует система канализации и цетрализованого водоснабжения,но зато присутствуют три автономные системы водоснабжения и утилизации о рганических отходов.После  общения с нашими строителями столкнулся с устойчевым стереотипом - они не могут понять экономики проекта,да он дороже вполтора раза,но окупается от 5 - ти до 8 - ми лет,особенно в сравнении с  жилищным современным  затратным строительством.В этом плане есть проблема,как доказать и спомощью чего показать преимущество нового подхода к строительству?Берегите себя и родных хочется надеяться,что это безумие скро закончится  Петр Поддубный.

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