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To US President Donald Trump -expressing our grief for the victims of September 11, 2001

To US President Donald Trump


US citizens


African Governments


To members of NGOS, organizationally related to the United Nations (UN) and working to achieve the global goals of Humanity



Our Civil International Committee of Intellectual and Spiritual Unity for preparing world public opinion for the First World Congress of Spiritual Unity in New York was created on the emotional wave of sincere protest of all US citizens and the entire professional world community of the terrorist attack on the US on September 11, 2001, when the buildings of the world trade center in New York were destroyed, the Pentagon building in Washington was seriously damaged, but thanks to the heroism of ordinary Americans who were taken hostage by terrorists on an airplane during a regular civilian flight, the destruction of the nuclear power plant was prevented. At the cost of their lives, they prevented the "American Chernobyl" planned by the terrorist network.

The leaders of the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship responded to the sincere condolences and harsh condemnation of terror by the leadership of the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship.

Indeed, this 2001 edition brings together the world's elite. Poems, words of deep gratitude for the shown solidarity and sympathy could not but touch the souls of honest people in Eastern Europe. And they suggested that professionals from different countries hold the First World Congress of Spiritual Unity in New York, and to start preparing world public opinion, create a Civil International Committee. Scientists from Spain, Serbia, India, Canada and New Zealand supported this proposal, therefore, on November 12, 2001, by a general decision of the Presidium of the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship and the Directorate of the Institute for Economic and Sociocultural Research (successor to the DESMC of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and DFC) was created  Civil International Committee.

And ALL 19 years now we have been sending our letters to the Presidents and the People of the United States expressing our grief for the victims of September 11, 2001, which are imbued with sincere hope that the world community will overcome the terrorist threat. Of course, we are also trying to draw the attention of the American leadership and its CITIZENS to our specific initiatives, which, in our opinion, should positively affect the general situation in the United States and in the world. 2020 is no exception.


And this year, We express our sincere sympathy to all the victims of the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. We fully support all actions of US President Donald Trump aimed at showing THANKS to all the military and civilians who rescued the victims of the September 11, 2001 attack. The memory of the victims of September 11, 2001 should unite us all in the struggle for PEACE on our planet Earth, in the struggle for a conflict-free solution to all interstate disputes, in the struggle to preserve the cultural diversity of our civilization and develop the cultural traditions of all peoples of the international community.


Today, when the peoples of the world are waging an intense struggle against the coronavirus and its consequences. When it is stated by the leading experts of industrially developed countries that "The future of the World is uncertain!" When statements about the end of globalization are loudly made, but all real economic forecasts, despite alternative approaches, provide data on the level of development of the world economy at the end of 2030 that do not differ from each other by more than 5%, then this makes us all doubt that globalization trends are not working. It is one thing to publish statements, and quite another to stop the actual exchange of goods and services. You can constantly talk about problems in the United States, gloating about their complexity (thereby destroying your own morality), but when it is necessary to get the support of specialists and it is necessary to rely on the moral authority of the country, whose opinion is traditionally considered most of all, then the majority of the governing elites of the countries Europe, Asia and America seeks to enlist the support of the President of the United States and senior government officials of this country.

Much will change ... And this is inevitable. But no one has ever built the Future from scratch, except science fiction writers and communist ideologists. The latter are ordered by the political leadership of states that are objectively lagging behind in their development. It is fashionable even today to talk about the class struggle, ascribing priority to Karl Heinrich Marx in its description. But professors of political economy in Europe and America will point you to at least a few predecessors of this destructive concept. Its opportunistic and reactionary character is the result of a superficial vulgar analysis of the concrete social dynamics of the development of complex hierarchical societies. The customers of "Capital" (K. Marx) managed to force hundreds of intellectuals of the World to engage in absolutely unnecessary work on studying it, and then, in order not to bitterly regret the lost time, to look for at least something to justify the lost years. And only then, striving for simple answers and formulas, to find even the stamp of genius in "a learned subversive leaflet of several hundred pages." That is how F. Engels called this "epoch-making work" in his letter to Karl Marx, stressing that if this work was published not in Great Britain, but in Prussia, Karl Marx would have ended up in prison as a terrorist. So, terrorism begins not with shots at prosecutors and tsars, but with the ambitions of intellectual dullness that has reached scientific degrees and which strives for "Herostratus glory", but in fact, in unfounded claims of spiritually mediocre mediocrity. It is in vain then that scientists of the level of Charles Darwin refuse to dedicate this "subversive leaflet" to them, because it is not only published but also advertised in encyclopedias, causing irreparable damage to the intellectual environment of Europe and America, and today the intellectual atmosphere of Asia. They say that "Good should be with the Fists," but Truth itself will not triumph. It is necessary to fight for it, and not to curtsy before advertising "agencies of terrorism"; they say somewhere and you are somewhat right. Unfortunately, a number of specialists even in the USA are trying to consider the problems of the modern World with the so-called. "Class positions", reanimating the pseudoscientific teachings of K.G. Marx, but already in the 21st century (Global trends 2030: Alternative worlds, pp. 122-124).

These comments of a theoretical nature are made in order to emphasize the need not to simplify the problems under consideration, trying to find solutions that are acceptable for ordinary consciousness with the appearance of scientificity, but to strive for a deeper, complicated perception of the World and its problems. It is impossible to strive with a catchy, superficial phrase to cover the diversity of all existing dependencies and tendencies of interaction of hundreds of social groups and strata, because except for the illusion of generalization - this phrase gives nothing. It only fanns the fire of smoldering discontent of the offended (and often pseudo offended) pushing them to manifestations of vandalism, and in general to terrorism. Who benefits from such a scenario of the development of events in many parts of our troubled World? Only those who do not want to work, who do not want to study hard, study, analyze, simulate situations and succeed in creating a creative motivational sphere for the majority of working population groups. After all, it is easier to push one or another group of the population to destruction, and then to mobilize the survivors who have lost faith in their leaders for simple survival in conditions in which only marginal groups of the population exist today. Terror is an ideology of dullness that has broken through to the leadership and seeks to stay there at any cost. And this is not necessarily the leadership of the country. This can be the leadership of a region, district, city or village; and even the management of a company or a public organization that lives on sponsorship. As Henry Ford said, “everyone should work in all positions from worker to director, and not only a worker, but also a financier can be a slacker”. Therefore, this governing dullness destroys real education, replacing it with the purchase of diplomas, "erodes the expert environment" - stimulating the preparation and defense of qualification diplomas and "turnkey" certificates for an appropriate fee, i.e. wherever LABOR (student, researcher, worker, financier, politician) is replaced by "stamp paper" with signatures and seals - ideologues of terrorism work there, leading people to anarchy and savagery, turning government structures into show projects. Therefore, the attention that today is given in American communities to education, to real education in schools, and not on the Internet, is extremely positive, because not everyone can learn only using a computer without communicating with a teacher in the classroom, and those who have mastered this need, really need a traditional form of education. No electronic means of communication can replace lectures by professors. No innovations can replace homework and work with books. Knowledge cannot be transformed into temporary files that are easily replaced and are practically not deeply digested.

Therefore, we draw your attention to our initiatives to create a learning parallel reality. This is a necessary and promising work.


This is our first serious proposal.

The second proposal that we want to draw your attention to is a real opportunity today to start implementing a project for several African states, and in fact for the whole of Africa - saving Lake CHAD under the LAGAN project (With love for the World).


The fact is that this project uses the idea of ​​transferring large volumes of water over long distances using a water conduit (possibly from plastic pipes), taking water from the mouth of the river. For the Lagan (With Love to the World) project, this is the Niger River, for the Southern version of the Anargul (Pomegranate Flower of Asia) project, this is the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and for the Northern version of the Anargul (Pomegranate Flower of Asia) project, this delta of the Ob River. The water conduits in all three projects have one common name "Danara (wise water)". Indeed, the water that will be supplied through these conduits becomes wise, because performs work extremely necessary for the territories through which the water conduits pass. It awakens to life the dried-up lake systems of Iran (Southern version of the Anargul project), gives life to cities and villages in the vast territories of Siberia (Northern version of the Anargul project), introduces thousands of square kilometers of Nigeria into economic circulation, not to mention the revival Lake CHAD and the entire degraded ecological system of the largest lake in Africa.

The northern version of the Anargul project has already been reviewed in Kazakhstan (it was discussed even at a seminar for graduate students at the University) and discussed at a scientific-practical conference at Omsk University (Russian Federation). But due to certain difficulties of the institutional nature of modern Russia, everything remains at the stage of discussion.

With regard to the southern option of the Anargul project, the situation is more promising thanks to the National Investment Company of the United Arab Emirates, which for its implementation entered into a Partnership AGREEMENT in 2018 (see Appendix 1), and also created an Anargul closed joint stock company with an approximate amount of funding 1 , 5 billion US dollars. Today we are waiting for a response from the Iranian leadership to our proposal to consider this project.

With regard to the Lagan (With Love for the World) project, we can say that its implementation requires, first of all, the clear support of the leading institutional structure in the market economy - the New York STOCK EXCHANGE, which we hope to agree to list this project. And this listing can be prepared by the closed joint stock company ANARGUL, registered by the National Investment Company of the United Arab Emirates. in 2018. It is advisable to carry out the first issue of shares at the approximate cost of the Lagan (With Love to the World) project, i.e. in the amount of 638 million 495 thousand dollars. The shares will have to be placed, taking into account, first of all, the interests of African countries participating in the most direct way in the exploitation of the water resources of Lake Chad, as well as the interests of the most industrially developed country on the continent of South Africa. At first, it is advisable to make the shares personalized and to distribute a significant part among the population of Nigeria, through whose territory the Danara water pipeline should pass. This will create a stable background for the general support of the people of Nigeria for this promising project. The experience of distributing registered shares with a clearly oriented social orientation is available, for example, in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Similar experience is available at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (Eastern Ukraine, Mariupol) and at the Conveyor Production Association (Western Ukraine, Lvov). We studied this experience at one time and this form will be acceptable for African countries. But only the value of one share should probably not exceed $ 20 in order to reach the widest possible segments of the population. Of course, the joint-stock company will begin to be created only after the principal decision of the management of Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, which created the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) in 1964 .. Of course, it is desirable to enlist the support of both the Republic of Central Africa and Libya, as well as Sudan, Egypt, Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo. It seems that the process of agreeing on the project may take years, but in Africa everything can happen very quickly if you ask ex-US President Barack Obama to supervise the project, which will make it possible to make a joint decision in a short time by all interested African states. Today everyone understands how much this will radically contribute to solving the food problem of African countries. But only from discussions it is necessary to move on to specific cases. Indeed, it is very correctly emphasized in the publication of the national intelligence council "Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds" - "... unlike Asia and South America, which have achieved notable success in agricultural production per capita, Africa has only recently returned to the level of the 1970s years ”(Christopher Coim, Chairman, National Intelligence Council).

These TWO of our Proposals are worth the attention of both the US leadership and US citizens.

We sincerely wish everyone to reach understanding and show a responsible approach of the citizens of the World to the solution of these two global issues.

Their solution will be the most serious response to all terrorist organizations that seek stagnation, stagnation and degradation of the world community, which seek to repeat September 11, 2001 and in other parts of our planet.


With sincere respect and hope for your understanding, 


Honorary chairman of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, Dr

 Почетный председатель Гражданского международного Комитета

Интеллектуального и Духовного Единения, доктор                      Ernesto  Garcia


Chairman of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity,

Vice- Сhairman of the Azov’s Department of The Academy of ES&E, Dr

 Председатель Гражданского международного Комитета

Интеллектуального и Духовного Единения, зам. председателя

Азовского отделения АЭНиПД, доктор                                                                                                                                                                                                    Alexander  Vasiljev

 The Vice-chairman of Civil international Committee Intellectual and Spiritual Unity,Web-boss www.сiс-wsс.org   

Зам. председателя Гражданского международного Комитета

Интеллектуального и Духовного Единения                                               Julio Atance

Appendix 1

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